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The Favorites window will be shown if you press the Favorites button on the toolbar.


ALT+Backspace - Show Favorites Window

When the Favorites window is shown it will open with the section that you had opened last.

Favorites is a path to location that can be access faster. It can be a path to a filesystem location, but also path to a web address is possible.
The Favorites window is automatically close if it loses input focus, So you do not have to click the X button. pressing ESC or clicking anywhere outside the window will automatically close it.

1. Favorites Sections

It is possible to have multiple sections of Favorites for easier management.
In many sections it is possible to have different lists of Favorites for different purposes

Above the section name you will see F1, F2 and so on. This is the shortcut key to switch to that section.

2. QuickPaths

The first section is special. This section has 10 fixed Favorites that are assigned to the QuickPath shortcut keys.
The QuickPaths may be accessed from almost anywhere by pressing Ctrl+1, Ctrl+2 and so on up to Ctrl+0

Right click on a QuickPath item and select the actin you need: Clear/Modify/Copy/Set Current

To set the current active path to a QuickPath item, select the path and press Ctrl+S

3. Add Section

Press this to add a new section to the list.

Right click on existing section titles to rename or remove them

4. Favorites list

All Favorites for the active section are listed here. With right click a menu is shown with actions that can performed in the list
It is also possible to create subsections where favorites can be placed or moved to. Subsections are useful when you have many Favorites and theyneed to be better organized.

To Add a new Favorite to the list press Ctrl+N.  The Favorite's name and path are by default the path of the active panel.
Press Ctrl+F to create a new subsection. Ctrl+E will edit and allow the current selected Favorite item to be modified.

Pressing Ctrl+Q and the list will toggle between showing the Favorites name and the target path.

Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V can be use to copy and paste Favorites. They can be used to copy a Favorite from one section and paste it into another.
It is also possible to drag and drop Favorites to rearrange their order and placement inside the current section.

5. Help/Hint Texts

This field will show hints and help text

6. Filter

Type here and the list result will be filtered. It is a way to minimize the list if there are a lot of Favorites.

Browse Favorites like a FileSystem

Favorites are also exposed as a virtual filesystem under the virtual device FAV: and also found in the device dropdown or folder tree

Read more about that here