Screen Shots

Layout and Look

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Default Look
Folder Tree enabled in the left panel.
Default Look
Button panel hidden
Dark Color Profile
Using the dark color profile
NC Colors
Norton Commander styled color setup
Alternating Color
Alternating Color and Different color for the panel in focus.
Multiple Windows Open
Finding open files, Coping files, Calculating folder
Adjust EXIF Date
Changing the date and time of the EXIF date information on the images.
Roate Images
Rotes Pictures. Can Do automatic rotate based on EXIF information.
MP3 Data in columns
Browse and edit registry as it was a file system.
Configure Colors
Configure Colors
Set colors based on filename
Delete Files
Log Window
Ctrl+L will toggle the log window on/off
Filter view
Both sides show the same path. But the left only shows file matching the filer "003"
Button Panel
Change the button panel in configuration
File Verifier
Verify and Create MD5,CRC/SFV checksum files.
Create Symbolic links, or junctions or hardlinks.
Pack Files
Pack Files
Copy Using Unpacker plugin
Unpacker plugin will unpack all zip,rar,7zip file if find while copying.
Movie Information
Shows Movie Information in columns