Multi Commander 3.5.1 ( Build 1530 ) (Released 1 Okt 2013)

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Multi Commander v3.5.1 is minor release. and the Focus of this release have been to fix the most common stability issues. Most of this issues are not very common and often they are only shown on some system in special situations.
There are also some other fixes and some minor additions and support for a new Language, Portuguese. (Translated made by Pedro Albuquerque)
Major changes.

  • New Language - Portuguese - Translated by Pedro Albuquerque
  • MultiCommander will not change to be a toplevel window if it is activated by starting to dragged a item.
  • Improved error logging for read/write errors
  • Windows Control Panels can be access from the Tools menu. (And Hotkey can be assigned to them )
  • Favorites Window now works again
  • Showing some of the special folder in the device toolbar now works again
  • 14 Rare Crash issues reported by Crash report system.


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