Multi Commander 9.6.1 ( Build 2582 )

Monday, January 20, 2020

There have been a lot of version lately with only minor changes, so all changes from 9.5 to 9.6.1 is included here

Around 10+ changes since 9.5, this is a Fix release for issue that was found in 9.5

This is the LAST version that will run on XP, There might be minor updates to this version.
But new feature will require Win7+, a version 9.x will be available for XP users. and it will be updated with stability fixes.

Change in 9.6.1 was

  • Added Last 10 matches from FindFiles are now shown in list during search
  • Issue with findfiles dialog that stayed disabled.
  • Command "Copy path to clipboard" failed for items on RESx:.
  • 3 Stability Issues

Change in 9.6.0 was

  • Fixed 3 crash issues
  • Fixed build system, Some modules was not build correct.

Change in 9.5.x was

  • Video properties in columns
  • Customize Tab font and width
  • New Language. Ukrainian. Created by Bohdan Kalynyak
  • New MultiScript function ArrayToString(..)
  • Fixed Icons issue
  • 15 Stability issues fixed and some other fixes

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