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Picture Tools

Under the Tools menu is a Picture Tools option that opens a submenu containing the following options:

Convert Picture Format...

This converts all selected picture files into a specified format.

Supported target picture formats are: JPEG, PNG and Bitmap (BMP).

Options that may be selected allow you to delete the original file if successful, and/or overwrite if the target file already exists.

Rotate Pictures

This rotates the selected picture(s) according to the selected rotation or flip settings.

Auto Rotate

Auto Rotate reads the EXIF information from the picture file; if orientation information is present the image is rotated according to that information.

Lossless JPEG Rotation

If a picture's height and width are divisible by 16 then it is possible to rotate the image without re-encoding it and without loss of quality. If the option Only do lossless rotation on JPG is enabled it will rotate pictures only if it is possible to do so without quality loss; otherwise it will skip rotating that picture.

Strip EXIF Information

Removes all EXIF information from the selected picture files.

Export EXIF Information

Exports all EXIF information from the selected pictures into text files. The text files will have the same name as the picture files but with 'EXIF-data' appended to them.