File Operations

Multi Commander provide some very unique feature when it comes to coping / moving files.

All copying and moving always done in the background so you can continue to work with Multi Commander while the files are being copied.

If you already has a copy operation running and you issue another copy operation then you will get the option to add the new files to to the end of the queue of the one that is already running. Instead of starting a new.

You also have the possibility to add filter both to include and exclude files that should be copied.
For example you can say that you want to copy the entire d:\myfiles\doc1 folder but you want to skip all sub folder that it finds that are named ".svn"

If a copy operation fails to complete the copying of a file you will have the option to keep broken files
This can be useful when copying from a file from a bad USB memory or corrupt Rar archive, sometimes a little information is better than none at all.

Multi Commander also has FileOperations Plug-ins that can improve you productivity.
as of now 3 plug-in's are delivered with Multi Commander.

AutoSort, Unpack, Content Copy. But a lot more will follow. You can combine plugins so multiple plug-in's are run after each other.

The AutoSort plugin will automatically sort the files that are copied into A-Z folders on the target location.

ContentCopy plug-in will copy the content of the folders selected. but Not the first level.
for example. if you copy d:\myfiles\doc1 and d:\myfiles\doc2 to e:\myfiles it will copy the content of doc1 and doc2 directly into e:\myfiles. (You will not get a doc1, doc2 folder in e:\myfiles )

Unpack plug-in will automatically unpack zip or rar archives when coping them.

You can also configure presets for copy operations. So with a single press of a button all settings with filters, plug-in and options are set. it is also possible to connect a preset to auto load if you start a file operation from a special path. This is good if you often are doing special copying from this location often.

For expert users there is also the possibility to tweak how files are read and written. How large buffers to use and so on. 

This are just some of the feature you have when doing copy and move operations.