Change log for Multi Commander

Release v6.9.1 (Build 2306) ( 29-Dec-2016 )

 15+ Changes, Only Language pack updates and minor fixes

	UPDATE- Some Language packs are updated.
	FIXED - Some default config values was loaded in a wrong way.
	ADDED - New MultiScript engine function : StrReplaceChars(...)
	ADDED - New MultiScript engine function : StrReplaceCharsPairs(...)
	FIXED - 2 stability issue reported by crash report system

Release v6.9 (Build 2303) ( 23-Dec-2016 )

  200+ Changes, Some of the change are 

	ADDED - New Language - Korean - Created by pCsOrI
	ADDED - New TabSession Features - Menu > File > Tab Session (Save/Modify/Switch tab sessions)
	ADDED - Double Hotkey for to Switch TabSession press Ctrl+I and then Ctrl+1 to switch to first TabSession, and Ctrl+I + Ctrl2 for second and so on, up to 0
	ADDED - Creating SFV/MD5 from CheckSum Menu it can now remember the selected text encoding and will not ask again. (Force show the Ask dialog by Hold Ctrl when starting checksum)
	ADDED - ExplorerPanel send current item to command line field (Ctrl+Return / Ctrl+Shift+Return) will now add trailing slash to folders and only quote characters if it have spaces
	ADDED - Change DateTime/Attribute dialog now got [*] buttons next to the Modified/LastAccess dates, pressing this will sync the datetime with value in modified
	ADDED - Commandline field command ":doc" will take active explorer panel to the documents folders.
	ADDED - Simple FindFiles dialog can now save filter to a quickload slots using Ctrl + (F1 to F12)
	ADDED - Simple and Advanced FindFiles dialog can now load quick filters using F-Keys
	ADDED - Advanced FindFiles dialog can reassign quick load key for filters.
	CHANGE- FindFiles - Content matching option "Case Sensative" have change to "Ignore Case", This may break some saved filters
	ADDED - Popup in favorite window now got an option submenu where showpath option can be toggled
	ADDED - Settings for Favorites windows to show path instead of name
	ADDED - Tweak settings for ExplorerPanel: "Send file to commandline field also takes the input focus"
	ADDED - ExplorerPanel settings for not saving 'not locked tabs' on exit (Only keep locked tabs)
	ADDED - Added option to Explorer Panel so 'Remember of item on focus on path change' change be disabled
	ADDED - Popup menu on Tabs now have command to "Close all none locked tabs"
	ADDED - Custom command "MC.CloseAllTabs" now have the option "KEEPLOCKED", that will close all tabs except locked.
	ADDED - Custom command "MC.ChangeTabSession" to change TabSession from script
	CHANGE- Change some default for new installation (Colors and some default options)
	UPDATE- Updated the 3rd party audio library used when getting Audio Metadata. (More file formats should be supported in some places)
	FIXED - Search will no longer cache all scanned items, Making search use less memory
	FIXED - Sometimes when input focus was returned to MC an not needed refresh was done causing strange jump of item in focus
	FIXED - Fixed issue with unpacking rar created on linux
	FIXED - Fixed issue with unpacking zip archive created by google drive
	FIXED - Forward button on toolbar now works again
	FIXED - Create registry key from context menu now works again.
	FIXED - 11 stability issue reported by crash report system

Release v6.4.8  (Build 2265) ( 13-Sep-2016 )

  35 Changes

	FIXED - Find Files - Matching file content in UTF8 failed sometimes.
	FIXED - Find Files - Matching file content will now use current language settings for doing a compare with ignore case options on.
	FIXED - Find Files - Forcing FileContent matching as Unicode could make MC lock up if the data was not unicode
	FIXED - FileSystem scan can in some very rare and weird situation cause a crash. This should now be fixed.
	FIXED - Flat FileSystem view is now a little bit faster
	FIXED - Flat FileSystem view now updates its view correctly if files are deleted
	FIXED - 2 stability issue

Release v6.4.7 (Build 2255) ( 31-Aug-2016 )

24 Changes

	FIXED - GotoNextSiblingFolder/GotoPreviousSiblingFolder something changes the tab.
	FIXED - Possible crash issue if file system was refresh before UI was updated from previous scan.
	FIXED - Will now only redraw and revalidates file colors if a subfolder was modified. Was doing a full rescanning. Not needed
	FIXED - Explorer Panel lost focused item in some situations when refreshed
	FIXED - Copy progress dialog will now show estimated time to complete with hours and minutes if minutes to complete is more then 60
	FIXED - Issue when checking if path exists for a path to a FileSystem Plugin that was closed.
	FIXED - Fixed issue where it lost contact with portable device, So that a manual refresh was needed to. This is now done automatic (is most cases)
	FIXED - Explorer Panel was not always refreshed automatic if folder was created in virtual location. like REG:
	FIXED - 2 stability issue

Release v6.4.6 (Build 2246) ( 16-Aug-2016 )

13 Changes

	FIXED - Start with a ExplorerPanel showing the root of REG: now works again
	FIXED - Items sometimes got selected when activating application.
	FIXED - Focus was sometimes lost if focus was changed during filesystem scan
	FIXED - Crash that could happen if item was removed after filesystem scan, But before UI had refreshed.
	FIXED - 1 stability issue<

Release v6.4.5 (Build 2242) ( 9-Aug-2016 )

 33 Changes

	FIXED - Tab with a LockPath, and the locked location was deleted by anohter program, resulted in new tabs opening up
	FIXED - During startup if a tab had a lockpath to a location that did not exists anymore. The tab was still locked and behaved bad.
	FIXED - Watching a folder and that folder was deleted, MC would fallback to closest path, but the removed folder would still be shown. (Since Windows told MC it still existed)
	FIXED - Ctrl+Return in CreateFolder dialog now works again. (Goto created folder)
	FIXED - New Folders now show up faster.
	FIXED - Focus moved to ".." when current focus item was lost. Now it works as before and moves to next or previous item
	FIXED - If tab was locked and option to open new tabs was not active. In some situation did not update.
	FIXED - In some situation filesystem change monitoring was removed, even if there was more ExplorerPanels (other tabs) active for that path
	FIXED - Possible buffer overrun in MCAudioTools extension
	FIXED - 2 stability issue

Release v6.4.3 (and 6.4.4) (Build 2232) ( 4-Aug-2016 )

  10 Changes

	FIXED - Sometimes the filesystem was refreshed twice when Creating folder causing them to come in conflict of each other
	FIXED - Create folder could in some situation cause issue where view was not updated
	FIXED - Focus was sometimes lost if it was changed while view was being updated after a filesystem scan.
	FIXED - 1 very stability issue

Release v6.4.2 (Build 2229) ( 3-Aug-2016 )

  20 Changes

	ADDED - Improved error logging and error handling in a couple of places
	FIXED - Context Menu - New Folder now works better both in FolderTree and FileList
	FIXED - FolderTree did not always redraw correct after folder was added/removed
	FIXED - Issue with RegEx search from Simple FindFiles Window
	FIXED - 3 very rare/possible stability issues.

Release v6.4.1 (Build 2225) ( 31-Jul-2016 )

  16 Changes

	FIXED - When creating Folder/File from Context Menu, The Rename mode for that item was not entered.
	FIXED - MC Failed to show a subpath to a virtual path like REG: at startup
	FIXED - Folder tree did not update correct after rename/delete
	ADDED - Improved error logging in a couple of places
	FIXED - If column setup was never saved so default was used. And MC started to fast. The columns sizes was auto sized wrong.
	FIXED - Wordwrap in FileViewer did not trigger until after scrolled/resized.

Release v6.4 (Build 2222) ( 29-Jul-2016 )

  175+ Changes

	ADDED - Major internal redesign of how Filesystem scanning work. 
		+ Runs in background with less blocking of UI.
		+ Improves flat filesystem scanning a lot. 
		+ Better aborting of filesystem scanning
		+ Better startup time when loading many tabs.
		- If you have issues, You can in settings enable the old filesystem scanning engine
	ADDED - MultiUpdate tool now support XP edition of MultiCommander. If run on XP it will check for and upgrade to the XP edition of MC when it exists.
	ADDED - File Search "Look In" quick picker (Popup) now as option "Selected folders in other panel"
	CHANGE- Option for CustomCommand "MC.Explorer.Refresh" changed
	ADDED - Custom Command "MC.FileSearch.Search" now has option "SEARCHINALLSELECTED"
	ADDED - Custom Command "MC.FileSearch.Search" option "HIDE" should work again
	FIXED - Custom Command "MC.FileSearch.Search" did not handle Multiple "LookFor" matches in "SEARCHFOR" correct
	FIXED - Fileoperation plugin 'CopyContent' works again
	FIXED - Packing with filters so all items in a folders are excluded, The empty folder was also excluded
	FIXED - FindFiles dialogs will now auto switch to wildcard/contains if incorrect data entered. And add * if no LookFor content is entered
	FIXED - If a file search was done with content matching, When viewing a found file, the context match was not highlighted in the FileViewer.
	FIXED - Saving Quicklaunch buttons with "&" character in the path now works
	FIXED - Modifying Color filters did not always work
	FIXED - Pressing cancel on "Add to queue" when doing Copy/Move now works again.
	FIXED - Couple of high DPI issues

Release v6.2 (Build 2147) ( 8-May-2016 )

  115+ Changes
	ADDED - Custom Command MC.CloseAllTabs has a new optional parameter: "DONOTASK". This will prevent the confirm dialog for locked tabs
	ADDED - Unpacking Zip files with the wrong password will now ask again for password
	ADDED - MultiScript functions for using the Advanced Filter engine from script
	CHANGE- Major rewrite of how Copy/Move file operations are initialized
	CHANGE- Drag'n'Drop to same location will show the drop popup menu
	FIXED - Issue with loading favorites that have duplicate names
	FIXED - Unpacking password protected 7Zip from script now works better
	FIXED - Find Files with content search will now stop searching faster if stop command is issued
	FIXED - Find Files with content search could crash in some very rare situations
	FIXED - Holding Ctrl and starting a Drag'n'Drop operation now works better
	FIXED - MultiScript handles arrays better
	FIXED - 4 Rare stability issues
	FIXED - Many internal changes

Release v6.1 (Build 2124) ( 9-Apr-2016 )

  35+ Changes
	ADDED - Language Updates
	ADDED - Find Files now logs what it does to File Operation log
	FIXED - Couple of HighDPI issues fixed
	FIXED - Find Files text content matching could in some situations get stuck on files with weird mixes of linefeed characters
	FIXED - Find Files hex content matching could get stuck if lots of 0x00 matches were found at the end of the file
	FIXED - Find Files Content search for ASCII in binary files now works
	FIXED - Find Files Content search with case sensitive for ASCII in binary files now works
	FIXED - Find Files Dialogs - Content options now enable/disable themselves correctly
	FIXED - Advanced Find Files filter could fail if user did not enter matching data correctly
	FIXED - Minor memory leak with copy operations
	FIXED - Items added to queue even if user selected skip on free space check
	FIXED - Command Line field now supports ..\ relative path better. (Relative to path of active panel)
	FIXED - Custom Command MC.RUN will now assume SHELL option when using ADMIN option
	CHANGE- Some Internal changes on how delete works

Release v6.0 (Build 2118) ( 2-Apr-2016 )

  280+ Changes
	ADDED - File Coloring engine and Editor now use the Advanced Filter system for file coloring
	ADDED - New File search engine now using the advanced filter engine to match files
	ADDED - New Find Files dialog. Dialog is now split into two. Some simpler one advanced
	ADDED - Dropping file with "create link" action will show drop popup instead
	ADDED - Drop popup now has "Copy and Replace" / "Move and Replace" command if only 1 file was dropped
	ADDED - Custom Command MC.DataViewer.View now has the option "AUTORELOAD" to enable the autoreload option
	ADDED - Command Line field command ":title (text)" that will change the Multi Commander caption
	ADDED - Command Line field command ":autorefresh (0/1)" that will change setting to enable/disable folder refresh
	CHANGE- Changed App Icon to match Website logo (Provided by Oliver)
	FIXED - Copy Progress Bar issues when copying more then 4TB of data
	FIXED - Updated 3rd party 7Zip components to v15.14
	FIXED - A leap year issue
	FIXED - FSReg failed to change registry values that were longer than 255 characters
	FIXED - Lots of internal changes
	FIXED - 6 Rare stability issues

