Multi Commander has an awful lot of file manager features; this list is not even close to being complete. There are so many features and tweaks in Multi Commander that not everything can be listed here.


  • Dual Panel
  • Tabs
  • Commander-style keyboard/mouse setup
  • Windows Explorer-style keyboard/mouse setup
  • Customizable colors
  • Customizable keyboard shortcuts
  • Customizable mouse actions
  • Clickable crumb bar
  • Command Line field for quick commands
  • Quick launch bar
  • Aliases
  • Button panel
  • Log window

FileSystem Browser

  • Fast Selection/Deselection of multiple files or folders using filters
  • Set view filters to minimize files that should be shown
  • Go to next/previous sibling folder with Ctrl+Pgup/Pgdn
  • Load/Save current selection to memory or file
  • Restore previous copy/move selection with num+/
  • Compare panels and select Duplicates or Missing or Newest
  • Hotpaths to quickly navigate to user-defined paths
  • Back/Forward to go to a location previously visited
  • History button for fast access to locations you have recently visited
  • Command Line commands to quickly go to a path
  • Edit path field to change path
  • Disconnect a USB or remote device from within Multi Commander
  • Quick Search window to do in-place searches for files/folders
  • Show files and folders in detail or list or thumbnail mode


  • Browse local hard drives
  • Browse network servers/shares
  • Plug-ins expand the filesystem
  • FTP (with SSL/TLS support)
  • Browse the Windows Registry as a filesystem
  • Browse archives (Zip, 7-Zip, Rar, Tar, gz, bz2 )
  • Show file properties as columns

File Operations

  • All file operations are run in the background: they do not hang or block the main window
  • Delete files and folders
  • Delete to recycle bin
  • Delete files inside archives (eg. Zip)
  • Copy
  • Move
  • Rename
  • MultiRename

Copy / Move File Operations

  • Filters to include or exclude files and folders
  • Tweak read/write strategy (buffers,chunks, read/write option, Asynchronous/synchronous, ... )
  • Keep broken/unfinished files
  • Keep file and folder date
  • Copy/Move plug-ins offering Auto-Sort, Auto-Unpack, Content copy
  • Presets
  • Auto-load of presets based on path


  • Unpack archives: Zip, 7Zip, Rar, tar, gz, bz2, tar.gz, tar.bz2
  • Unpack using filters
  • Unpack archives into individual folders


  • Pack to: Zip, 7Zip, tar, gz, bz2, tar.gz, tar.bz2
  • Pack using filters
  • Pack folders into individual files

File Viewer

  • View files of any size with minimal memory usage
  • Highlighting
  • Line numbers
  • Word wrap, both dynamic and fixed
  • Auto-load if a file is changed
  • Customize colors and backgrounds
  • View as ASCII, UTF8, Unicode, Binary, Hex
  • Find substrings in text
  • Copy selection to clipboard or save to file
  • Clickable web links
  • Keyboard navigation ( Ctrl+N )

Tools / Misc

  • Find opened/locked files. Find which process has a specific file open
  • Change the date and time of a folder to that of the latest file in the folder
  • Change file attributes, date and time
  • Show folder sizes in the filesystem browser
  • Rename multiple files by replacing substrings in the name
  • Run Multi Commander from a Portable or USB device
  • Backup and restore of Multi Commander settings
  • MultiUpdate automatically updates Multi Commander to the latest version, optionally including beta versions
  • Portable: can be installed on a USB device - will not save anything to the host computer


  • Send filename with or without full path to the clipboard
  • Send comma-separated list of all selected files to the clipboard
  • Image information in the clipboard (screen capture) can be saved as JPG/PNG/BMP with Ctrl+V (paste)
  • Text information in the clipboard can be saved to a text file with Ctrl+V (paste)

Convert Files

  • Convert text files to/from Unix/Windows/Mac formats
  • Reformat or compact XML files
  • Base64 encode/decode files


  • Wizard to help create Junctions\Symlinks\Hardlinks
  • Filesystem browser will follow links
  • Shows Link target in filesystem browser

File Security

  • Take ownership of files/folders
  • Remove file permission for all users to files/folders
  • Add permission to user/group for files/folders

Audio Tools

  • Remove ID3 meta data from mp3
  • Export ID3 data to text file
  • Show MP3 ID3 Information
  • Show ID3 data as columns in the filesystem browser
  • Show aggregated genre column of folders (will scan 3 folders down)

Picture Tools

  • Convert pictures to JPEG, PNG or BMP
  • Rotate/Flip pictures
  • Auto-rotate pictures according to EXIF information
  • Lossless rotation of jpg
  • Preserve file dates
  • Strip EXIF information from pictures
  • Export EXIF information from pictures to text file
  • Adjust EXIF Date information in pictures by changing the time -/+ x minutes
  • Adjust file date to that of the picture's EXIF information
  • Show EXIF data column in the filesystem browser
  • GPS EXIF column is clickable and will show location in Google maps

Video Tools

  • Show movie Information like rating, genre (and more) as columns for movie files
  • Get movie Information from IMDB and RottenTomatoes


  • Exclude folders from a search
  • Search by file contents, file attributes, file size, file time
  • Limit subfolder search levels
  • Minimize your search result by searching within the results
  • Remove items (or group of items) from search results using the context menu
  • Save/load search criteria
  • Save/load search results
  • Delete/Copy/Move/View from search results
  • Multiple search tabs

File Verifier

  • Verify .SFV (CRC32), MD5 files
  • Create SFV / MD5
  • Verify CRC/MD5/SHA1 code against a file
  • Option to rename all bad files to *.bad
  • Option to delete all bad files
  • Auto-start verify if double-clicking on .SFV files in the filesystem browser

Extensions and Plug-ins

  • Filesystem plug-ins: eg. Registry, FTP, Zip, Rar, and more...
  • File Properties plug-in for showing file properties in columns. For example, showing EXIF or ID3 meta information
  • Copy/Move File Operations plug-ins: eg. Auto Unpack, Auto sort files
  • Application extensions: expand Multi Commander with new utilities and tools

And much, much more...