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Drive Bar

The Drive toolbar is the rightmost subset of the toolbar, and is displayed whenever View->Toolbars->Drives is checked and it is enabled in the Explorer Panel Settings.

The Drive toolbar shows a list of drives that the user can choose from. It also show common folder locations like desktop, pictures, download and more. All the virtual filesystems (like REG, FTP: WPD: ) are also here.
Clicking on one of the icons causes the current tab to switch to that location.

You can also right click on a drive button to show the Windows Shell Context Menu (the "Right-click" menu) for that drive.

Add more buttons

It is possible to configure which of the special folders and virtual devices to show on the drive toolbar.

To configure the drive toolbar go to Menu -> Configuration -> Explorer Panel Settings and click on the Layout tab

If you enable all of them the toolbar might grow very long and the system will try to auto-rearrange it to its own line if it does not fit in the Window.
On some systems this causes the toolbar area to rearrange itself incorrectly and may look unsightly.
This can be avoided if, in settings, you allow the drive toolbar to be placed on its own line.

Enabling this option causes the drive toolbar to be placed on its own line and, if there are many drive buttons, they will fit better.

Drivebar Inside Explorer Panel

It is also possible to place the drivebar inside an Explorer Panel.
This is enabled by checking the option "Drive buttons" under the "Explorer Panel toolbars" section

There will now be a drive buttons bar inside the Explorer Panel.

note that the drive bar inside an Explorer Panel is limited in that it does not support showing special folders or virtual devices.

Other Configuration

If you have a drive bar active (application global or inside an Explorer Panel) you can remove the Device Dropdown list. However, if you are a user who likes to use hotkeys for fast access then this is not recommended.