MultiScripts are scripts that you can create inside Multi Commander to use features that exist in Multi Commander and to control what Multi Commander will do.

To start creating a MultiScript, you should first decide how you will want to invoke the script:

  1. From the Button Panel

    In this case, select the Button Editor dialog (under the Configuration menu).

  2. As a User Defined Command

    In this case, select the User Defined Commands dialog (also under the Configuration menu).

In either case, you must select MultiScript in the Command Type dropdown list.

If you are creating a User Defined Command, you can select one of the following:

  1. Hotkey opens the Customize Keyboard Setup dialog, where you can specify a key combination to invoke the command
  2. Menu opens the User Menu Editor, where you can define a User Menu from which to invoke the command
  3. Alias opens the Create Alias dialog, where you can define an alias to invoke the command from the Command Line Field

Next you can enter the script in the text box shown in the dialog. Alternatively, you can compose the script in an external tool, using whatever editor appeals to you, then click on Import to copy the file into the script definition.

See User Defined Commands - MultiScript to read about how to compose a MultiScript.