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File Verifier - Create

To create a new checksum file or to compare checksum values, first select File Verifier from the Extension menu, then click the New button in the File Verifier toolbar that is shown.

In the Create New Checksum dialog, select which type of checksum file you want to create, SFV or MD5.

A new .sfv or .md5 item will be created and named "Untitled sfv file.sfv" for .sfv by default. To change the name you need to click to edit it. If the name is not changed, a new name will automatically be generated from the name of the first file that is added to this checksum file.

Add Files

Add files to the checksum file by using the "copy" command or drag and drop the files you want to add.
(The default keyboard shortcut for copy is F5 if using CommanderStyle setup, or F2 for WindowsExplorer style.)

When all the files have been added, press the start button in the File Verifier toolbar.
The checksum for all the files will now be calculated and saved into the checksum file you specified.