Change log for Multi Commander

Release v11.4 (Build 2331) ( 23-Okt-2021 )

25+ Changes

   ADDED - MultiScript function "GetApplicationArch()" that return the Application architecture 32 or 64
   ADDED - MultiScript function "GetSystemArch()" that return the OS architecture 32 or 64
   CHANGE- Ignore case is on by default for find content search
   FIXED - Filter/Advanced search option for matching extneded attributes like Symlink/Junction
   FIXED - Settings for Sort order for new tabs work now even if column order is customized
   FIXED - Fixed Parallell startup issue that happend rarly in some situations
   FIXED - Code cleanup and minor fixes
   FIXED - 15 Stability issues

Release v11.3 (Build 2822) ( 29-Sep-2021 )

80+ Changes

   CHANGE - Copy/Move Progress dialog changed. Can now show Read/Write speed separately and some other changed.
   ADDED - Some parts of Startup is now run in parallel.
   ADDED - Support for Changing Config/Log/Userdata path from a special file
   ADDED - Support for redirecting some config files to another locations from a from a special file
   ADDED - FileType setup now support the Windows verb 'Enqueue'
   ADDED - Path sent as parameter to multicommander now support  "." for current folder
   ADDED - Some part of startup process is now run in parallel.
   ADDED - Option to prevent Windows from autoscaling in MultiMontor setup with different monitor scaling.
   ADDED - Option to tweak how fast a refresh of the filesystem should happen when filesystem is changed
   ADDED - Setting for gridline line type.
   ADDED - Mouse command 'Go to parent folder' for Mouse configuration 
   FIXED - Changing Attributes/Datetime on items in RESx: virtual device now works.
   FIXED - Improved navigation when filelist is in ListView mode.
   FIXED - Home/End keys issue in some edit fields.
   FIXED - Overwrite Readonly files issue when unpacking zip archive
   FIXED - 10 Stability issues

Release v11.2 (Build 2795) ( 3-Jul-2021 )

  65+ Changes

   ADDED - Paste File/Folder name from clipboard into explorer panel and focus will move to that file/folder
   ADDED - Hold Ctrl while pressing Menu > File > Exit to suppress confirm dialog
   ADDED - MultiScript function StrRFind now support offset parameter, this parameter is at what position the reverse scan should start
   ADDED - Can now configure different gridlines colors for horizontal and vertical gridlines
   ADDED - New language Bulgarian, create by Lyuben Penchev
   ADDED - Added new command to open folder in new tab or in other panel
   ADDED - MultiCommander part in shell menu now show a command for "Open in New Tab" / "New Tab Other Panel"
   ADDED - If ExplorerPanel config is corrupt when starting a messagebox is now shown asking if it should reset that file.
   ADDED - During startup MC verify extensions. This process is now done in parallel to improve startup speed.
   ADDED - Tabs can be have delayed update. They are not updated during startup. This can be disabled in settings.
   ADDED - UI Panel for the FreeSpace Field and the icons after it are rebuilt. A ExplorerPanel tab UI will now be created faster. Look should be identical with before.
   ADDED - Add Warning and user settings to warn if multiple files are selected when doing edit operation.
   CHANGE - Internal changes to Explorer Panel status bar now it is build. Now using another UI panel.
   CHANGE - Did lots of code cleanup in reading the settings.
   FIXED - Problem browsing registry
   FIXED - Crash issue with VideoTool Extension
   FIXED - Connect to FTP bookmarks now works again
   FIXED - FTP Device now has icon on high dpi display again
   FIXED - Minor optimizations in various places
   FIXED - Missing updated language packas
   FIXED - Right click on Show/Hide Hidden files icon now works again
   FIXED - Get Filename of folder with dots sometimes cut of the last dot part, Like it was a file extension
   FIXED - Copy fileitems with date to clipboard the date was UTC and not local time 
   FIXED - WPD: (Portable device) - Now works better when getting disconnected. Will to a refresh and clear view better
   FIXED - Top margin for main toolbar is correct
   FIXED - ExplorerPanel loading a corrupted config file showed error dialog behind splash screen at startup
   FIXED - 5 Stability Issues

Release v11.0 (Build 2770)  ( 23-Feb-2021 )

