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Cleanup User Data

Multi Commander stores user-specific data in different places. To remove all this data you can run Cleanup User Data.
Select "Cleanup userdata..." from the Help menu to start it.

Select the type of user data you want to remove then click OK. After the user data is removed it is recommended to exit Multi Commander so any new information can be stored.

Configuration and settings

Multi Commander stores configuration and settings files in an application data folder for the user account. Checking this option will remove all these files.

Logs, History and Session Information

Multi Commander stores logs of file operations and failures in the user's application data folder. These logs are used to identify why problems happen if Multi Commander fails. History and session information is stored in the Windows Registry. This information is used to create dropdown lists with selections you have made earlier. for example, previously-run commands from the Command Line bar are listed when you use its dropdown list.

License and Registration information

Checking this option will remove the license and registration information for Multi Commander.