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What Is Multi Commander

Multi Commander is a file manager for Windows and is a complete replacement for Windows Explorer. It provides an efficient way of working with folders and files.
It uses the popular and efficient Dual-Pane layout, and is designed to be very keyboard friendly.
The mouse is fully supported, but its strength is that you can do everything with the keyboard alone. And that allows you to work quickly and efficiently.

Multi Commander offers a wide range of features:

  • Supports both Windows Explorer-style and the popular Commander-style keyboard/mouse setup
  • Supports Drag & Drop
  • Copy/Move operations support filtering and plugins for special situations
  • Zip, 7Zip, Tar, Gz can be browsed as if they were folders
  • FTP, Portable Devices and the Registry are exposed in the file system
  • MultiRename tool with powerful rename operations
  • View text/logs files of ANY size with minimal memory usage (even if the files are many gigabytes in size)
  • Powerful, built-in scripting language (MultiScript) for added customization and to extend functionality
  • And very, very much more...