Multi Commander 6.4.3 ( Build 2232 )

Thursday, August 4, 2016

This is a minor update from 6.4.2 It has 10 additional changes.. all minor fixes.
This minor release fixes an annoying refresh that in some situation did not refresh the filelist when creating new folders.

See changelog for info about change in this minor update.

Over 200+ changes since v6.2

Major new feature is the total redesign and file system scanning. It now always run in background. That will make block the UI less. Improves flat filesystem scanning a lot. Better abort of filesystem scanning, better startup time with lots of tabs.

If you have issue with file system scanning. please send a message. (Help menu > Send feedback)
You can also activate the old file system scanning engine in Explorer Panel settings


  • New filesystem scanning engine
  • Lots of fixes for File Search
  • File operation plugin "CopyContent" now works again
  • And lots of fixes and internal changes

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