Explorer Panel

Multi Commander has a lot of very powerful and useful features.

When selecting files and folders you can use the keyboard or mouse, There are also some special commands that will allow you to quickly select a lot of files using wildcards, and a lot of another ways.

Another special feature for Multi Commander is that it will remember the selection you have done even if you go out of the current folder and later come back to the same folder again.

Multi Commander can also show the Shell context menu (Right click menu in Windows Explorer)
and it is configurable how you want to show it. You can configure how all the mouse buttons should work, For example it is possible to have the shell context menu appear when you double click on middle button.

With a quick press of a key Multi Commander can calcuate the folder size and show the size in the Size column for the folder. And if you then go into that folder and delete files the size will automatically be updated.

With Quick Search you can easy and fast find the file in the current location that you are looking for.
just press Ctrl+Alt and then start typing the file name and the focus of the file will move to he closest match. (the key you need to press is configurable )

With View Filter you can filter what files and folders you want have shown. This is very effective if you got many thousands of files in current folder.

Drag and Drop of files are supported so you can also drag and drop files in and out of Multi Commander.

Changing attributes and file time could not be easier. Ctrl+Double click on the file in the attribute column or press the assigned hotkey to bring up the dialog for changing attribute and file time.

Layout and colors can be changed. All colors can be changed and you can add gridline , checkboxes, chose not to see file icon, let columns be auto sized , date format, font sizes and more.

  This are just some of the features for the Explorer Panel, there is a lot more.