Multi Commander 0.9.2 ( Build 660 ) (Released 15 Jan 2011)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

It's been over a month since the previous release and in this release the focus have been to add new features, There if of course bug fixes also in the release.


Around 15 bugs are fixed.

One is the option "Keep Date/Time" that only worked for files when copying them, The date/time for folder will now also be kept.
When verifying many .sfv files Multi Commander could sometimes crash, This will not happen anymore.
And if the number of rows are change for the button panel, It is now drawn correct.
Also some minor error with unzip and using customized columns are also fixed.

New features

Most of the time for this release have gone into the new features.

It is now possible to test packed files like Zip,7-Zip and rar files.

The Zip/Unzip speed have been improved.

 There is a new tool under Tools menu "Correct folder date/time". It will scan the selected folder and set the date/time of the folder to the date/time of the latest file or folder it finds. It is possible to set scan filters so that some files or folders are ignored when scanning.

For Images you can now also re-date the EXIF date tags and shift the time with +/- minutes or hours. This is good if you forgot to change the time in your camera before you went on vacation.

There is also a new extension named MCAudioTools that adds a couple of new commands under the Tools->Audio Tools menu. From here you can remove ID3 tags from MP3 files, Export all audio properties and ID3 information to file and you can show audio properties, When showing audio properties you can also change or add ID3 tags of the mp3 file.

Audio properties has also been added to columns. So you can add a column that show the length, genre or some other properties as a column.

Two now command line commands has been added "cf" and "mkdir" with this you can fast and easy create new empty files or folders.

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