Other Features

Multi Commander contains a lot of features to make you efficent when working with files and folders.  There are a lot of more features in Multi Command then we have covered on this pages and a couple more are specified below.

Script Language

It contains a powerful script language and from that you can create scripts to do advanced tasks that can be called from a button or a single hotkey or menu option. 

Command Line Alias

You can define alias for commands that are run from the Multi Commander command line. This so you with a single command can do more.

Customize Keyboard / Mouse

It is possible to reconfigure all hotkeys so they fit you needs. If you prefer the Windows Explorer way of the of using keyboard and mouse instead of the Commander Styled way you can change that with the Quick Look 'n' Feel setup

File Verifier - (CheckSum)

You can Create or verify MD5 / SFV files. And if bad files are found they can easily be deleted or renamed.

Find Open Files

If a file is used by another process it might prevent you from deleting or renaming that file. Now from Multi Commander you can find what process has the specific file open. And you can then close that application and so you can rename/delete the file.

And a lot more....

Multi Commander contains a lot of small features and function that will make your work with files efficient. So download it today and try it out for free