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Correct Folder Date/Time

The date/time of a folder is changed whenever you copy a file into it, delete a file from it, or change a file in it. In some situations this may not be what you want.

For example, you might list and sort those folder by date, and you want the date/time of the folder to show the date/time of the most recent file in that folder rather than when something was last changed in the folder.

This tool will scan the selected folder and subfolders and set the date/time of the folders to that of the most recent file it finds.

 Select the folder you want to change then select "Correct folder date/time" from the Tools menu.

You can specify two kind of filters for the scanning: Ignore and Include filters.

Ignore Filter

The first filter is the ignore filter. It specifies the files and folders that you want to ignore when finding the most recent date/time.
If you enter *.txt here. It will ignore all *.txt files, even if they have a date/time that is more recent than other files.

Include Filter

If you specify an include filter then only files matching this filter will be checked. Eg. if you enter *.jpg here it will only check the date/time on *.jpg files.