Download and use Multi Commander free of charge.

Download Full Installer

MultiCommander v5.5.0 (Build 1975) (32 bit)
SHA1 : 2691F4636505C6CD636E7417D83C0B4E6AC870CF
MultiCommander v5.5.0 (Build 1975) (64 bit)
SHA1 : D58F14FEAEB64459C9846FC36135B2AB9124E16E
1 Aug 2015 Release notes

100% clean from third party software. No other software than Multi Commander will be installed.
Multi Commander does not change any settings in Windows, And does not hook it self into anything inside Windows.

Download Portable version

The Portable version is a preconfigured version of Multi Commander that is configured to store all configuration and settings in the same folder that it is run from. Just unpack the portable version (keep the folder structure) and run MultiCommander.exe.
If you already have Multi Commander installed you can create a portable version by selecting "Install Multi Commander to USB Device" in the help menu.

MultiCommander v5.5.0 (Build 1975) (32 bit)
SHA1 : 0388DA1186D029241445012B1390BBF8ADF414AD
MultiCommander v5.5.0 (Build 1975) (64 bit)
SHA1 : 3C3579DB369147316E5A5126CAC3B5234B39107B
1 Aug 2015 Release notes

Only download the portable version from this site.
Because the portable version is a normal zip archive, you cannot know if anyone else has changed and modified the files inside.

Previous Versions

If you want a older version you find them at the Previous Versions page