Release v5.9 (Build 2062) ( 13-Jan-2016 )

	ADDED - Advanced Filters now support extended file properties
	ADDED - Workaround for faulty zip archive created by OneDrive Web (Download multiple files from OneDrive Web)
	ADDED - Dynamic column properties for showing line number. (Can't be used in Filters or MultiRename)
	ADDED - Copy path to clipboard will append trailing slash for folders
	ADDED - Option to show history popup as sorted or not
	ADDED - Command to show the Panel specific Recent (Back button) Popup. Can now customize key to show popup
	ADDED - Settings to change how Rename Similar works: Ask/No/Always
	FIXED - FSFTP will now log better which cipher suite is used (if using FTP-SSL/TLS)
	FIXED - PageUp/PageDown navigation sometimes jumped too far and missed some items
	FIXED - List View Mode and Thumb List View Mode sometimes failed if first column was not filename
	FIXED - Issue when reading default path for new Explorer Panels
	FIXED - Crash issue for very long network path
	FIXED - 5 Rare stability issues

Release v5.8.1 (Build 2042) ( 24-Nov-2015 )

  6+ Changes
	UPDATE- Some language packs are updated
	FIXED - Some minor annoying bugs

Release v5.8 (Build 2040) ( 21-Nov-2015 )

  135+ Changes
	ADDED - Advanced Filters can now be used in Selection and View Filters
	        (Search and File Coloring will also use them in a future release)
	ADDED - Custom Command MC.Explorer.Selection.Select now has a "FILTERID" parameter,
	        Use it to select a Advanced filter
	ADDED - Custom Command MC.Explorer.SetFilter now has as parameter FILTERID,
	        that can be used to set an existing advanced filter
	ADDED - Custom Command MC.Explorer.Makedir has a new parameter "GOTO" that will make the Explorer Panel
	        to enter the new folder
	ADDED - Hold CTRL while pressing return/OK button in MakeDir dialog and the Explorer Panel will enter that folder
	ADDED - Explorer panel settings for default path for new tabs
	ADDED - Explorer panel settings for column sort by and sort order for new tabs
	ADDED - Explorer Panel tweak settings for enable/disable of context menu for current location should be shown on ".."
	ADDED - File Operation progress now show progress of queueing items for internal plug-in operations
	ADDED - Menu -> Edit -> Compare Folders Advanced - For advanced compare of the source/target folders for selections
	ADDED - FSFTP bookmark now has an option if the log windows should be shown or not when connecting
	ADDED - FSFTP will now log data connections errors better
	FIXED - Duplicate Tab will now duplicate most tab/Explorer Panel settings
	FIXED - Quick Launch Bar will now remember the Right click options for Allow Insert By Drop/Allow Rearrange
	FIXED - Issue when unpacking large zip with duplicate files in archive
	FIXED - FSZip issue when overwriting existing files
	FIXED - FSFTP now send "AUTH TLS" instead of "AUTH TLS-P" for protected login
	FIXED - Set Folder Date Time tool can cause a crash
	FIXED - Icon Override Setup is no longer case-sensitive
	FIXED - MultiFileViewer - Highlighting was sometimes not shown. Was overdrawn by Syntax Coloring
	FIXED - MultiFileViewer - RegEx syntax coloring rule could sometimes cause a crash
	FIXED - MultiFileViewer - Can now find text part backwards (up) in Unicode text files again

Release v5.6 (Build 2000) ( 19-Sep-2015 )

  165+ Changes
	CHANGE- Upgrade build environment. Everything is now built using VS2015
	ADDED - MultiRename - Find/Replace Changed now works better
	ADDED - MultiRename - Minor UI layout changes
	ADDED - MultiFileViewer - Profiles have changed. Now using Color Themes configuration for colors
	ADDED - MultiFileViewer - Can now configure Syntax Coloring more easily
	ADDED - MultiFileViewer - Color syntax formatting for common file formats
	ADDED - MultiFileViewer - Added a couple of default Syntax Color formatting for common file formats
	ADDED - MultiFileViewer - Can now be configured to Auto copy selection to clipboard. ( Menu -> Options -> Options )
	ADDED - ExplorerPanel can now disable Auto fade of selection when panel is inactive in WinExplorer mode
	FIXED - Auto ReSort after rename of folder did not always work
	FIXED - Go to Root will now on locked tabs (with allow subpath change) go to the root of the locked location
	FIXED - Issue when creating MD5 checksum files
	FIXED - Copy registry value to new location will now copy "(default)" value correct
	FIXED - 5 Rare stability issues
	FIXED - 2 Rare stability issues with script engine

Release v5.5 (Build 1975) ( 1-Aug-2015 )

  185+ Changes. Some of them are...
	ADDED - New Language - Lithuanian - Translation created by Raimondas Duzinskas
	ADDED - Explorer Panel now has Experimental Support for "Flat Filesystem View" (Press View mode button or Shift+Ctrl+B)
	ADDED - Path property/column added. Can be used in Flat view to show relative path
	ADDED - Going to next/prev in Quick Search will now loop around
	ADDED - Can now select/unselect files/folder with same color rule set Ctrl+Shift+(Num+) / Ctrl+Shift+(Num-)
	ADDED - MultiRename - Find and Replace now support unlimited pairs and easier to edit many find/replace pairs
	ADDED - Tabs Layout can now be saved/loaded to/from file
	ADDED - Audio Tool - Create Playlist (M3U/PLS) with support for advanced filtering
	ADDED - SFV Tool can now creates CRC/MD5 files that are encoded in UTF8 or Unicode
	ADDED - Favorites Window will reset its view filter when shown next time. (Also added option to turn that off)
	ADDED - Custom Command MC.Explorer.NewBrowser / MC.Explorer.Goto now support "FLAT" option to open path in flat mode
	ADDED - Custom Command MC.CheckSum.Create for starting/creating checksums
	ADDED - Custom Command MC.LoadTabs and MC.SaveTabs to Load/Save tabs from script
	ADDED - Custom Command MC.LoadButtonPanelLayout that will load a new button panel layout from script
	ADDED - Custom Command MC.Explorer.Selection.SelectByColor / MC.Explorer.Selection.UnselectByColor
	ADDED - MultiScript function for setting selected items in a view ( SetSourceSelected()/SetTargetSelect() )
	ADDED - MultiScript function for getting all items in a view ( GetSourceItems()/GetTargetItems() )
	FIXED - MultiScript command "GetFileProp(...) now support a 3rd parameter (optional)
	        If it is "1", then the returned value will be the display value, else the RAW value is returned
	FIXED - Will no longer check for availible free space for move operations on same drive
	FIXED - Copy a 'symlink to a file' Copy/Move Links option active will now creates a new symlink
	FIXED - Fixed issue with creating .gz files
	FIXED - MultiFileViewer did not load settings correct when opened from search panel
	FIXED - 12 Rare stability issues

Release v5.1.1 (Build 1926) ( 18-Apr-2015 )

  Minor fixes. 20+ Changes
	ADDED - Command Line field now support "#[devicelabel]" and it switch to the current path of that device. (Wildcard supported)
	ADDED - View filter support filtering on size with >SizeUnit, eg. >500M
	FIXED - 7Zip error handing improved
	FIXED - Customize Keyboard window should work better in high DPI
	FIXED - Page scrolling in thumbnail list mode now works better
	FIXED - Thumbnail detail mode did not always show the thumbnail
	FIXED - Issue with copy progress windows
	FIXED - 2 crash issues reported by Crash report system

Release v5.1 (Build 1922) ( 4-Apr-2015 )

  Mostly fixes. 120+ Changes
	ADDED - Explorer Panels now have an extra 1px padding for the lines. (Size can be tweaked in settings)
	ADDED - Installer now accepts parameter /CONFIG= that contains a settings backup that will be installed
	ADDED - Color Rule name used for a file item can be shown as a column
	ADDED - When doing a forced refresh, file coloring will also be forced to refresh
	ADDED - Able to force a solid color for the focus row indicator
	ADDED - Configuration of gridlines colors
	ADDED - SFV tool can now read .sfv/.md5 files in unicode
	ADDED - Can now move select name/ext part with Ctrl+Home/Ctrl+End while doing inplace rename
	ADDED - Folder Tree now has settings for a filter of what devices should be listed in the tree view
	ADDED - Custom Command MC.ShellPaste that will call Windows Shell Paste without the internal handling
	ADDED - Mouse wheel action is now always forwarded to the window under mouse cursor, even if the window is not in focus
	ADDED - MultiScript function LoadArray/SaveArray can now be called with GetLines/SaveLines
	ADDED - MultiScript function "AutoCreateVar(0|1)" to turn the AutoCreateVar feature in script engine on/off
	ADDED - MultiScript engine can now declare variables without "@var" in many situations
	ADDED - MultiScript function NetWGet( file, url, opt) that will download from web and save to disk
	FIXED - MultiScript function DeleteFile now accept options as comma separated list
	FIXED - MultiScript function DeleteFile failed sometimes when deleting zip files
	FIXED - MultiScript function DeleteFile now recpects the option "NOPROGRESS"
	FIXED - Can now open some zip archives that have mismatched header data
	FIXED - Use font style from File coloring rules when drawing file item with Focus/Selected color
	FIXED - Crash issue that could happen sometimes when testing archives
	CHANGE- FileType Default setup will open Windows associated editor for images files when doing edit on an image
	CHANGE- Changed how arrow key behaved in Inplace rename
	FIXED - Issue with date fields in Text Tool SortLines
	FIXED - Issue with overwrite with Text Tool SortLines
	FIXED - Problem with the response data when using the WM_COPYDATA API and Ascii
	FIXED - Fixed issue with the Tray Icon poping up even if disabled
	FIXED - FSRar had issue if rar file that was created on linux and contained a path starting with /
	FIXED - 5 crash issues reported by Crash report system
	WEB   - Lots of changes in the Online Documentation
	WEB   - Online documentation can now be downloaded as a PDF

Release v5.0 (Build 1888) ( 1-Feb-2015 )

  Many fixes and improvements.  Over 220+ Changes
	ADDED - New Text Tool - SortLines
	ADDED - New Text Tool - FindAndReplace
	ADDED - Picture Viewer can now show an overlay with photo info like FNum,Exposure,ISO (Press P in viewer)
	ADDED - Better error message when user tries to copy a placeholder file
	ADDED - Custom Command MC.Utils.SortLines
	ADDED - Custom Command MC.Utils.FindAndReplace
	ADDED - Custom Command MC.ShowFavWindow and MC.ShowFavPopup
	ADDED - View Filter popup now also show previous view filters that was set manually
	ADDED - Holding Shift when entering linked folder it will now follow link instead of resolving it
	ADDED - 3rd party programs can now interact with MC using WM_COPYDATA messages. (like Goto and GetCurrent... )
	ADDED - Picture exif properties to be shown as columns (ISO,Exposure,FNum,ExpBias,Flash)
	ADDED - Alternative short admin tag for application title bar is now used if Command Line option -A is set
	ADDED - Tooltip delay and timeout times can now be change under tweak settings (Explorer Panel)
	ADDED - Browse timeout can now be tweaked. (Only useful if you get double item issue)
	ADDED - Rar FileSystem extension is now using the UnRAR 5.2.3 source
	ADDED - Thumbnail overlay text can now be set to date or photoinfo
	ADDED - Language Editor now remember selected language
	ADDED - Language Editor can now filter list and only show text items that are NOT translated
	FIXED - Thumbnail overlay text on thumbnails now works when using the internal thumbnail engine (WinXP)
	FIXED - Loading startup ini is no longer sensitive for pre/post white spaces
	FIXED - When ExplorerStyle settings is used. Changed how color for focus item is set when panel is not in focus
	FIXED - Fixed issue where device got removed from MC when it was formatted
	FIXED - File search sometimes failed to search file content if file was in use
	FIXED - Portable/WPD will now show blank date if date property is not valid
	FIXED - Portable/WPD will use created date as default date to show instead of modified, if modifed is not valid
	FIXED - 9 crash issues reported by Crash report system

