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MultiDataViewer - The File Viewer

To view the content of a file, select "View File" from the File menu, or press the keyboard shortcut key F3 (the default if using the Commander-style setup).

The Default File Viewer in Multi Commander is MultiDataViewer. It is a file viewer that has some unique features.

MultiDataViewer Features

MultiDataViewer can:

  • View files of any size, even if the file is several gigabytes, using very little memory
  • View files as ASCII / Unicode / UTF8 / Binary and Hex
  • Be extensively customized. Font / Color / Background / Gridlines / Strip and more can be changed using different profiles that are loaded for different files based on format or file type
  • Support syntax coloring
  • Support links. Links in the text are clickable, so you can click on the link and a browser will be opened for that location
  • Highlight all the words in different colors
  • AutoSelect an entire word when double clicking on it (It is possible to customize what special characters are allowed in a word)
  • Copy selections to the clipboard or save selections to a file
  • Support Drag & Drop. Drop a file on MultiDataViewer to view it
  • Provide MouseWheel Zoom: hold CTRL down when using the mouse wheel and it will increase / decrease font size
  • Queue files to view and Go to next/previous file with CTRL+ PAGEUP / PAGEDOWN
  • Auto-reload files if changed (very useful when viewing a live log file)