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Extensions and Plug-ins

Multi Commander is built around extensions and plug-ins.
Some of the extension are built directly into Multi Commander and some of them are located as external DLL files.

This allows for Multi Commander to grow with new features in an easy way and for other developers to create plugins to extend Multi Commander.

With the Manage Plugins and Extensions selection in the Configuration menu you can enable and disable extensions and plugins.

There are 4 types of extensions and plug-ins:

Application Extensions

These are extensions that have GUIs and create new tabs with functions in Multi Commander. Examples of Application Extensions are the Explorer Panel and File Search.

FileSystem Plug-ins

All filesystems and archives that Multi Commander supports are handled by plug-ins. There are plug-ins for Zip, 7-Zip, RAR, FTP and the Registry.

File Operations Plug-ins

These are plug-ins that are used when copying and moving files. These plug-ins can change how and where files are read and written.

FileProperties Plug-ins

These plug-ins allow for more data to be shown about files in new columns in the Explorer Panel. For Example the filesystem plug-in FS-Registry also has a FileProperties Extension allowing you to see the special registry information in the Explorer Panel.

Configuration of Virtual FileSystem Plug-ins

Configuration of which file extension a file system plug-in uses are configured here.
Read more about that under the Virtual FileSystem pages