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Paste from Clipboard into Explorer Panel

If the data in the clipboard is text or picture data and you try to paste it into the Explorer Panel you will be asked to save the clipboard data as a text or image file.

Saving Text Data

If the data in your clipboard is text and you press Ctrl+V (or Menu > Edit > Paste) while the focus in Multi Commander is in an Explorer Panel, you will be shown a dialog where you can save the text content from the clipboard to a file.

The dialog lets you choose the format to save the text in

  • Ascii
  • Unicode
  • Ascii - convert to CRLF
  • Unicode - convert to CRLF
  • Binary (Raw data)

Some special handling is done for text data. If the text data in your clipboard looks like a path for an existing folder or file, then instead of opening a dialog, Multi Commander will immediately change the current location to that path you have in your clipboard data. If the path in the clipboard has a file specified then the focus will be set to that file.

Saving Image Data

If the clipboard data is an image (for example if you pressed print screen to take a screenshot), you will be given the option to select the image format to save it in.

You can save the image the following format

  • jpg
  • png
  • bmp