Release v4.6.2 (Build 1804) ( 1-Nov-2014 )

  5 more fixes that need to be released
  Hopefully no more minor updates to 4.6 are needed

	FIXED - 5 Crash issues reported by crash report system
	Also 150+ Changes since v4.5

Release v4.6.1 (Build 1802) ( 30-Oct-2014 )

  7 Changes
	FIXED - 3 Crash issues reported by crash report system
	UPDATE- Updated language packs

Release v4.6 (Build 1800) ( 25-Oct-2014 )

  Many fixes and improvements.  Over 130+ Changes
	ADDED - Support for Italian - Created by Aldo
	ADDED - Picture Viewer can now adjust colors using gamma, brightness, gray scale, normalize and more
	ADDED - Picture Viewer can now Save picture in another format
	ADDED - Picture Viewer can now resize image
	ADDED - Picture Viewer support undo (Ctrl+Z) after doing color changes
	ADDED - Picture Tools can now batch resize images
	ADDED - Custom Command "MC.PictureTools.Convert"
	ADDED - Custom Command "MC.PictureTools.Resize"
	ADDED - Image dimensions can now be shown as an overlay text on the thumbnail
	ADDED - Button panel wizard will now add icon if the dropped file is a .exe
	ADDED - Add/Remove Selection now support regular expressions. start match with ":"
	ADDED - View filters now support regular expressions. Start filters with ":"  (File size equal filter moved to "=" )
	ADDED - Quick Launch Bar now supports ${sourcepath} and ${targetpath} in parameter field
	ADDED - New Option to enable the parent context menu to be shown if user click on the blank area of an item
	ADDED - MultiRename supports moving item up/down from hotkey or popup menu when right clicking on item
	ADDED - MultiRename will now add item to its list in the same order they are shown in the Explorer Panel
	FIXED - Save current column layout sometimes did not save the columns in the correct order
	FIXED - Thumbnail detailed view mode did not always show all columns
	FIXED - Will now retry getting .exe icon if default .exe is returned. (Can happen if AV/Other software has a lock on the file)
	FIXED - Icon override of FileType Setup is no longer case sensitive
	FIXED - Column resize issue if a column got < 0 in size
	FIXED - When viewing a file using external viewer the focused file will be used
	FIXED - Thumbnail background thread will now update the main UI better
	FIXED - 4 crash issues reported by Crash report system

Release v4.5.1 (Build 1769) ( 23-Aug-2014)

	FIXED - Installer failed to add shortcuts in some situation

Release v4.5 (Build 1768) ( 19-Aug-2014 )

  Major new additions is the possibility to browse favorites as a filesystem (FAV:)
  Also Thumbnail list mode now support vertical scrolling

  Many fixed and improvements.  Over 155+ Changes. Some of them are...
	ADDED - FSFavorite Plugin that allows browsing of favorite as a virtual filesystem
	ADDED - Refresh device item to the Dropdown list of devices
	ADDED - Active tab that are not using custom colors are shown with a lighter color (eg. Log tab panel)
	ADDED - Pack/Unpack window now has settings if it should use target as default location or not
	ADDED - MultiRename window can be closed by pressing ESCAPE key
	ADDED - Now possible to choose what extended device items should be shown in the device dropdown list
	ADDED - Explorer Panel has a new experimental view mode 'Thumbnail Detail'
	ADDED - New Thumbnail engine option : "Crop to Square" (Only valid if thumbnail engine is "Windows" and OS is Win8+)
	ADDED - Thumbnail List mode now support Vertical scrolling (Up-Down)
	CHANGE- Thumbnail queue management will now prioritized item that are currently visible
	CHANGE- Changed how the tab is drawn. Is now more flat
	CHANGE- Removed some obsolete settings. Changed some defaults
	FIXED - MultiRename - Tags with negative value were 0-based; start value was 1-based. Now both are 1 based (eg. [N-3])
	FIXED - MultiRename - Folder [F] tag rule now works like name tag [N] (eg. [F-4] works like [N-4])
	FIXED - Copy/Move progress window tries better to keep its since when queue is shown/hidden
	FIXED - Queue in Copy/Move progress window will try to show the alternative targetname if one is set
	FIXED - Key combo for Quick Search in Explorer Panel will no longer trigger if more keys then configured are pressed
	FIXED - Eject/Disconnect command in Explorer Panel can now be assigned to hotkey
	FIXED - Exporting the list of keyboard shortcuts will now be saved as Unicode (UTF16)
	FIXED - Handles insert/removal of devices that are mounted under a folder better
	FIXED - Thread synchronization issue with thumbnail extraction that could sometimes cause a crash
	FIXED - Couple of issue with Change View mode and refresh issue with view modes changes
	FIXED - Minor Issues with installer
	FIXED - Problem with deleting from zip archive
	FIXED - Quick Connect for FTP work again
	FIXED - 4 crash issues reported by Crash report system

Release v4.4 (Build 1725) ( 17-Jul-2014 )

  Mostly bug fixes but some new features like better support for Remote Desktop shares (\\TSClient)
  and Quick Create Folder (Right click on create folder toolbar icon)

  Over 85+ Changes with fixes and improvements. Some of them are..
	ADDED - Custom Command MC.Explorer.ChangeSettings that can change some Explorer Panel settings in active panel only (Changes lost on restart)
	ADDED - Installer reworked. Can now upgrade current installation and support installation of both 32bit and 64bit
	ADDED - Create Folder dialog now accept Shift+F9 to insert date at caret position or replacing selected text
	ADDED - Remote Desktop client shares \\TSClient now support. "TSClient" is added to NET: when Remote computer is connected
	ADDED - Create Folder button added to toolbar. Right click on it to show a list of some preset date folders to create
	ADDED - Quick Create folder item can now use date/time/filename tags
	ADDED - Quick Create folder menu can now be customized and are using MultiLanguage system
	FIXED - Better UTF8 support for FTP
	FIXED - Customizing of the keys for ShowFavorites. Back, Forward, Show History is now kept between restarts
	FIXED - When launching multiple items using shell, it will now verify if the shell really allows the item to be launched
	FIXED - Strange rounding that only happened on some file sizes when showing selected file size as GB
	FIXED - Drop popup menu 'extract' will now unpack to the correct path where the drop happened
	FIXED - MultiScript function CopyFile with a target folder that does not exists will now update the views better
	FIXED - FreeSpace field was not using the correct font. Was using FileList font
	FIXED - Fixed some scrollbar issues with the MultiDataViewer
	FIXED - 3 crash issues reported by Crash report system

Release v4.3.1 (Build 1702) (17-Jun-2014 )

	FIXED - Folder Tree caused a crash on some drop operations

Release v4.3 (Build 1700) (15-Jun-2014 )

  Major change is the new virtual filesystem plugin : FSPortable

  Over 160+ Changes with fixes and improvements. Some of them are..
	ADDED - New Virtual filesystem plugin that provides access to portable devices. (Smartphones/Tables)
	ADDED - Create Folder dialog now accept F6 for replacing all illegal folder characters with spaces
	ADDED - Create Folder dialog now accept F7 for removing all spaces
	ADDED - Create Folder dialog now accept F9 for inserting todays date as name (ISO formatted)
	ADDED - Create folder dialog now accept a complete path. This will override the current location
	ADDED - Folder tree now support that a folder might be drag from it or dropped in it
	ADDED - History popup that shows visited path is now global, not only for current panel
	ADDED - Informative tooltip now shows all file dates
	ADDED - Drag and drop data of TYMED_ISTORAGE type now supported
	ADDED - Custom Command to force a refresh of the folder tree ( MC.Explorer.RefreshTree )
	ADDED - Custom Command MC.Explorer.Delete now support optional option "NEWQUEUE", "USEEXISTINGQUEUE"
	ADDED - Custom Command MC.Explorer.Copy now support optional option "NEWQUEUE", "USEEXISTINGQUEUE"
	ADDED - MultiScript function CopyFile,MoveFile now support optional option "NEWQUEUE", "USEEXISTINGQUEUE"
	ADDED - MultiScript function "Packfile" / "UnpackFile" / "MakeDir"
	ADDED - Added size restriction to external files to 25MB
	FIXED - Unpack dialog will now use the source location as default target path
	FIXED - Paths containing ~ sometimes got confused as a shorted 8.3 path
	FIXED - Password protected zip archives now works. (Only standard zip password protection is supported)
	FIXED - Password protected 7Zip archives now works better
	FIXED - Folder tree now shows the correct folder name for folders that are mounted devices
	FIXED - 6 crash issues reported by Crash report system

Release v4.2.1 (Build 1674) ( 28-Apr-2014 )

	ADDED - Fixed issue with installer
	ADDED - Updated Language packs

Release v4.2 (Build 1672) ( 18-Apr-2014 )

  This release contains lots of fixed and a lot better support for high DPI machines

  300+ Changes. Some of them are..
	ADDED - User Defined Commands can now be duplicated
	ADDED - Button panel changed so it can not be undocked. Then no close button is shown making it look better
	ADDED - Buttons in the Button panel can now be drawn transparent
	ADDED - New column that shows the length of the name or fullpath
	ADDED - Option to enable/disable the refresh tab when application focus is returned to Multi Commander
	ADDED - Command Line field can now show hits/tips when not used. (Can be disabled in core settings)
	ADDED - Command Line command ":one" now also work for going to OneDrive/SkyDrive folder
	ADDED - Option for "Expand folder hovering over during drag and drop in folder tree". (Was always enabled before, can now be disabled)
	ADDED - Option if a new tab should be opened when browsing to new location in a locked tab
	ADDED - Rule Based file coloring can now be configured to also change font style like Bold,Italic,Underline,Strikeout
	ADDED - New MultiScript functions PathMakeRelativeMC(...), PathMakeAbsoluteMC(...), PathTranslatePath(...), TranslateEnvString(...)
	ADDED - Custom Command MC.Explorer.NewBrowser now support TABCOLORS,TABNAME,TABLOCK paramters
	ADDED - New Custom Command MC.FileSystem.Unpack
	ADDED - New Custom Command MC.Explorer.SetTabProp for setting tab properties like color, on existing tab
	ADDED - Duplicating a Explorer Panel tab. or opening a folder from one tab into a new tab. New tab will get the same custom Tab Colors
	ADDED - Doing TapAndHold on touch devices will now be a right click. (Show context menu in most places)
	ADDED - MultiFileViewer have experimental support for line filtering (grep)
	FIXED - Command Line fields dropdown history is now shown and saved correct
	FIXED - Quick Launch Bar now works better with relative and environments paths
	FIXED - Color rules are now refresh when files are renamed or attributes changed (From inside MC)
	FIXED - Copying files to folder starting with ".." now works again. eg. "..Myfolder"
	FIXED - FileTypeSetup will not clear extension field if external program is selected
	FIXED - If sorting of columns that shown extended info (info fetched in background), view will now resort automatically when data is ready
	FIXED - Windows Shell context menu did not work in some locations
	FIXED - A couple of strange issues with context menu handling
	FIXED - Issue with overwriting existing file inside a zip archive
	FIXED - Refresh issues when a zip is rebuilt
	FIXED - Lots of DPI scaling issues fixed. MC now look good in 150% DPI. Still some minor issue with 125%
	FIXED - Improved error handling and error reporting of read/write errors
	FIXED - Improved error logging in a couple of places
	FIXED - A lot of minor fixes and changes to error handling
	FIXED - Placeholder files is now being identified (Win8.1+ only)
	FIXED - When unpacking rar it could happen it complained that disk was full even if disk was not full
	FIXED - Some icons was messed up if icon cached was cleared
	FIXED - Context Menu key on keyboard now works for the ".." item
	FIXED - The settings "Remember Selected files/folders when changing path" now works again. (can be turned off)
	FIXED - 14 crash issues reported by Crash report system

