File Viewer

MultiDataViewer is the default file viewer for viewing file content in Multi Commander

This viewer can be customized and changed to show different colors and fonts for different file formats.

Some of its featues are:

  • View files of any size, even if the file is several gigabytes ; it uses very little memory
  • View files as ASCII / Unicode / UTF8 / Binary and Hex
  • Very customizable. Font / Color / Background / Gridlines can all be changed to different profiles that are loaded for different files based on format or file type
  • Supports syntax coloring.
  • It can show links it finds in the text as clickable.
  • Has a search bar that will highlight all the words in different colors (in the same way Google toolbar can)
  • AutoSelect an entire word when double-clicking it.
  • Copy Selection to clipboard or to a file.
  • Drop Support: drop a file on to it to view it.
  • MouseWheel Zoom, Hold Ctrl down when using the mouse wheel and it will increase / decrease font size. 
  • Is able to queue files to view and go to next/previous file with Ctrl + Pageup/Pagedown
  • Can Autoreload a file if it changes. (Very useful when viewing a live log file)