   ADDED - UserDefinedCommands file format changed. 
   ADDED - UserDefinedCommands can now be loaded from zip
   ADDED - Old UserDefinedCommand scripts will be migrated to scripts/*.udc script files
   ADDED - Minor redesign to UserDefinedCommands dialog (TreeView and Icons and DarkMode Support)
   ADDED - Will show a message at startup if there are problem loading extension/modules (Failed to be upgraded?)
   ADDED - MultiScript with external ref can now be views or converted from MutliScript editor.
   ADDED - :SysInfo command now includes Monitor information and Windows 10 Release ID
   ADDED - New MultiTags  ${pid}, ${mctemp} , ${sourcefocusext}, ${targetfocusext}
   ADDED - MC.Explorer.Goto support ItemFocus= parameter to set focus after scan
   ADDED - Heigh of freespace field is now calculated better
   ADDED - Example script is included in release
   ADDED - MultiCommander.exe CommandLine command /OPEN now support more paramters  /PANEL=Left|Right|Active|Source|Target and /NONEWTAB is added
   ADDED - MultiCommander.exe CommandLine command /QUIT to exit current running instance
   FIXED - Backup/Restore now also include the new Script files
   FIXED - MultiUpdate update will now log everything it does during update to MultiUpdate_log.txt
   FIXED - Various DPI Scaling issue in FolderTree, CheckSum extension, MultiRename
   FIXED - FindFiles dialog now closes again when Escape key is pressed.
   FIXED - WindowsExplorer styled setup will now map F3 to search again.
   FIXED - Scaling issue with the width of items shown on statusbar
   FIXED - Toolbar still visible if all toolbars disabled in config
   FIXED - Fixed issue with wrong icons sizes used in 125% / 175% scaling, Will now be drawn in correct sizes and scaled if needed
   FIXED - Many icon scaling issues at 125%/175% scaling
   FIXED - Copy 1 folder, and it is empty. Datetime is now kept is option for that is enabled.
   FIXED - CommandLine field will now try to do auto complete on paths when starting to type. 
   FIXED - MultiDataViewer - HyperLink in text that was formatted was not always clickable
   FIXED - MultiDataViewer - Text Formatting that formatted text to end on line. did not block formatting that was inside.
   FIXED - MultiDataViewer - Text with multiple formatting sometimes lost formatting when parts was selected
   FIXED - MultiDataViewer - Sometimes crashed if selection was done over part with multiple formats
   FIXED - Tweaked detection if file is binary during content search and file viewer
   FIXED - Minor tweak and code cleanup
   FIXED - 6 Stability Issues 

Release v10.2 (Build 2745) ( 16-Dec-2020 )

   FIXED - SaveToFile in right click command in logview now works again
   FIXED - CheckSum extension now works again in None-Dark mode
   FIXED - Tweaked some margin in the new ComboBox
   FIXED - DeviceDropDown lost it font style sometimes.
   FIXED - Create new UserDefinedCommand did not show up in the list
   ADDED - Improved debug logging in some places 
   FIXED - 2 stability issues

Release v10.1 (Build 2743) ( 4-Dec-2020 )

   ADDED - UserDefinedCommand windows can now search/filter commands
   FIXED - DPI Scaling issue with header control sort arrow
   FIXED - DPI Scaling issue with icon on delete dialog
   FIXED - DPI Scaling issue with tab height
   FIXED - DPI Scaling issue with custom combobox 
   FIXED - Tweaked DPI Scaling for fonts in various places
   FIXED - 2 stability issues

Release v10.0 (Build 2740) ( 13-Nov-2020 )