Release v4.1 (Build 1620) ( 1-Feb-2014 )

  Release with minor fixed and updated language packs that missed the release of v4.0

	ADDED - Updated language packs for JP,NL,ES,PT,FR,RU
	ADDED - Can now Bind/Unbind key from command line field using ":bindkey (cmd) (key)" , ":unbindkey (cmd)"
	ADDED - New Custom Command for bind/unbind keys MC.BindKey, MC.UnBindKey
	ADDED - How the Explorer Panel read its settings are change, Tabs are created faster
	ADDED - Clicking on reset filter button will now toggle between *.* and previous filter
	ADDED - Better error handling when deleting to recycle bin
	FIXED - Color Rules did not remember if default profile was selected
	FIXED - Color Rules are now refreshed better when they are changed
	FIXED - Show hidden files did not always refresh views after option was changed
	FIXED - When color rules are change the views will now update it self better
	FIXED - Back/Forward button now show the popup menu on right click
	FIXED - Rename toolbar icon shows a popup menu with some of the rename options when right clicked
	FIXED - Loading of custom time format now works again
	FIXED - The change file date/time dialog did not use text from MultiLanguage system in two places
	FIXED - Multi Commander will now be sent to front if it is already visible and user click on tray icon
	FIXED - A MultiMonitor issue when doing click and drag
	FIXED - 7 crash issues reported by Crash report system

Release v4.0 (Build 1611) ( 12-Jan-2014 )

 The focus of this release have been UI and Customization issues

  450+ Changes. Some of them are..
	ADDED - New Splash - Provided by Patrick of Chasing Carrots ( )
	ADDED - Icons can now be overridden based on file extension. (Extra Useful for portable mode, to always show same icons)
	ADDED - FileType setup for Viewers and Editors can now also define there own icon
	ADDED - Zip Extension now has its own settings page where some zip settings like CodePage can be configured
	ADDED - Default Tab Colors for all extension can be customized
	ADDED - Explorer Panel can customize the Tab Color and Name for every tab
	ADDED - Explorer Panel now support medium (24) and extra large (48) icons
	ADDED - Column customization have been reworked and dialogs merged
	ADDED - Columns can now be customized to have and extra left/right space in them
	ADDED - Quick Look and Feel Setup window and been redesigned. And the two dialogs are now one
	ADDED - Buttons in the button panel can now also show an icon
	ADDED - Progressbars colors for the Copy/Move/Delete/Extract dialogs can now be customized
	ADDED - Scanning Network for computers will now keep cache of found computers. And also possible to pin computer so they are always shown
	ADDED - Browning NET: will no longer auto scan the network. And when it scan it is done in the background and will not lock up the main UI
	ADDED - Show ViewFilters button added to Filter input field
	ADDED - View Filters can be customized
	ADDED - Right click on Add/Remove selection on toolbar will show a popup menu with a quick selection list.(Shares some items with ViewFilters)
	ADDED - Right click on "Copy Path to clipboard" button on the toolbar will now show a popup menu with all the "Copy xxx To Clipboard" options"
	ADDED - Tray Icon Single click support added
	ADDED - "MC.FileSearch.Search" now supports SIZE parameters
	ADDED - Command Line command ":cic" will clear the icon cache
	ADDED - The toolbar button "ShowHidden Files toolbar" is shown with a slightly different icon depending on what the current option is
	ADDED - Rar FileSystem extension is now built using the UnRAR 5.01 source
	ADDED - Show Select/Unselect popup menu can be shown using hotkeys
	UPG   - Upgrade the 3rd party Metadata library in the MCAudioTools extension. Now using TagLib 1.9.1
	FIXED - Icons cache will be cleared and all views will be refresh if icons are changed in FileTypeSetup
	FIXED - Opening new tab from locked tab issue
	FIXED - Right autoscrolling issue in List/Thumbnail mode
	FIXED - Drag/Drop modifier keys
	FIXED - Timing Issue resulting in that file items being shown double
	FIXED - Delete dialog does now support MultiMonitor systems again
	FIXED - 8 Rare Crash issues reported by Crash report system

Release v3.5.1 (Build 1530) ( 1-Oct-2013 )

  The focus of this minor release has been to fix the most common stability issues

  70+ Changes. Some of them are..
	ADDED - New Language - Portuguese - Translated by Pedro Albuquerque
	ADDED - File copy logging will now output time and speed information for the read/write calls
	ADDED - Shell Context Menu code have been rewritten
	ADDED - Multi Commander will not change to be a toplevel window if it is activated by starting to dragged a item
	ADDED - MultiScript function to calculate checksum "ChkSum_Create(filename, checksum type)"
	ADDED - Improved error logging for read/write errors
	FIXED - Inline rename command Ctrl+L and so on. Will not work anymore if AltGR is pressed. (Conflicted with localized character input)
	FIXED - Favorites Window now works again
	FIXED - Showing some of the special folder in the device toolbar now works again
	FIXED - 14 Rare Crash issues reported by Crash report system

Release v3.5 (Build 1500) ( 3-Sep-2013 )

 310+ Changes. Some of them are..
	ADDED - File coloring rules editor for creating rule on how files should be colored. (Multiple profiles supported)
	REMOVE- Old file coloring system removed, configuration of it will be converted to ColorRules automatically
	ADDED - New delete progress window that shows more information
	ADDED - Save Clipboard dialog will now remember format from previous time
	CHANGE- Replace RegEx engine used with one that is more Perl compliant.(Used in Search/MultiRename/Script)
	ADDED - MultiRename now support [F] tag to add the folder name of the folder that the file is located in
	ADDED - MultiRename tool can now reset filelist with currently selected items
	ADDED - MultiRename now support regular expressions in the Search/Replace part
	ADDED - Windows Control Panels can now be access from the tools menu (And can be assigned to hotkeys)
	ADDED - Find Open Files Windows can not stop a service processes that has a file opened
	ADDED - Inline rename can now more to previous/next item using up/down keys or return (optional)
	ADDED - Inline rename supports Ctrl+N/Ctrl+E for selecting name/extension
	ADDED - Inline rename supports Ctrl+U/Ctrl+L to convert to upper/lower case
	ADDED - Find Files dialog remembers expanded state between starts
	ADDED - Find Files dialog remembers the search filter between restarts
	ADDED - Viewing a file from the file search result will now also transfer over the find by content (if any) to the viewer
	FIXED - File search using to/from date matches do now correct the time for the current timezone correctly
	ADDED - MultiDataViewer will now remember maximized size/position between runs
	ADDED - The Main drive bar can be configured to be placed on its own toolbar line
	ADDED - Can now get the raw LIST result from the FTP (access from the context menu)
	FIXED - FTP Transfer issue if buffer size was too large
	FIXED - FTP Problem when listing root folder on some servers
	FIXED - Hang that should happen during file copy in rare situations
	FIXED - Very rare hang issue that could happend if a copy operation was aborted
	FIXED - Settings panel will use same font settings thatis set for the Explorer Panel
	ADDED - Command Line command ":winerr (num)" that display the error message for internal windows error codes
	ADDED - Custom Command MC.FileSearch.Search now support parameters like ATTRIBUTES/TIME/TIMEFROM/TIMETO
	ADDED - Custom Command MC.CloseAllTabs now support LEFTONLY/RIGHTONLY as parameter
	ADDED - Custom Command MC.Explorer.SetColoringRules NAME=ProfileName
	ADDED - Custom Command MC.Explorer.RefreshColoringRules
	ADDED - MultiScript debugger window will now show log output
	ADDED - MultiScript function to sort string/num in an array "$arr2 = ArraySort($arr)"
	ADDED - MultiScript can now replace substring using RegEx. ( StrRegExpReplace( ... ) )
	ADDED - MultiScript function "DeleteFile/DeleteFiles" now support the option "AUTOCLOSEPROGRESS"
	FIXED - MultiScript now handle spaces inside a syntax better
	FIXED - MultiScript initializing a string array using single quote not works again
	FIXED - 12 Crash issue reported by Crash report system
	SDK   - Beta SDK is out - Look in the online forum for more information

Release v3.2.1 (Build 1432) ( 20-Jun-2013 )

Re-Release of v3.2

	FIXED - Crashed if copying file with special characters in the filename

Release v3.2 (Build 1430) ( 16-Jun-2013 )

  145+ Changes. Some of them are...
	ADDED - Rules based file coloring now support many more attributes and date rules and can be loaded/saved. (No UI yet: create them using script)
	ADDED - Better handling of name conflicts when renaming multiple files, by any of the rename commands under Tools -> Rename
	ADDED - Copy/Move Progress window will now show file sizes formatted
	ADDED - Common CheckSum tasks are added to tool menu. So those tasks can now be used easier
	ADDED - New 'Edit new file' command (Shift+F4 or Shift+F9 depending on setup)
	FIXED - GetTime() function in MultiScript now returns the correct time
	FIXED - Test packed files now works better
	FIXED - Issue when creating a folder that already existed
	FIXED - Issue when drag and dropping a single empty folder
	FIXED - Many minor issues with FTP and FTP Logging fixed
	FIXED - Dropping an attachment Outlook would overwrite file if it already existed
	FIXED - Lots of internal SDK changes and cleanup (Preparation for release of SDK )
	FIXED - Issue that some Explorer Panel tabs change path when removing device (USB Stick) even if they did not show that path
	FIXED - MC.Explorer.Selection.SelectAll/MC.Explorer.Selection.UnselectAll now works
	FIXED - "Replace all older" when copying files will now skip files if the filedate are exactly the same
	FIXED - 10 Crash issue reported by Crash report system

Release v3.1 (Build 1401) (26-Apr-2013 )

  Over 190+ Changes. Some of them are...
	ADDED - Support for New Langauge - Romanian Created by Gabriel
	ADDED - Auto expansion of subitems can now be disabled in the Folder Tree
	ADDED - FTP now support UTF8 encoded filenames and UTF8 encoding in the FTP log
	ADDED - FTP now support context menu. Will for now only show "Edit" for bookmark items and "Disconnect" for ftp items
	ADDED - MultiRename search and replace part can now be set to only process Name part or Extension part or Both
	ADDED - Now possible to run file in search result from the context menu
	ADDED - Now possible to customize the key for the Explorer Panel command "Toggle selection and step down"
	ADDED - Now possible to customize the key for the Explorer Panel command "Toggle selection and calculate folder"
	ADDED - Editing an existing Custom Command, the namespace/function dropdown and description will update to match command
	ADDED - Custom Command MC.Explorer.Selection.Select now support option ONLYFILES / ONLYFOLDERS (Works in all panel types)
	ADDED - Custom Command MC.Explorer.Select now support option ONLYFILES / ONLYFOLDERS (Only for Explorer Panel)
	ADDED - Custom Command MC.Explorer.SizeFolder
	ADDED - Custom Command MC.Explorer.SizeItemFocus
	ADDED - Custom Command "SetActiveTab" now support "Next" and "Prev" as tab parameter
	ADDED - Rename multiple item using move to same path (shift+F6) is now using target name filter
	ADDED - Rule based file coloring. (Exprimental, no UI to configure it yet. Use MultiScript to configure)
	ADDED - Able to hide delete options dialog when deleting to recyle bin. (Use at own risk)
	ADDED - FileOperations settings that was access from CopyTo dialog is not also available from configuration menu
	ADDED - Change file properties dialog (Attributes and FileTime) can now also change Created and LastAccess time
	ADDED - Show hidden files command and Search command now available in menu and toolbar
	ADDED - Extended Contextmenu options is shown if shift is pressed while showing it
	ADDED - Hovertime for auto select on hover can now be tweaked
	FIXED - Quick Launch Bar handles relatives paths better
	ADDED - Quick Launch Bar can create relative paths better
	ADDED - Quick Launch Bar can now be configured on how to handle dropped files
	FIXED - Converting path to absolute/relative in FileTypeSetup now works better
	FIXED - File search handles binary files better
	FIXED - QuickSearch in ExplorerPanel can now be started with none localized alpha letters
	FIXED - TargetName pattern now supported for copy of multiple files/folders
	FIXED - Path matching settings in FileTypeSetup is now loaded correct
	FIXED - CheckSum checking (SFV) sometimes locked a file if the process was stopped with the stop button
	FIXED - Issue with move operation leaving a empty folders if SKIP ALL was selected when an existing file was found when moving a previous folder
	FIXED - Crash problem with FTP on 64bit OS
	FIXED - UserDefined Commands of external type will now expand ${xx} tags correctly
	ADDED - RAR files will now be tested against it bytemark before they are opened as rar files
	FIXED - File search continue button in dialog now works again
	FIXED - Crash issue with Tar/Gz
	FIXED - Lots of internal fixes and improvements
	FIXED - 8 Crash problems reported by the Crash Report System

