Multi Commander 4.6.2 ( Build 1804 )

Saturday, November 1, 2014

A couple of more fixes needed to be release in this minor update. This release only contains a couple of minor changes from v4.6.1.
Hopefully no more minor updates to 4.6 is needed

v4.6.2 have 5 changes from v4.6.1
v4.6.1 had 7 changes from v4.6.0
v4.6.0 had over 130+ changes since v4.5.1

Major changes in v4.6.0

  • Italian language support - Created by Aldo.
  • Picture Viewer can now adjust colors
  • Picture tool for resize. With batch support
  • Image size can now shown on top of the thumbnail
  • View Filter and Add/Remove selection now support regular expression.
  • MultiRename now allows for files to be moved up/down in the list
  • + A lot more

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