Main Interface

Multi Commander is using the popular and efficient dual-panel layout. It is optimized to be used without having to reach for the mouse, even thou you can use the mouse for everything you need to do in Multi Commander, it can also be done from keyboard shortcuts.

  Multi Commander is build around plug-in's and almost everything is a plug-in in Multi Commander. There is a wide variety of plug-in types and that ensures that Multi Commander will grow in features in an faster way.

  The keyboard setup and layout used is inspired from the very popular Norton Command, that was very popular in the old MS-DOS days.
This keyboard setup a bit different from what Windows Explorer is using, Like F5 is Copy , F6 Move , F7 Make Directory, just to name a few, All hot keys can be customized and there is a Quick setup so if you prefers the Windows Explorer setup, you can get that setup in a fast and easy way.

Tabbs is also supported so you can have multiple locations opened for easy access.

The ButtonPanel got 32 button that can be customized. This button panel can be easily toggle on and off with Ctrl+B if more screen space is wanted for the file browser. Every button can have 3 commands depening on what mouse button you press them with (Left/Right/Middle). This allows you to define up to 96 commands.


 Main Interface features

  • Dual Panel Layout
  • Tab support
  • Support the old but very popular Norton Commander keyboard hotkeys
  • ButtonPanel with 32button with 3 commands a button ( 96 possible commands )
  • Address bar that can be used as a command line.
  • Very Extendable through plug-ins