Release v3.0 (Build 1360) ( 1-Mar-2013 )

  Over 360 + Changes
	CHANGE- A lot of internal core changes
	CHANGE- A lot of SDK/API changes
	FIXED - Commands run from the Command Line field will now use the FileType setup to determin how the file should be run
	ADDED - New MultiScript functions StrRFind, PathGetPathPart, PathGetNamePath, PathGetFileExtPart, PathGetParts
	FIXED - Problem with MultiScript function StrRegExpFind
	FIXED - Crash problem when running incorrect code as MultiScript
	FIXED - Script engine can not return a const array of variables correct
	FIXED - Issues with the MultiScript Debugger
	ADDED - Favorites can now be shown as a popup menu in the crumbbar. (as right click action on the Path field)
	FIXED - Text issue when deleting favorite item
	FIXED - Fixed some strange lost focus problem with Favorites Window
	FIXED - Many texts that did not use the MultiLanguage system is now using it
	ADDED - Language selection dialog show on first run. Will now autoselect the users language if found
	ADDED - Major change on How the MultiLanguage system works
	ADDED - Built in language editor updated with more features
	CHANGE- Multi Commander will now read the language files from the LanguagePack files named stored in the Languages folder
	FIXED - Changing hotkey to a extended key did not always survive restart
	FIXED - Extensions that are disabled by the user are now no longer loaded
	FIXED - Issue with pressing right button while dragging
	FIXED - Hide/Show state of toolbars might be reset after update because of a fix in how it remember the state
	FIXED - Extra long path issue fixed when syncing source/target path
	FIXED - Extra long path issue when copy path to clipboard
	FIXED - Extra long path issue when copy long path to a short path
	FIXED - Thumbnail view mode setting was not always saved
	ADDED - Empty folder will now show 0 is size folder when doing folder sizing
	ADDED - Folders can be forced to be sorted by name
	ADDED - MultiUpdate using new way of downloading updates. (Old way can be activated in settings)
	ADDED - The Device Toolbar will now show tooltip for the device/folder icons
	FIXED - Fixed problem when saving a FileOperations presets
	CHANGE- Customized FileOperation Read/Write strategies are no longer stored in Multi Commander.xml. Now stored in FileOpRWStratergy.xml and will autoconvert
	CHANGE- FileOperationPluginProfiles are no longer stored in Multi Commander.xml. Now stored in FileOpPluginProfiles.xml and will autoconvert
	CHANGE- FileOperationPresets are no longer stored in Multi Commander.xml. Now stored in its own file FileOpPresets.xml and will autoconvert
	CHANGE- Alias information is moved from Multi Commander.xml to its own file Aliases.xml and will autoconvert
	CHANGE- Modules information is moved from Multi Commander.xml to its own file Modules.xml and will autoconvert
	CHANGE- Improved performance when reading config/settings information. Will probably not be noticable, but it is a lot faster
	CHANGE- Icons used in Multi Commander.exe and some of the extensions are moved to it's one DLL file named MCIcons.dll
	CHANGE- Lots of internal changes to handle the new Icon system
	REMOVE- Many obsolete icons that was still inside Multi Commander.exe removed
	FIXED - 4 Crash issue reported by crash report system

Release v2.8.2 (Build 1291) ( 24-Jan-2013 )

  Over 25+ Changes
	ADDED - MultiScript function for working with file attributes ( AddFileAttributes/Set.../Remove.../Get../Has...)
	ADDED - MultiScript function MoveFile(....)
	ADDED - Search now support exclude filtering
	ADDED - Pressing Ctrl+Q in the Favorites Window will now toggle between the Name and Path
	FIXED - If 'New version' checking at startup was aborted or timed out could hang Multi Commander
	FIXED - Some wildcard matching problem with Search Tool
	FIXED - Crash issue if Multi Commander was closed before all of the startup tasks was finished
	FIXED - Favorites Windows is now shown in the places that HotPath was shown before
	FIXED - Some issues with the Favorites Windows
	FIXED - 2 Crashes reported by crash report system

Release v2.8.1 (Build 1275) ( 25-Dec-2012 )

  Just some minor fixes
	FIXED - Missing icons on DriveBar located inside the Explorer Panel
	FIXED - Rare crash issue that happen at startup
	FIXED - Some fonts was not using the charset set by Windows
	FIXED - Crash sometimes when copy/pasting in Favorites Window
	FIXED - Favorites Window did not hide if lost focus when in edit/add/delete mode

Release v2.8.0 (Build 1273) ( 22-Dec-2012 )

  Over 130+ Changes
	ADDED - New Favorites/Bookmark System. Press ALT+BackSpace or press Favorites icon on Command Line bar to show it
	ADDED - New Language : Hungarian - Provided by Zityisoft
	REMOVE- HotPaths removed. Replaced with quick path in the the Favorite manager. (HotPath will be converted automatically)
	ADDED - The colors for the ProgressBar shown in statusbar can now be configured
	ADDED - Highlights in FileViewer can easier be removed and added from the context menu
	ADDED - Selection status in Explorer Panel can now be configured to show 0,1,2 decimals
	ADDED - Selection status in Explorer Panel can now be configured to mini/short/long size unit after the size
	ADDED - Explorer Panel can now show 0,1,2 decimals in the size column
	ADDED - Explorer Panel can now show none/mini/short/long size unit after the size
	ADDED - Command to load selection from clipboard
	ADDED - Drive bar in main window can now show Special Folders, Virtual Devices and Cloud folders
	ADDED - MultiScript can now show a window asking user to select one of many items from a dropdown list. See : "AskOption"
	ADDED - MultiScript function to convert date/time as text to number value. See : "ParseDateTime"
	ADDED - Settings to force what panel side that should be set as active at startup
	ADDED - Default settings for new tabs, View Mode and Folder Tree can be configured
	CHANGE- Date format settings is now a global settings for all open Explorer Panels
	FIXED - Some backup/restore issue when running in portable mode
	FIXED - Icon was not shown for Net/Reg/FTP on the Toolbar if icon size was 24 or 48
	FIXED - Fixed problem with launching programs from the QuickLaunch bar, if the path had dots in a folder name
	FIXED - Multi-Script Debugger will now list script sorted. Works faster and better
	FIXED - Scrollbar problem in List mode
	FIXED - Problem when running an empty MultiScript
	FIXED - Problem with Custom Command "MC.Run" The parameter "STARTIN" did not work
	FIXED - Pack/Unpack/CopyTo dialog will now use filesystem auto completion
	FIXED - Selection status in ExplorerPanel will now use the thousand separator defined by Windows
	FIXED - FTP Log tab will now use the same font and colors defined for the other logs
	FIXED - Will now warn if codepage that can be defined for zip is invalid
	FIXED - Crash problem is zip codepage is invalid
	FIXED - Rare crash problem with settings
	FIXED - 6 other Crash problems reported by crash report system

Release v2.7.2  (Build 1200) ( 4-Oct-2012 )

  Over 80+ Changes
	ADDED - Removal/Inserts of SD-Card in SDCard reader is now detected correct
	ADDED - Can now run "MultiCommander.exe /OPEN [path]" to open [path] as a new tab in an already running instance of Multi Commander
	ADDED - Online documentation is updated and new pages are added for features that was added in previous releases
	ADDED - Can now configure User Defined Commands to mouse button commands
	ADDED - FTP Bookmark now support remote dir that it should go to when connecting
	ADDED - Now possible to enable 'Auto Select file/folder when hovering over'. Useful for single click configuration
	FIXED - Connecting to FTP using Command Line command now works again ( ftp://[:]@host[:port][/remotepath] )
	FIXED - Various FTP fixes
	FIXED - Context menu on RightClick button now works again
	FIXED - Issues with startup if working directory was not Multi Commander install folder
	FIXED - Rename action did not work on some mouse configurations, like Click and Wait action for Right or Middle button
	FIXED - Password problem with 7-Zip
	FIXED - Issue with file property that prints a date/time in MultiRename tool
	FIXED - Some Multi-Language issue when running in portable mode
	FIXED - Issue where some tabs reverted to C:\ when a USB/Removable drive was removed
	FIXED - Drag'n'Drop issue when dropping folder from programs that where using the FILEGROUPDESCRIPTORW way of dropping files
	FIXED - Crash problem when using FTP that only affected some languages
	FIXED - 7 Crash problems reported by crash report system

Release v2.7.1 (Build 1182) ( 4-Sep-2012 )

	ADDED - Now possible to assign hotkeys to the different View Modes
	ADDED - Can now change view mode with Custom Commands. MC.Explorer.SetViewMode
	ADDED - Can now change sorting with Custom Commands MC.Explorer Sort
	ADDED - Can now drop link from browser
	ADDED - Support for 7Zip archives that are password protected
	ADDED - Can now auto run a User Defined Command at startup using "Multicommander.exe -AutoRun="
	ADDED - Support for new language : Spanish - Created by Mauro72
	ADDED - Support for new language : Chinese (Simplified) - Created by Tyler
	ADDED - Support for new language : Chinese (Traditional) - Created by Tyler
	ADDED - (Experimental) Force the zip filesystem to use a custom codepage. Set Codepage using ":zipcp " in the Command Line field. ( -1 for current system codepage )
	ADDED - (Experimental) Force the zip filesystem to use the extended zip support for UTF8 when created Zip archive. Use Command Line command ":ziputf8 1" to enable
	ADDED - Can now configure how many hotpaths to shows. (Right click on whitespace in path field, or Ctrl+Down)
	FIXED - Path and FreeSpace field did not update if Device Dropdown was disabled, when browsing network paths
	FIXED - Virtual Filesystem for 7-Zip had problem when files inside a .7z archive had invalid attributes
	FIXED - Crash when adding separator to menu
	FIXED - Multi Commander Now works on Windows XP with SP2 again
	FIXED - 4 Crash problems reported by crash report system

Release v2.7 (Build 1171) ( 19-Aug-2012 )

