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Explorer Panel - Customize Columns

Which columns that should be shown can be customized. It is possible to remove existing columns or add new ones. There are many columns that will show a lot of extra information to choose from.

It is also possible to create new column layouts, save them and have Explorer Panels switch to that layout automatically when browsing to a certain locations. Or you can switch the entire layout when pressing a hotkey or selecting a layout manually.

Customize Columns

Right click on the column header to show the context menu from which you can customize the columns.

All existing column are shown in the popup menu first. To remove any of the existing (ticked) columns just click on that item in the context menu and it will be removed.

Add Columns

Add columns by selecting which column to add from the list of columns under "Add columns". This list shows the most commonly used columns, but there are many more columns available. To access them select the "More..." item at the bottom of the column list. Then the "Customize Columns.." dialog will be shown. From this dialog all columns are available.

Use Layout

If you have created multiple column layouts they are listed here. Select one and it will replace the current layout.

By default there are three "standard" layouts available: "Default", "Picture" and "Music".
The "Default" layout is the standard layout that is used of no other is selected. If you want to modify the standard column layout it is the "Default" layout that should be changed.
The "Picture" and "Music" layout are alternative layouts that will show extended file information for picture and music files.

Save Current Layout as Default

This will save the current column layout and setting to the "Default" layout.
Select this option if columns are modified and the current layout (columns and size) should be used as the default layout for all Explorer Panels.

Restore Columns

This restores all columns to the saved state of the current column layout.
If "Default" layout is selected and columns are then modified, selecting "Restore Columns" will revert to the saved state of the "Default" layout.
If "Picture" layout is used and columns are manually changed, selecting "Restore Columns" will revert to the saved state of the "Picture" layout.

Autosize Columns

If the Explorer Panel setting "Autosize Columns" option is checked this option will not be available.

If the option in the picture above in not enabled (checked) then you can use the "Autosize Columns" option in the column header menu to manually resize all columns to their optimum width.

Customize Columns

This option will open the Customize Column Layouts window.
There new layout can be created and existing ones can be modified. It is also here that all the columns that do not fit in the Add Columns list are available.
See Customize Column Layouts for more information.