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FileSystem - FS-Reg (REG:)

The virtual filesystem device extension FS-Reg (REG:) allows the Windows Registry to be accessed as a filesystem under the device path REG:

Since Multi Commander treats it as a file system most things you can do in a filesystem can be done in the Windows Registry.

To browse the registry you select "Windows Registry" from the device list dropdown, or you can type in a registry path in the command line field e.g. "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\" and it will go to the path you specified. You can also type REG: if you want to browse to the registry location yourself.

When you create a new folder in the registry you are actually creating a new registry key. You can also Delete keys and values or Rename them. You are able to copy keys and values from one place in the registry to another and you can also copy keys and values to disk where they will be represented as folders and files. You can also copy them back from the filesystem to the Registry.

Create New Value

Select what type of value you want to add from the context menu (normally triggered by the right mouse button or the context menu key on your keyboard).

Export Values

Selecting export from the context menu will allow you to export registry values to a standard .reg file. The difference between this and  the export function in Windows' Registry editor is that here it will only export the values that you have selected. You do not need to export the entire key contents.