  Over 180+ Changes. Some of them are...
	ADDED - Can now show files in Thumbnail List mode. Can use both Windows own Thumbnail system or a Internal one (Internal only available for WinXP)
	ADDED - Multi-Script debugger. Allowing you to step a Multi-Script line by line and see variables and their content
	ADDED - Skydrive and Dropbox folder are added to the device dropdown list
	ADDED - Command Line command ":ctc" that will Clear Thumbnail Cache
	ADDED - Command Line command ":sysinfo"
	ADDED - Command Line commands ":box" and ":sky" to go to Dropbox/Skydrive folder
	ADDED - Command Line commands ":desk" and ":dl" to go to desktop and download folder
	ADDED - "Copy path to clipboard" as a toolbar button
	ADDED - Added Windows 8/Windows Server 2012 as supported OS
	ADDED - When loading an icon of a invalid size. A bigger icons size is chosen and icon is scaled down. (Not WinXP)
	ADDED - Added support for more icon sizes for the main Toolbar and Quick Launch Bar. Main toolbars can now be shown in 16/24/32/48
	ADDED - Option to the mouse configuration to go to parent folder if double clicking on empty area
	ADDED - Main layout can now be change to show the layout as Top/Down, instead of Left/Right
	ADDED - Quick zoom option to picture viewer. ( Ctrl+1 = 50%, Ctrl+2 = 100%, Ctrl+3 = 150% , Ctrl+ 0 = Stretch to fit )
	ADDED - Device dropdown can now be disabled
	ADDED - Can now show used space instead of free space
	ADDED - Free space field can now be disabled
	ADDED - Selection status field can now show the size in other sizes then KB
	ADDED - Buttons that are shown after the free space field can now be disabled
	ADDED - Added option to disable the active panel frame highlightning
	ADDED - Language editor can now restore an language export package
	ADDED - Possible to show hidden/system files and folders with special color
	ADDED - Support for new language : Polish - Created by Lukasz Seweryn
	CHANGE- The 7-Zip support is updated to a newer version
	FIXED - Some icons was shown incorrect when the command for that button was disabled
	FIXED - Updated a couple of the icons so they now looks better when showing the toolbar in 24/32/48 size
	FIXED - Picture viewer did sometimes not show the picture at the first request to show it
	FIXED - Improved the performance a little when getting icons
	FIXED - Special folder that has special icon will now be shown with that icon
	FIXED - Some dialogs did not always open (Alias editor and Extension manager)
	FIXED - Problem when unpacking zip using ALT+F6 ( File -> Menu -> Unpack ) and target folder was a UNC path ( \\server\share )
	FIXED - User Defined Command on the Quick Lauch bar will now recieve dropped files as parameter
	FIXED - Some icons was loaded incorrectly and was scaled even if they did not have to be
	FIXED - The entire row QuickLaunch Toolbar can now be disabled from the menu on XP
	FIXED - Crash bug in MultiScript if StrSub() was called with index that was out of range
	FIXED - Crash bug if Device dropdown was disabled
	FIXED - Various MultiLanguge issues
	FIXED - Restoring language in Language editor, and pressing cancel will no longer say that language files was restored
	FIXED - Picture Viewer Zoom function 'Stretch to fit' now works better
	FIXED - Copy Path/Name/PathName to clipboard will now work if ".." item is in focus
	FIXED - Problem with minimized to tray
	FIXED - Header in Explorer panel is now using the same font as the list part
	FIXED - Fixed problem after restart when 'lock tab but allow path change' was on
	FIXED - Fixed some drag and drop issue when dragging from some application
	FIXED - Fixed problem when trying to copying a file that are already opened
	FIXED - 12 rare crashes that was reported by the crash report system
	FIXED - Many internal changes and fixes

Release v2.5.1 (Build 1115) ( 28-Jun-2012 )

  Re-release of v2.5 with a couple of bug fixes for some of the most annoying bugs

  30+ Changes
	ADDED - 5 new Custom Commands: MC.CmdLineSet, MC.CmdLineRun, MC.View, MC.Edit, MC.Explorer.SetColumns
	FIXED - File Type Setup window was setting the wrong tag, when ${mcpath} was selected
	FIXED - Mouse cursor problem that happen if mouse was moved fast in the Quick Launch Bar
	FIXED - Changing focus to View Filter field. Text already there will be selected
	FIXED - 4 crash problems reported by the CrashReport system
	FIXED - Column autosize problem with going to/from maximized mode
	FIXED - Column autosize problem with alias manager
	FIXED - File viewer will now draw line numbers different
	FIXED - File extension not always shown in lit mode with option 'Extension right aligned'
	FIXED - Problem with restoring sort order of previous tab at startup

Release v2.5 (Build 1110) ( 16-Jun-2012 )

  Over 345+ Changes. Some of them are...
	ADDED - Explorer Panel can now show files in List Mode
	ADDED - Quick launch bar - Toolbar where you can drop file on, and more
	ADDED - Toolbar system reworked
	CHANGE- Many of the icons has been updated
	ADDED - Toolbars can now be hidden
	ADDED - Can now draw file extension right aligned in the filename column
	ADDED - File viewer - Has now support for word wrap both fixed and dynamic
	ADDED - File viewer - Can now show line number
	ADDED - File viewer - Read entire file now works
	ADDED - File viewer - Can now hide toolbars
	ADDED - An internal icon gallery that can be used by the new Quick Launch bar
	ADDED - Language editor can now launch google translate
	ADDED - Right clicking on a drive button in the drive bar will now show the shell context menu for that item,
	ADDED - Active panel in the left and right panel can now swap places
	ADDED - Active panel can now be moved to other panel
	ADDED - Better error checking for directory monitor
	ADDED - MultiScript function _FindFiles that return string array of found files
	ADDED - MultiScript function GetFileTime/SetFileTime/IsFolder/GetFileSize/FileExists/TimeLocal2UTC/TimeUTC2Local/RenameFile
	ADDED - MultiScript function GetFileProp - That will get any exposode file property like MP3 Genre, Image size, File Size, Version and more
	ADDED - Custom Command for closing all Explorer panel tabs: MC.Explorer.CloseAll
	ADDED - Can now specify what codepage a Bat script shall be generate and run as
	FIXED - MultiTags ${currentfilepath}, ${currentfilename} now work again when running a script separetly for all selected files
	FIXED - Custom Command can now handle accept dropped files as parameters and accessiable using multitag "${param:x}"
	FIXED - Problem with MultiScript function _FindFirstFile. Does not work with fixed name to match
	FIXED - Loading external scripts now work a lot better
	FIXED - When deleting folders to recycle bin on Windows Vista or better. The folder with it's content will be sent to recycle bin as one item
	ADDED - Custom Command to execute any internal command
	ADDED - When starting search from script it is now possible to set a fixed panel where it should be opened
	FIXED - Right click on a folder in the folder tree and selecting New->New Folder now works
	FIXED - The Path in the path field sometimes lagged a bit when entering folder with many files
	FIXED - Sometimes when selecting item the selection status did not update
	FIXED - Problem in Explorer panel settings when settings a custom date/time format
	FIXED - Problem when multiselecting files with "*zip" instead of "*.zip"
	FIXED - When drag and dropping a file from a zip archive. It suggested that a Move operation should be done instead of copy
	FIXED - Improved speed a lot when unpacking many small files from a zip archive
	FIXED - Problem when unzipping files into FTP location
	FIXED - Unzip problem with some zip archives
	FIXED - Problem with moving files under some situations
	FIXED - Some High DPI issues
	FIXED - Menubar and Command Line bar will now remember their state between restarts
	FIXED - Can now rename Menu items for the custom menu for User Defined Commands
	ADDED - View mode button to the Explorer Panel
	ADDED - Can now set current column layout as the default by right clicking on the column header
	ADDED - Pressing Ctrl+T in the Copy Progress Dialog will toggle "Always On Top" for the Progress Dialog
	ADDED - Option for drag and drop copy and move operation, to show CopyTo/MoveTo dialog or not
	FIXED - When running in Portable mode it did not remember open tabs correct
	FIXED - MultiLanguage problem
	FIXED - Context menu in Search shows blank items
	+ a lot more

Release v2.1.2 (Build 1045) ( 5-May-2012 )

  14 Minor Changes. Only important fixes for some stability issues
	FIXED - Drag and Drop issue if a single file was moved
	FIXED - Fixed problem when pressing "..." button multiple times
	FIXED - Issue when opening search with Custom Command
	FIXED - Stack overflow problem if copying the paths of many thousands of file to the clipboard
	FIXED - 2 very rare crash problems

Release v2.1.1 (Build 1038) ( 22-Apr-2012 )

  Over 30+ Changes
	FIXED - Cursor problem that happen if right clickmenu was shown while resizing column
	FIXED - When opening a shortcut file (.lnk file) and if the link target is a folder. The folder is now opened inside Multi Commander
	FIXED - Custom Command for copy and move operations can now be configured to start directly without showing confirm dialog
	FIXED - 7 Other crash issue that can happens. But happens almost never
	FIXED - Crash problem when customizing columns
	FIXED - Crash problem when opening multiple file with a external file viewer
	FIXED - Some minor language issues

Release v2.1.0 (Build 1030) ( 9-Apr-2012 )

  Over 210+ Changes. Some of them are...
	ADDED - NEW Language support : Dutch - Created by Hans Niesten
	ADDED - NEW Language support : Czech - Created by PetRip
	ADDED - Large Icons Support for Folder Tree ( 32x32 )
	ADDED - Settings to turn off the feature that remember selected files/folders when returning to previous path
	ADDED - Multi Commander can now be configured to only start a single instance
	ADDED - Multi Commander can now be minimized to a tray icon
	ADDED - Create Links tool can now create shortcut files (.lnk)
	ADDED - Shared folder overlay icon is now shown even if you are not running on XP
	ADDED - View Filter can now be configured to reset itself when going to a new path
	ADDED - View Filter can now be configured to restore the view filter you had before leaving the path
	ADDED - Multi-Rename now shows status of items renamed and error
	ADDED - Quick search now support substring matching
	ADDED - Can now customize what keys to use for moving focus to first and last item in the Explorer Panel
	ADDED - Can now customize what key to use to move input focus to the Command Line field
	ADDED - If Viewing an picture and pressing Ctrl+C the picture will be copied to the clipboard
	ADDED - If needed, it will ask the user if it should enabled linked connections
	ADDED - Can now choose to not separate files and folder when sorting
	FIXED - When packing files a unique filename will be suggested
	FIXED - Hight issue with the button panel if it was changed to only show 1 row
	FIXED - Crash problem if adding file to current copy queue and then abort the copy process, shortly afterwards
	FIXED - Crash Problem if double clicking on Left and right Path Field after each other a couple of times
	FIXED - REG_MULTI_SZ now shown
	FIXED - Unpacking multiple files from a tar.bz2 archive and files already exists. The "Overwrite?" dialog was not shown
	FIXED - Delete to recycle bin now works if deleting using "Retry as administrator"
	FIXED - Sorting problem when sorting by extension
	FIXED - Some minor language issues
	FIXED - Picture viewer will now respect the "AutoRotate" option
	FIXED - Move file using Retry as admin did not always work
	FIXED - Packer profiles can now be deleted
	FIXED - Some minor problems with view filters
	FIXED - Problem with quick search. Sometimes it was not possible to remove the first letter that was typed
	FIXED - Tweaked view filters a bit
	FIXED - Rare crash in MultiRename for files with no file extensions
	FIXED - Live preview did not always update in MultiRename
	FIXED - The File searcher did not always find matching files when searching for content if the file was in unicode
	FIXED - File Search problem if search for content and 'whole word only' and matching word was the last line in the file
	FIXED - Fix very rare crash in File searcher when searching for file content
	FIXED - Some large icons was missing and has been added
	FIXED - Suggested source folder when unpacking a tar.gz file was wrong. So instead of unpacking into a folder it would unpack into a new .tar instead
	FIXED - Problem with adding files to a tar archive if the file name was very long
	FIXED - Problem going to ".." when located in a server share ( "\\server\share\" )
	FIXED - Problem restoring Multi Commander from tray if it was maximized before it was minimized to tray
	FIXED - Even if the option for remember selection was disabled. It remembered them in some situation
	FIXED - Better error handling on FTP when uploading a file that already exists
	FIXED - tar.bz2 files can now be aborted and/or paused when being unpacked
	FIXED - When running with only allow a single instance, did not work as expected if it was minimized
	FIXED - Operator += now works with arrays in MultiScripts. ( eg. "$res = $arr[$d] + "Append" )
	FIXED - MultiScript function CopyFile now works better
	FIXED - Fixed problem when unpacking tar.gz files that had a path that started with ".\"
	FIXED - Problem when showing the button editor and then other dialog was shown under that window
	FIXED - Problem with error handling with MultiRename
	FIXED - Problem when opening the CheckSum Extension from the context menu on the tabarea
	FIXED - Quick search field now accept keypad number keys
	FIXED - Problem with natural sorting
	FIXED - Shortcut files (.lnk) will now show the icon of the target of the link
	FIXED - PackFiles will now use the autoclose settings
	FIXED - Problem when showing some child dialogs from Button editor
	FIXED - Dragging files/folder to the folder tree will now show the correct drag/drop action. (Copy/Move)
	FIXED - A couple of minor memory leaks
	FIXED - 8 Crash situations that was reported by crash reports

Release v2.0.0 (Build 996)

