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File Verifier - Verify

There are two ways to verify checksums: Verify Checksum Files or Verify a Checksum Value directly.

Verify Checksum Files (.SFV .MD5)

If you have a .sfv or .md5 file and want to verify the checksum for the files that this file references, simply launch the checksum file from within MultiCommander and the File Verifier will automatically start a verify process.

You can also start the File Verifier Extension you select and then copy or drag and drop the .sfv or .md5 files to the panel with the File Verifier open. If you copy or drag and drop folders the verifier will scan those folders for .sfv or .md5 and automatically add them to the file verifyer layout.

Press the Start button in the file verifier toolbar to start the verify process

If Errors found

You will be presented with a dialog asking what to do with the offending files. You have the option to rename or delete them, or to do nothing.

Context Menu

From the context menu (right mouse button click) you can choose to rescan files that previously failed or to remove from the list all files that were successfully scanned.

Verify Values

Sometimes you want to verify a file you for which know the checksum values but have no .sfv/.md5 file for. In this case you can create a new file verification with the New button and select "compare value".

You then copy or drag the file you want to verify, click in the "expected value" column and fill in the expected value. Finally, press start to begin verifying.