Multi Commander 3.2.1 ( Build 1432 ) (Released 20 Jun 2014)

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Multi Commander v3.2 is now out. Over 145+ changes has gone into this release since v3.1.
Most changes are related to stability issues and bug fixes, but there are also some minor new features.

Major changes.

  • Better handling of name conflict during rename
  • Common CheckSum task added as commands in tools menu.
  • Edit new file. (Shift+F4 or Shift+F9 depending on key setup)
  • GetTime() functions in MultiScript now returns the correct time.
  • Many minor issues with FTP fixed.
  • Dropping attachments from Outlook into MultiCommander now works.
  • Lots of SDK changes and cleanup, Preparation for SDK release.
  • 10 Rare crash issues that was reported by crash report system is fixed.
  • And a lot more fixes and improvements

v3.2.1 replaces v3.2 - There was a small file copy bug that caused a crash if filename had special characters


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