  Over 300+ Changes. Some of them are...
	ADDED - NEW ! MultiRename with Undo support. Allows for renaming multiple files using tags and filters
	ADDED - NEW ! Picture Viewer that support Jpg,Bmp,Png,Tif,psd, RAW Digital Cameras, and more. (Supports Fullscreen and slideshow mode)
	ADDED - NEW ! Movable tabs. Tabs can be drag and drop inside the same tab or to the tab on the other side
	ADDED - NEW ! FileType Management. Configure what Viewer/Editor/Launcher to use for filetype based on extension and/or path
	ADDED - NEW ! DriveBar can now be shown inside the Exporer Panel
	ADDED - Focus frame color can now be customized
	ADDED - Path field colors can now be customized
	ADDED - Support for Japanese language (Created by 'Tilt')
	ADDED - Support for Russian language (Created by 'Jangir I. Ganeev')
	ADDED - Main Drivebar can now be disabled
	ADDED - Shows a list if available extension to launch when right clicking on empty tab space
	ADDED - Double click on empty tab space will launch a new tab. (Configurable what it should be)
	ADDED - New File property that shows how many fragments a file has. This can be shown in a column
	REMOVE- File Editor Setup is removed. The new FileType Management also handles this
	FIXED - NTFS Take ownership sometimes failed to take ownership even if it has permission to do it
	FIXED - If assigning new alias with same name as an existing the old will now be removed
	FIXED - Embedded MultiScript in a Custom Command could fail if there were multiple { } encapsulations
	FIXED - Crash problem if "..." button was click on in MultiUpdate Settings page
	FIXED - Unpacking of RAR archives that are password protected are now supported
	FIXED - Custom Command MC.FileSystem.Rename now works
	FIXED - Showing file date as file age does now show the correct time. Was sometimes wrong by a couple of hours
	FIXED - Unzip now support UTF-8 Encoded filenames
	FIXED - Problem when browsing registry if a value was very long 512+ chars
	FIXED - Better support when copy files to/from extra long path
	FIXED - When creating column sets from current setup the current column widths will be used
	FIXED - MultiDataViewer will now better identify that xml files that are UTF-8 encoded
	FIXED - Minor problem with natural sorting
	FIXED - Various high DPI issues
	FIXED - Many many more bugs and issues are fixed

Release v1.2.1 (Build 876)

  105+ Changes. Some of them are...
	FIXED - Crash issue when using hidden menu-bar
	FIXED - Script defined function that takes more then one parameter did not work correctly
	FIXED - Various minor GUI fixes with Checksum extension
	FIXED - Compare Folder, Select newest, will now work better if one of the folders are on FAT32 and the other NTFS
	FIXED - Some special handling for FAT/FAT32 file systems was not activated on USB Devices that are formated in FAT/FAT32 mode
	ADDED - Added Custom Command GetViewFilter() to be used from MultiScript
	FIXED - Custom Command can now return a value to be use used in MultiScript. Will be stored in $__CMDRESULT
	FIXED - Deleting a junction/symlink with the option "Remove link target and link" the link target was never deleted
	FIXED - Font sizes in Explorer Panel now work better in High DPI mode
	FIXED - Creating Multiple links now works
	FIXED - When Create links, it will now warn if user try to create symblinks on XP. (only supported in Vista and better)
	FIXED - If all views was set to show filedate as 'age'. The age text was not loaded. and only a number was shown
	FIXED - Import settings crashed sometimes
	FIXED - Quick Copy did not works on empty folder
	FIXED - When using Windows Explorer styled selection some color configuration was showed incorrectly
	ADDED - Now possible to add a custom text to be shown in the caption bar using -T Command Line option
	FIXED - Load selection from file failed if the file was saving as unicode
	FIXED - Save selection to file showed the save dialog twice
	FIXED - Sometimes when copying files using the Admin helper, an error was shown even if the file copy was successful
	FIXED - REG_EXPAND_SZ registry values are now shown when browsing the registry
	FIXED - Creating multiple folder using Custom Command MC.Filesystem.Makedir did not make the view refesh and folders was not shown
	FIXED - Restoring configuration will now not fail if a folder is missing
	FIXED - Replacing file inside zip archive sometimes failed
	FIXED - ButtonEditor did sometimes not notice if a change was made
	FIXED - If hiding the main menu some popup menus did not work
	FIXED - Embedded MultiScript inside a Custom Command now works again
	ADDED - MultiScript function to get date and time
	ADDED - MultiScript function for getting value of a MultiTags inside MultiScript
	FIXED - Buttons in Adjust EXIF date/time dialog was empty
	ADDED - QuickCopy (Shift+F5) now added. Will copy file in focus to same location, but appen ".bak" to the name
	FIXED - VideoTools now support multilanguage
	FIXED - Problem when replacing file inside zip archive
	FIXED - When adding bookmark from quickconnect dialog the bookmarks was not updated
	FIXED - Bookmarks in FTP when trying to delete bookmarks
	FIXED - If Windows theme was disabled, a colored background was not draw on buttons in the button panel
	FIXED - Strange problem that sometimes happened if a folder was deleted and then directly recreated from outside of Multi Commander
	ADDED - 'dir' text are now right aligned
 	ADDED - Now possible to export settings from the settings panel
 	FIXED - Minor changes to some dialogs so none english languages works better
 	ADDED - Increased override color profiles from 4 to 8
 	FIXED - Minor problem with colors in the Search extension
 	FIXED - Problem when opening a tar.gz file that has a git header
 	FIXED - View filter got broken in last release: was not able to exclude folders
 	FIXED - Read/Write strategy can now be save to FileOperation presets
 	FIXED - Crash caused by a rare problem with the toolbar
 	FIXED - MultiLanguage problems: was not possible to translate some texts

  Release v1.2.0 (Build 851) ( 25-Sep-2011 )

  160+ Changes. Some of them are...
  	FIXED - Search panel is now using same color settings as file manager panel
  	FIXED - Running from USB did not remember last path, when restarted
  	FIXED - If selecting a anohter language then english then the device toolbar did not work
  	FIXED - Running External commands without parameters sometimes failed
  	FIXED - The Thousen separator that is set in the OS setting will now be used
  	FIXED - Many places that was missing multilanguage support
  	FIXED - Transfer2USB sometimes hanged
  	ADDED - Will remember active tab when restarting
  	FIXED - MultiLanguage program in various dialogs
  	ADDED - Support for French language added. (Created by St├ęphane Pierre)
  	FIXED - Problem if a copy operation was really fast. (Divide by zero problem. for the elapsted time calculation)
  	FIXED - If file search was started with a panel in focus that did not provide a path (eg. settings). The path in the file files dialog was corrupt
  	FIXED - Some places where texts in various places was hard coded, it now using the language files
  	FIXED - Buffer overflow problem with rar
  	ADDED - Language editor can now export the language files into a zip
  	FIXED - The path tooltop for tabs now work even if some tab names are truncated
  	FIXED - Quick search will now work even if filename column is not the first column
  	ADDED - New Custom Command MC.CheckSum.Verify. Now possible to create scripts/commands that verify checksum files
  	FIXED - Rare crash problem with folder tree
  	FIXED - Tab closed if user click where the close button should be, if settings to not have a close button was set
  	FIXED - Crash problem when trying to base64 decode a file that was not a base64 encoded file
  	FIXED - Folder sizing a path that is longer then 260 characters
  	FIXED - Problem when renaming a file located in a path longer then 260 characters
  	FIXED - Problem when viewing a file located in a path longer then 260 characters
  	FIXED - Problem when creating new folder in paths longer then 260 characters
  	FIXED - Problem when scanning paths longer then 260 characters
  	FIXED - Various multi language text problems
  	FIXED - Problem if a columnname was empty
  	FIXED - MultiTags in External command broke in last beta
  	ADDED - 6 new MultiTag commands for getting left/right focus item
  	FIXED - When copying files and files already exists. The "Replace all older" option now works
  	FIXED - Files dropped on a button will now have quotes around them
  	FIXED - Fixed a couple of High DPI related problems.The main GUI should now be drawn correctly if run under High DPI mode
  	CHANGE- Devices where it is not possible to get free/available space will now no longer show any free space information
  	FIXED - Constant string now works with Custom Commands called from MultiScripts, eg. MC.Explorer.Goto Path="c:\bin"
  	FIXED - Crash problem if multiple instances of the Language editor were opened
  	FIXED - Multi selected problem when running Windows Explorer mode
  	FIXED - Path field, Freespace field, status field, all in the Explorer Panel, will now resize according to the selected font size
  	ADDED - Then panel tabs now shows the complete path in a tooltip when hovering over the tab
  	ADDED - Multi Commander can now be started with -F=.ini file, that defines multiple paths to show at startup
	ADDED - Custom Commands and External Commands now support single quotes. See online documentation
	ADDED - ${mcinstallpath} can now be used in the Editor setup, so that relative paths can be used
	ADDED - 5 new MultiTags added. See Online Documentation
	FIXED - When editing file the quotes around filename to edit was not kept
	FIXED - Device dropdown list lost items when a removable (USB) was removed
	FIXED - File Search could crash if search tab was closed shortly after a search was finished
	ADDED - From contextmenu it is now possible to copy a calculated CRC32/MD5 checksum to clipboard
	ADDED - Device toolbar will now show USB/Removable device
	ADDED - Bunch of new MultiTags to be used in Custom Commands, similar to the new MultiScript commands
	ADDED - Bunch of new MultiScript function to get source/target focus/selected files
	CHANGE- Multi Commander will no longer lock the folder it is watching for changes
	ADDED - Menu bar can now be hidden, and then shown by pressing alt key
	FIXED - Double click to close tab in right panel now works again
	FIXED - Various rare problem that can cause a crash in rare situations
	FIXED - Crash problem when doing 'smart' rename and the file did not have a file extension
	FIXED - Crash if browsing for external multi-script file
	FIXED - Crash if FTP url was empty

Release v1.1.1 (Build 800) ( 25-Jul-2011 )

	FIXED - Possible crash in CopyTo Dialog
	FIXED - Rare crash that sometime could happen when a tab was closed
	FIXED - If file(s) was droppped on a button. The dropped files data was reused if button was click next time
	FIXED - Now possible to remove button from button panel
	FIXED - Double click in tab area but outside a tabbutton will no longer close a tab
	ADDED - ColorPick dialog now allows the html color to be edited
	ADDED - Custom Command now shows the desciption for the command and parameters
	ADDED - German language support for core parts of Multi Commander added. Thanks goes to Hajo for that
	FIXED - Two problems that in rare condition could cause a crash
	ADDED - Now possible to configure action for left mouse button, eg. SingleClick action for going into folders
	FIXED - Crash program with language editor if a text items was removed
	FIXED - Two internal problems that in rare condition could cause a crash
	FIXED - When saving/applying core settings the edit field in the Address Toolbar was blanked out. Until mouse was moved over it
	FIXED - Better handling when trying to browse a network server or server share that does not exists
	ADDED - MultiCommander.exe now accept Command Line parameters for showing path. /L= , /R=
	FIXED - Crash problem with video tools if scanning movie files located in root of scan path
	FIXED - Overlay icons did not work on files and folder in the root of a device. (eg. Hand icon on shared folders on WinXP)
	FIXED - Searching for files with matching binary content using the HEX option now works
	FIXED - Crash problem when using context Menu->New->Rich Text Document (or when creating some of the other files there)
	FIXED - Update problem of the buttons in file search
	FIXED - Crash problem in some places if a translated text was in unicode. eg. Chinese
	ADDED - The Device combo how has a Network item. This will list all availible network computers close to you
	ADDED - If double click or press return on a file inside an archive. That file will be unpack and executed
	FIXED - Crash problem when editing a file without file extension
	FIXED - When Installed on portable. Session information was not stored on portable device
	ADDED - Easier to add support for new languages
	ADDED - Now possible to add/change and alias for a User Command from the User Command editor
	ADDED - The Custom Command MC.Explorer.Goto can change both the source/target or left/right view at the same time
	ADDED - Custom Commands now support external parameters with ${param:0}, ${param:1} and so on. (Parameters from the Command Line)
	FIXED - Install on Portable (USB) Device now work again
	FIXED - Sorting bug
	FIXED - Crash problem with the language editor

