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Button Panel

The button panel is shown at the bottom of the main program screen. All of these buttons can be customized in the Button Editor

A button can be configured to change the location that an Explorer panel is showing or to call an internal or external command or script.
Since the button panel can run any of the built-in scripts, buttons customization can be a very powerful tool.

By default there are 4 rows of button and 8 button per row, every button can have 4 actions assigned to it giving you up to 128 commands for easy access.
The number of rows can also be change from 1 to 6 and the entire Button Panel can also be disabled.

When holding Ctrl, Shift or Ctrl+Shift (or having the Right or Middle mouse button pressed) the button panel is switched to its alternative buttons. This allows easy access to the alternative button functions.

If alternative buttons are not used they can be disabled in settings.


Ctrl+B - Toggle the button panel on/off

Button Panels Settings

The settings for the button panel are found under the Core Settings. ( Menu > Configuration > Core Settings).

Option - Alternative Button
The first two button panel options enable/disable the switching of the button panel to show the alternative button actions.
NB: If both if these options are disabled there is no way to access the alternative button actions.

Option - Transparent/Flat
The Transparent option will remove the button background and make the button transparent, giving a "flat" look.

Read more about how to customize buttons with the Button Editor and how the button wizard works.