Multi Commander 6.9 ( Build 2303 )

Friday, December 23, 2016

Over 200+ changes since 6.4.8

Major new feature is TabSessions, Where you can a complete set of tabs into a tabs into a name. and then fast switch between them.
For example you can have a "Working with pictures" tab session, that setup all the tabs you need to that.

Some minor features was also added, Some new settings options and lots of fixes.

Also a new language is added. Korean and it was created bu user pCsOrI


  • Tab Sessions
  • Korean translations provided by pCsOrI
  • FindFiles windows can load quick setup using Fn-keys
  • FindFiles windows can save quick setup using Ctrl+Fn-keys
  • Added option "Remember what item is in focus when changing path"
  • 3rd party audio library updated, More audio formats should be supported
  • Many default options and colors have been change. Only valid for new installs
  • Lots of fixes
  • And much more

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