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Customize Keyboard Shortcuts

To customize the keyboard shortcuts in Multi Commader, open Keyboard Customization under the Configuration menu.


Most of the shortcut keys in Multi Commander can be changed. The shortcuts are split up into different sections:  each module/extension has its own list of commands, split between global and module-specific commands.

Global commands can be called from any module. These are generally menu commands, and are available in all modules and extensions that support them. Since the commands are global within Multi Commander, shortcut keys must be unique across extensions.

Module-specific commands are only available when that extension is currently in focus. Multiple extensions can have the same shortcut assigned.

Change Shortcut key


To find the command you want to change, first select the Module it belongs to, and then choose the Category (global or module-specific).

When you have found the command you wish to change, click to select it and then click on the Shortcut key field below the list. Press the key combination that you want to assign to the command, then press "Assign" to set the shortcut.
If the command you have chosen is already assigned the Conflicts field informs you about the conflict and which command already uses that shortcut. You need to resolve the conflict before you can assign your key combination.

To remove a shortcut, select the command and then press the "Remove" button. Alternatively, choose a new key combination.

"Command code" is the internal name of the command. It is used if a command should be executed from the custom command MC.RunCmd


To get a list of all the shortcuts, you can export them to a text file by pressing the "Export to file" button.
If you hold SHIFT while clicking on the "Export to file" button, the exported list will also contain the internal command codes.