   ADDED - DarkMode support on Windows 10 in MOST places. MC have over 100 dialog so only the most common are changed
           Using Undocumented Windows 10 API so risk is that it stops to work in future Windows release.
           Also many UI combonents have been rewritten like a new custom drawn ComboBox and toolbar
   ADDED - FindFiles option to do content search in binary files.
   ADDED - FindFiles will no longer by default search binary files when doing content search.
   ADDED - Command field command to set position and size of MC.  ":setpos x y""
   ADDED - MultiScript SaveStringToFile can now append to file
   ADDED - Option to now activate tab when dragging over a tab when dragging files
   ADDED - Hold shift to allow auto tab activation if the option to not switch tab while dragging in enabled. 
   ADDED - CopyTo Dialog now have button for easy adding path from other open tabs , favorites and recent vistied locations.
   ADDED - In FindFiles dialogs, You can now set search path to selected folders in source/target panel
   ADDED - Command to send all columns as displayed to the clipboard
   CHANGE- Change some default configurations values
   CHANGE- Minor redesign of CopyTo dialog
   FIXED - Freespace field will now auto scale font according to DPI settings. So if you run HighDPI setup you might need to lower the font again
   FIXED - Search dialog will not start search if return is pressed when input focus is in text box.
   FIXED - Issue when dragging from search result RESx: devices
   FIXED - Right click on rename icon on toolbar now have same items in popup as rename submenu in menu has.
   FIXED - Tab Tooltip wrong if a tab was moved inside the same panel
   FIXED - Fixed problem that tab open from locked tab did not receive input focus
   FIXED - Dialog size of Filter Editor is now correct
   FIXED - High DPI Issues in various places
   FIXED - Possible crash issues because of uncommon configuration combinations
   FIXED - Common crash that happens a lot of 32bit machines and sometimes on 64bit
   FIXED - 6 Stability issues

Release v9.7 (Build 2590) ( 26-Apr-2020 )
	ADDED - New Language - Slovenian , created by Jadran Rudec
	ADDED - CustomCommand MC.Run will now set the exitcode to $__CMDRESULT if WAIT option was used.
	FIXED - Filesearch with date match had an UTC issue when comparing time
	FIXED - MultiScript command GetXXXXXXSelectedFileNames()/GetXXXXXSelectedPaths() functions now support the option "IGNORE_FOCUS" that ignore fouce item if no items are selected. 
	FIXED - MultiScript command "NetWGET" tried to save to alternative when it should not.
	FIXED - Fixed crash issue with WPD (Portable)
	FIXED - Issue when copying from RESx/Flat view and selecting merge folders.
	FIXED - 6 Stability Issues

Release v9.6.1 (Build 2582) ( 20-Jan-2020 )
	ADDED - Last 10 matches from findfiles shown in list during search
	FIXED - Issue with findfiles dialog that stayed disabled after search sometimes
	FIXED - Command "Copy path to clipboard" failed for items in ResX:
	FIXED - 2 Stability Issues

Release v9.6 (Build 2580) ( 18-Jan-2020 - ms )
	FIXED - Issue with build system
	FIXED - Issue with tab icon not getting correct icon at startup
	FIXED - 3 Stability Issues

Release v9.5.3 (Build 2578) ( 14-Jan-2020 - ms )
	FIXED - Splash screen error (Again... Build system failed to pickup the correct image)
	FIXED - 1 Stability Issues

Release v9.5.2 (Build 2577) ( 13-Jan-2020 )
	FIXED - Splash screen error
	FIXED - 2 Stability Issues

Release v9.5.1 (Build 2575) ( 11-Jan-2020 )
	FIXED - 10 Stability Issues

Release v9.5 (Build 2570) ( 30-Dec-2019 )
	ADDED - Possible to customzie the font that the tabs will use
	ADDED - Possible to limit tab size is with by size
	ADDED - Possible to limit tab size is with by characters
	ADDED - Video Properties for length,width,size,FPS,BR,FourCC (Using Windows Shell)
	ADDED - Customze Column list now support double click to remove or add items 
	ADDED - Create MD5/SFV files now support subfolders, however if used, it will make them incompatible with most other checkers
	ADDED - New Language Ukrainian, Created by Bohdan Kalynyak
	ADDED - MultiScript - ArrayToString(arr, delimiter, escape yn) that take an array of string and combine them to a string with delimiters. 
	FIXED - FindFiles windows enabled/disabled in another way so should work better for all now
	FIXED - Correct MCIcons.dll files so icons are now correct again. 
	FIXED - 5 Stability Issues

Release v9.2 (Build 2555) ( 7-Nov-2019 )

