Extension Defined MultiScript Functions

Before using extension defined MultiScript functions the functions must be imported into the script engine. This is done with the MultiScript import function. The import function must be called before any extension defined functions are called or the script engine will fail to find the function.


// Import the Extension defined function for FTP

// Connect to the ftp site "site1" in the bookmarks
@var $ftp = FTPConnect("site1");

// change to the remote folder /pub
FTPChdir($ftp, "/pub");

// remove (delete) the file test.zip
FTPRemove($ftp , "test.zip" );

// upload the file d:\temp\test.zip to the current remote folder with the new name test.zip
FTPPutFile($ftp , "d:\\temp\\test.zip" , "test.zip");

Extension Defined MultiScript Functions - Examples