Filesystem / Archives

Multi Commander uses plug-ins for all filesystem support.

The filesystem that you browse does not need to be a real filesystem: it can be an archive such as zip or rar, and it can also be data that has nothing to do with files at all, such as the Windows Registry.

The filesystems that Multi Commander supports at the moment are:

  • Local Filesystem (including network support)
  • Windows Registry
  • FTP (with SSL/TLS Support)
  • .Zip
  • .Tar
  • .GZ
  • .Tar.Gz
  • .bz
  • .rar
  • 7-Zip

Some filesystems, like RAR, are only supported as readonly.

Delivered with Multi Commander is a FileSystem plug-in that allows you to browse the Windows Registry as a filesystem. The benefits of this are that you can copy a key from one location to another (something that RegEdit cannot do), rename keys and values. You can also copy the contents of a registry value to the filesystem as a file and back again.