 80+ Changes

	ADDED - WebDownload features. Use from Tools menu or type ":wget " in command line field
	ADDED - Added option for FolderTree if auto adjust horizontal scrollbar should be used
	ADDED - Internal command and Menu command to restart current instance as Admin
	ADDED - Internal Command to save layout (Just as it is when exiting but without exiting) (Core.1130) (To be used from own script)
	ADDED - Option to sort files so files are shown before folders
	ADDED - VirtualDevice created from search will now preset search string for viewed files if search used content matching
	ADDED - MultiScript command "StrToCamel" that convert string to 'Camel Case'
	ADDED - Change order of some of the commands sent when connection to FTP using SSL/TLS, Some FTP server that did not like previous order
	ADDED - When renaming folder to already existing folder. You can now selected to merge content. 
	ADDED - Toolbar inside FolderTree with Collapse all command 
	ADDED - Commandline field command ":qexit" That will exits MC quickly without save cleanup
	ADDED - Internal command to launch internal text or picture viewer even if anohter viewer is configured
	ADDED - Extended logging to startup and shutdown proceess, Only active if loglevel DEBUG is set for Application log
	FIXED - SortFolderByName option now works again
	FIXED - QuickLaunchbar Icon for local icon works again
	FIXED - Added workaround in MultiDataViewer to avoid weird scroll behavior
	FIXED - Crash when using Env variables that no longer is valid in QuickLunchBar
	FIXED - Using UserDefinedCommands in CustomContextMenu would mess up if you removed some UserDefinedCommands.
	FIXED - Change how Secure FTP (SSL/TLS) communication works. 
	FIXED - Possible hang issue when expanding FolderTree
	FIXED - Sometimes removable devices was added twice to the FolderTreeView
	FIXED - MultiDataViewer user profiles could sometimes not be removed
	FIXED - MultiDataViewer user profiles with forced view mode did not always load correct
	FIXED - Ctrl+Return now works in VirtualDevice (RESx:)
	FIXED - Calculate checksum now shows the CRC32 value in the correct way
	FIXED - Progress dialog when using 'Correct folder date/time'
	FIXED - Using 'Find And Replace in file' on file in virtual device (ex RESx:)
	FIXED - 15 Stability issues

Release v9.0 (Build 2532) ( 28-Jul-2019 )

 30+ Changes 

	ADDED - Redesign of how progress windows are show to get around Windows 10 bug
	ADDED - FileSearch is using the new VirtualDevice for search result
	ADDED - Google Drive is now detected and show in dropdown and device toolbar
	ADDED - Session Tab limit now 70
	ADDED - Added option to enable workaround for 7Zip drag and drop issue
	ADDED - Search can now have a result limit. So it stops when limit is reached.
	FIXED - Fixed issue when selected overwrite if newer when doing move operation in same disk
	FIXED - Fixed crash when aborting file copy during prepare phase
	FIXED - Many stability issues fixed

Release v8.3 (Build 2469) ( 7-Aug-2018 )

 15+ Changes

	ADDED - Executing generate bat script can now accept parameters from commandline field
	ADDED - Can now select Skip All when error is SOURCE and TARGET is same path
	ADDED - Create new shell item will now logout what is happening. Some users have issue with this, and this might solve why
	FIXED - Invert selection now works better in Windows Explorer Mode 
	FIXED - Image library failed on PSD files.. remove PSD support since it was very buggy
	FIXED - Now support more then 300 UserDefinedCommand, New limit is 600
	FIXED - 2 Stability issue reported by crash report system

Release v8.1 (Build 2452) ( 5-May-2018 )

 10+ Changes

	FIXED - Sometimes overwrite of readonly files failed
	FIXED - Showing second dialog page in MP3 Info dialog (ctrl+y) caused a crash
	FIXED - AudioTool - Create Mp3 Playlist can cause a crash if filter used mp3 genre matching
	FIXED - Crash when trying to replace a file inside a zip archive
	FIXED - FSBZip2 extension now support new overwrite system when extracing multile files from .tar.bz2 file
	FIXED - 3 Stability issue reported by crash report system

Release v8.0 (Build 2450) ( 1-May-2018 )

