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Path Field

The Path Field shows the current path displayed in the active Explorer Panel . Sub folders in the path that is shown are clickable. Clicking on a subpath causes the Explorer Panel to try to change to that path.

If you hold down the CTRL key while clicking on a sub folder a list of all the sub-folders under that path will be shown. You can then select a sub-folder that you want to go to from that list.

Special Feature

A special feature is that if you hold down both SHIFT and CTRL keys while clicking on a sub-folder in the path field, and then select a sub folder from the folder list, it will try to go to the same sub-path under that folder as the one in which you are currently located. Eg. if you are currently located in the path "D:\Projects\MyApp\Version_1.0.0\Source\Includes\" and you click on the "MyApp" sub path while holding down Shift+Ctrl, then in the folder list that is shown you Select "Version_2.0.0", it will try to go to "D:\Projects\MyApp\Version_2.0.0\Source\Includes\". If that path does not exist it will go to the closest path that does exist.

Editing the Path Field

By double clicking on the empty space in the path field, it will become an editable path. If the path is changed the Explorer Panel will try to change to the new path.


Ctrl+E Will force the Path Field to be editable and input focus will be moved to it.