Multi Commander 10.0.0 ( Build 2740 )

Sunday, November 22, 2020

This Release does not work on Windows XP anymore, Support for XP have been discontinued for version v10+.
However there is a new v9.8 that still works on XP that contains the bugfixes for this release
You find it HERE

Change in 10.0

  • Dark mode/Dark Theme support on Windows 10 in most places (Require dark mode is activated in Windows 10)
  • Various high DPI issues fixes
  • Freespace field is auto scaled according to DPI scale settings. You might need to change this fontsize if you customized it before
  • CopyTo/MoveTo Dialog how allows to fast set target path of another tab or favorite location
  • FindFiles will no longer by default search binary files when doing content search, Check checkbox in FindFiles if you want to do it
  • Fixes issue with dragging from RESx: virtual device
  • Fixed tab focus issue when opening new tab from locked tab
  • Lots more fixed over 100+ Changes
  • 6 Stability Issues fixed

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