 140+ Changes

	ADDED - FS7Zip extension is now build using 7Zip SDK 18.01
	ADDED - FolderTree now support rename
	ADDED - Core Settings to start MultiCommnder minimized
	ADDED - Added Command line settings /MINIMIZED to force MultiCommander to start minimized
	ADDED - FolderTree can now show smart expand boxes, That only show the [+] expand box if folder have subfolders. 
         (However it can cause performance issuse since it must scan all folders, Enable settings in Explorer Panel Settings)
	ADDED - Copy/Move option to skip copy or move of empty folders
         (Moving on same drive with this option will be slower, since optimzied move cant be used)
	ADDED - CustomCommand MC.Explorer.Copy/Move now support SKIPEMPTYFOLDERS
	ADDED - CustomCommand MC.Explorer.Copy/Move Now support overwrite options OVERWRITE_IFNEWER / OVERWRITE_IFSIZEDIFF / OVERWRITE_IFSIZELARGER / 
	ADDED - MultiScript function to work with tabs. (TabActivePanelSide/TabActiveTab/TabCount/TabGetPath/TabLoadTabSession)
	ADDED - Option to turn thumbnail on/off in AlreadyExistsDialog
	ADDED - Overwrite 'both' works for files copied to/from normal file system
	ADDED - Pressing F4 in the Overwrite dialog will change 'Append' button to a 'Resume' button
	ADDED - AlreadyExistsDialog shown for virtual filesystems like archive (zip,7zip) will now support the new overwrite states.
	CHANGE- Major internal change for handling of options of overwrite of files.
	FIXED - Changed how MultiCommand detects shutdown/restart of Windows 10. So it should no longer hang around when restarting Windows 10
	FIXED - Issue with single instace and show tray icon
	FIXED - Issue with minimize to tray icon and but Keep taskbar icon setting
	FIXED - Misc uncommon issues with copy overwrite options.
	FIXED - AlreadyExistsDialog , Overwrite option now works for Portable device (WPD)
	FIXED - Selecting AlreadyExistsDialog Append/Rename for single file in dialog now works.
	FIXED - New AlreadyExists dialog now works with drag/drop of Stream data (eg Office Outlook)
	FIXED - FSRAR,7Zip, FSZip, FSBZip2 now support now file overwrite options better
	FIXED - 4 Stability issue reported by crash report system

Release v7.7 (Build 2404) ( 25-Dec-2017 )

 172+ Changes

	ADDED - New AlreadyExistsDialog that shows thumbnails are more options and new layout
	ADDED - New overwrite option "Overwrite if size differs", "Overwrite if larger", "Overwrite if smaller"
	ADDED - Added so copy path to clipboard can convert mounted path UNC path
	ADDED - Rename Dialog for Replace text in name, will now remember last 20 used texts
	ADDED - Create link dialog will now remember last used option
	ADDED - Improved logging in some places
	ADDED - API to Add/Remove column to current view
	ADDED - Added workaround for issue that if network mounted device got unmounted and remounted it got the same name since Windows Cached it.
	ADDED - Settings if FocusItem should be saved on exit or not
	ADDED - MultiDataFileViewer got more default setups (thanks to pncdaspropagandas )
        CHANGE- Lots of internal changes and code cleanup
	FIXED - Fixed issue in FTP and 7Zip that made Keep DateTime not work in some situations
	FIXED - Fixed crash issue with range selection
	FIXED - Issue with range selection in WinExplorer setup
	FIXED - Issue with tab stealing focus when MultiRename window closes
	FIXED - 7 Stability issue reported by crash report system

Release v7.5 (Build 2381) ( 14-Aug-2017 )

 90+ Changes

	ADDED - Language Aware sorting (Slower, but some language will get a more correct sorting)
	ADDED - Checksum tool now support SHA256/512
	ADDED - Settings for Device Dropdown if it should remember last used path or not
	ADDED - FolderTree will now show folder with the same colors rules as the normal list view. (Can be turned off)
	ADDED - Holding CTRL while confirming an option in the custom create folder popup (Ctrl+Shift+F7), It will now enter that folder after creating it 
	ADDED - MultiDataViewer will now toggle WordWrap with Ctrl+W
	ADDED - CommandLine parameter /Instance=NAME , Will load/save config/userdata/log under its own instance name so you can run Multiple instances with separate config
	ADDED - ToClipboard > FileContentAsText  menu option is now enabled and works
	ADDED - Fixed issue with MultiScript function "SetClipboardText" Can now set clipboard data that are larger
	ADDED - Wheelzoom to change Thumbnail size now support larger sizes
	ADDED - When folder sizing is completed a resort is done if sort column is size
	FIXED - Issue with corrupted columnsets 
	FIXED - Tweaked column autosizing when new tab is show the first time.
	FIXED - MultiDataViewer will now format hyper links with https: as clickable links
	FIXED - FSFTP caused a crash if the server return incorrect information from a PASV/PORT call
	FIXED - Settings might be saved if external program closes MultiCommander while being minimized to tray
	FIXED - Fixed rare crash issue with MultiRename
	FIXED - Sometimes when clicking on a item in Multi Commander window when focus was another app and filesystem slow, the wrong item was set as focus
	FIXED - Some OneDrive sync ondemand issues. (Only on Windows Insider edition) (Some still left)
	FIXED - Fixed issues when Windows returned an invalid icon overlay ( Insider Preview Windows 10 (Fall Creator Update) )
	FIXED - Overwrite all issue when unpacking 7zip archives
	CHANGE- Major internal change to avoid conflict with new FileSystem changes in Insider Preview Windows 10 (Fall Creator Update)
	FIXED - 4 stability issue reported by crash report system