Release v1.1.0 (Build 780) ( 12-Jul-2011 )

  180+ Internal changes
	ADDED - Hold ALT while double clicking on file(s) will show properties dialog
	FIXED - Problem with item that is in focus and is selected, they got unselected after showing the context menu
	FIXED - Problem that sometimes crashed Multi Commander when a tab was closed
	ADDED - If F5 is pressed inside the CreateFolder dialog the first line from the clipboard is set as foldername
	ADDED - If user focuses on a folder and presses Ctrl+F7, a folder with same name is created on the target
	ADDED - If user press shift+F7 to create folder the Create Folder dialog will be preset with the first line of text from the clipboard
	FIXED - Problem when HTTP error happen when getting movie information
	ADDED - When deleting a file and getting shareing violation error. You can now press "Find Process" from the error dialog
	FIXED - Upgraded to newer Unrar code. Now supports the unpacking of rar 4.0 archives
	ADDED - SDK - HTTP Client interface
	ADDED - Possibility to override files/folder colors with custom color based on file name
	FIXED - Problem with column set dialog
	ADDED - New Extension "Video Tools". Shows Movie information in columns for movie files
	ADDED - Improved how the configuration of colors works
	FIXED - Rare crash problem when unselection files/folders, when no files or folders was in focus
	FIXED - Crash problem when creating new column set
	ADDED - RetryAsAdmin now supported when copying files when user does not have permission to write to target location
	ADDED - New CRC32 algorithm that is 2.5 times faster then the old
	FIXED - Possible crash issue with column headers
	ADDED - Possible to filter the view to only show the selected items with Ctrl+G (Shift+Ctrl+G will show all items again)
	ADDED - View filter will now do live updates and support substring matching when no without wildcard (*?) characters entered
	ADDED - New and Easier Quick Look'n'Feel Setup dialog
	FIXED - Possible stack overflow problem
	ADDED - New Folder Tree View. Toggles it on with Alt+Num* and change focus to to with Alt+Num/

Release v1.0.2 (Build 735) ( 14-May-2011 )

	FIXED - Problem with missing language file for the AudioTools plugin
	ADDED - User Defined Commands can now be imported and aliases and menu option to be automatically setup
	ADDED - The Default column setup can now be changed
	ADDED - It is now possible to create a column set from the current column setup
	ADDED - It is now possible to copy a existing column set to a new one
	FIXED - GUI Problem with the column set dialog
	FIXED - Improved error handling of FTP
	FIXED - Crash problem when having additional file operation after a move operation
	FIXED - Crash problem when user was asked to to add a new file operation to existing queue. But the existing queue finished while the question dialog was shown
	FIXED - Copy registry keys and values as administrator when running as normal user now works
	FIXED - Multiple \\server path are now shown correct in the device selection box
	FIXED - Possible deadlock when monitoring a folder for change
	FIXED - If starting a new copy process while a previous is started but is preparing, no option to add new copy operation to existing queue was showed
	FIXED - Sometimes in some situations when added multiple copy operation to the same queue. Multi Commander would crash
	FIXED - If Copy operation was aborted it was not always cleaned correct. And Multi Commander could crash later on
	ADDED - When drag and dropping and hovering over a tab. That tab will now be activated
	FIXED - Some NAS devices do not support the newer faster way of scanning files in windows 7. It will now revert back to the old way for them
	FIXED - When ejecting USB device some tabs reverted to c:\ even if they did not show the device that got ejected
	FIXED - Sometimes device icon for network device was not updated as they should.             	FIXED - Sometimes when copying using auto unpack plugin, some files that was not rar files was handled as they were

Release v1.0.1 (Build 702) ( 22-Apr-2011 )

	FIXED - If pressing cancel on the "Quick look'n' feel setup' dialog that are shown after a fresh install, it fails to load configuration
	FIXED - If it fails to load what font name and/or font sizes to use from configuration a default font and size are used
	FIXED - Some configuration files was not auto copied to users config folder if missing

Release v1.0.0 (Build 700) ( 19-Apr-2011 )

	FIXED - Problem if startup path was "FTP:\"
	FIXED - When browsing to a invalid folder it will first try to fallback to previous folder before falling back to the path of first device
	FIXED - When doing "Context Menu->New->Text File" the file was not entered into rename mode if explorer styled setting was used
	FIXED - Problem when user click on skip for a copy operation using asynchronous read/writes
	FIXED - Problem when showing error dialog if progress dialog is minimized
	ADDED - Script function to read/write registry keys and values
	FIXED - Problem with viewing registry values in viewer
	FIXED - Problem with scrollbar update
	FIXED - Possible to copy a file that is located in a path that are longer then 256 characters
	FIXED - Will remember scroll position when going back to previous location
	FIXED - When auto scrolling to item in focus it will now try to center it
	FIXED - Will now show picture properties of .bmp images
	FIXED - Problem with comment EXIF tag
	FIXED - When right clicking on header the focus to that panel was not changed
	CHANGE- Better logging when renaming
	FIXED - Problem when going to a registry path in some situations
	CHANGE- Splash screen changed
	FIXED - Problem when browing registry path with missing backslash in path eg. "REG:HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE"
	FIXED - Problem when packing multiple folder into seperated .7z archives
	FIXED - Better error handling when deleting files inside zip archive
	FIXED - PackFiles dialog will now disable "configure" button if packer does not support it
	FIXED - Packing of 7-Zip archive can now be aborted and paused
	CHANGE- Rename tool "Replace text in name" can now replace extension or just the filename part or both
	ADDED - When Rotating/Converting/Stipping exif from Pictures now shows a better result dialog
	ADDED - When Rotating or Converting Pictures it is now possible to get a result log file
	FIXED - Better error reporting when using FTP
	FIXED - When going to a new location using the crumbbar or device combo and the tab is locked, two new tabs would be opened
	FIXED - Ctrl+X (cut) on multiple files now works
	FIXED - Highlight history for the fileviewer is now stored correct
	FIXED - 93% speed improvment of the LoadSelectionFromFile feature. Selecting matching files took 30sec for 1000 filter on 1000 files, now  les then 2sec
	FIXED - Better detailed information when running MultiUpdate with 'show detailed information' checked
	FIXED - Better updating of log window when using FTP
	FIXED - Better error handling when using FTP
	FIXED - FTP Password is now stored encrypted
	FIXED - Better handling and saving of changes in bookmark dialog
	ADDED - Now possible to connect to FTP Bookmark form the bookmark dialog
	ADDED - Improved startup speed
	ADDED - Improved scanning of filesystem speed
	FIXED - When going into a folder the GUI was sometimes redraw multiple time
	ADDED - Custom Command for creating links: MC.Utils.CreateLink
	ADDED - Links can be copied if CopyLink options is set
	CHANGE- Default link option for copy/move change from CopyLink to Ignore Links
	FIXED - Delete of links that link to folder will now not scan that folder
	ADDED - Better error handling in copy process
	ADDED - Registry key under local machine can now be renamed using administrator mode
	ADDED - On request, Ctrl+Return/Ctrl+Shift+Return will add the filename or filepath to the Command Line field
	ADDED - Pressing the tab key in the Command Line field will move the focus back to the tab panel without clearing the Command Line
	ADDED - FileViewer will now show ever opened file as its own taskbar icon on windows 7
	ADDED - Now possible to create hardlinks/junctions and symblic links

Release v0.9.3 (Build 671) ( 5-Mar-2011 )

	ADDED - Mouse actions of the Path Field can now be customized
	FIXED - Now possible to abort the opening of zip archive
	FIXED - Better error handling when trying to create key in a place where user has no permission
	FIXED - Dropdown list for the crumbbar is now align to the next crumbbar item
	FIXED - Thread syncing problem when copying many small files
	FIXED - Hanging if trying to start with an extension built using old SDK
	FIXED - Going back in history could sometimes crash Multi Commander
	ADDED - Delete progress dialog will now show progress in taskbar icon on Windows 7
	ADDED - New column that shows the most common genre of the audio files located in an folder. Column is named "Genre Agr"
	FIXED - Bug that sometimes crashed Multi Commander when browsing root folder on FTP
	ADDED - Find Opened files now supported by RunAsAdmin
	ADDED - File Security tools now supported by RunAsAdmin
	ADDED - Registry operations now supported by RunAsAdmin
	ADDED - Local file operation like Create/Delete file and folder now supported by RunAsAdmin
	ADDED - Can now start a Administrator Mode that will allow Multi Commander to Admin work
	ADDED - MultiDataViewer can now add/clear highlight text from context menu
	FIXED - If Multi Commander was started with a registry path as initial path, it was not possible to create a registry values at that location

Release v0.9.2 (Build 660) ( 15-Jan-2011 )

	ADDED - New Command Line command "cf " that will allow the user to create a new empty file
	ADDED - New Command Line command "mkdir " that will allow the user to create new folders quickly
	FIXED - If Column name is set it is now also used instead of the Title name
	FIXED - Removing columns in the Column customization dialog now removes only the selected column
	FIXED - Deleting registry keys sometimes complained that "(Default)" item could not be deleted
	ADDED - Default shortcut key for showing properties of audio files ( CTRL+Y )
	ADDED - Default music column set that will be used when user go to the default windows music folders
	ADDED - New Extension - MCAudioTools - Added Audio file properties and Remove/Export/Edit of ID3 tags
	FIXED - Column sets assigned to path(s) did not always activate the retrieval of the extra columns
	FIXED - Sometimes when running CRC Checking, Multi Commander could crash
	FIXED - Problem when renaming files that failed CRC checking
	ADDED - New picture tool to adjust the exif date and time in images
	FIXED - Unzip problem that crash Multi Commander on a very few machines
	ADDED - New tool that set the date/time of folders and subfolders to the date/time of the latest item in that folder
	FIXED - Folder date is now set when copying and option "Keep Date/Time is on"
	FIXED - Button panel height is now set correct if number of button rows are changed
	FIXED - Multi language support in various places
	FIXED - Error handling of some very uncommon file errors
	ADDED - Now Possible to test packed files. Zip, 7-Zip, and Rar are supported
	ADDED - Improved the speed when creating and unpacking zip archives

Release v0.9.1 (Build 628) ( 5-Dec-2010 )

	ADDED - Navigation to the next or previous selected file with by pressing shift+ctrl + arrow up or arrow down key
	CHANGE- New Multi Commander application icon
	FIXED - Problem with file system plugins that registered empty extension
	FIXED - When creating folder using context menu when using Explorer Styled setup, the new Folder was not set into rename mode
	FIXED - Problem that zip archive was not closed after scanning them. Started to happen after the "4GB+ Zips with CRC error" bug was fixed
	ADDED - File system and Network folders will be scanned faster if Multi Commander is run on Windows 7 or 2008R2
	CHANGE- Registered commands for the Command Line are no longer case sensitive
	FIXED - Copying registry values with empty data was not set to the correct data type
	FIXED - Registry values with \ in the value name could not be deleted
	FIXED - Registry value names with dot in the name is now shown correct
	FIXED - Files larger then 2GB in size will now be shown correct when using FTP
	FIXED - Download a file from FTP if the file was located in the root of the ftp server
	FIXED - Refresh problem in the root folder on an FTP device
	FIXED - Problem when deleting files that has READONLY attribute in some special cases
	FIXED - Custom Command MC.Explorer.Selection.InvertSelection now works again
	ADDED - Faster unpack of single zip archives
	ADDED - Multi language support to more dialogs and text
	CHANGE- Better Error dialogs in some places
	FIXED - Better Error handling with zip archives
	FIXED - Problem with Zip archive larger then 4GB that had crc error
	FIXED - Better handling when copying files with option "Do not use system cache"
	FIXED - Possible crash when closing tab while scanning file system
	FIXED - Tooltip text in search dialog
	FIXED - Problem with drag and drop of zip files
	FIXED - Better error handling when errors happening with zip archives
	FIXED - Fixed possible crash problem with send feedback
	FIXED - Missing translations Swedish in some places

Release v0.9.0 (Build 612) ( 1-Nov-2010 )
  First public beta release