Release v7.3 (Build 2360) ( 9-Jun-2017 )

 90+ Changes
	ADDED - Ctrl+Space will toggle selection, Start Folder calculation of the folder and move focus one step down (Key can be customized to other key)
	ADDED - Added setting for Device Filtering that override other settings for the GlobalDeviceToolbar / ExplorerPanelDeviceToolbar / DeviceDropDown and FolderTree
	ADDED - DeviceToolbar inside explorer panel and main UI now shown a popup with device type to show.
	ADDED - MultiTag ${mcinstallroot} and ${mcinstalldevice} 
	ADDED - When WM_COPYDATA windows message is recieved, It it logged to app log if debug loglevel is active
	ADDED - Tab session can now be set to Autoload at startup
	ADDED - Can now remember last used tab session and autoload that on startup
	ADDED - FS7Zip - When creating a 7zip archive, A retry dialog is now shown if the file it wants to pack is used from another program
	ADDED - Creating symlinks as normal user is now possible if running Win10 (1703) och if Developer mode in windows is enabled.
	ADDED - Makedir (Custom command and dialog) now support the date tags used when creating quick create folder commands
	FIXED - Natural sorting fails if the numbers was 14digits or more
	FIXED - Entring subpaths in the CreateFolder dialog and pressing ctrl+Return. The browse did not go to the created folder.
	FIXED - Horizontal scrolling issues with MultiRename
	FIXED - MultiRename will now force column autosize. 
	FIXED - Toggle FolderTree On/Off will if you have AutoResizeColumns on trigger a resize of the columns.
	FIXED - Backup/Restore did not backup UserData content. (Like Saved MultiRename profiles, Search Profiles, FTP Bookmarks)
	FIXED - Better error handling when doing flat filesystem scanning.
	FIXED - Crash happen sometimes when MultiRename windows was closed
	FIXED - Column sizing issue when the vertical scrollbar was visible
	FIXED - Sort was not always triggered when doing inline rename
	FIXED - Advanced filter now support extended property field "core.attrib"
	FIXED - Tabs was not always loaded into the correct order, If they was moved around
	FIXED - Various minor issues and code cleanup
	SDK   - SDK and Samples Updated
	FIXED - 4 stability issue reported by crash report system

Release v7.1 (Build 2347) ( 13-May-2017 )

 35+ Changes

	ADDED - Name generate for quick copy will now keep file extension intact and only change name part
	ADDED - Name shown in CopyTo dialog duing quick copy will now have the generated name part selected for easy changing
	FIXED - Switching between advanced and simple mode, The Simple part sometimes used the wrong text for the matching part.
	ADDED - Added Command that canbe assigned to hotkeys that will move active tab back/forward position in the same panel
	ADDED - The new Rename command are now added to the menu shown when right clicking on rename button on toolbar
	ADDED - CustomCommand "MC.Explorer.Makedir" now support the quick create folder tags in the FOLDERNAME parameter
	ADDED - MultiScript -= operator now works
	ADDED - MultiScript accessing array value as right part of an operator now works ( eg: @var $x = $a + $b[$idx]; )
	ADDED - MultiScript Adding array item with a value to the right now works  ( eg: @var $x = $b[$idx] + $val; )
	CHANGE- MultiScript Debugger window will now replace none breaking space with normal space (Can happen if you copy/paste script from some web browser)
	CHANGE- MultiScript Debugger window, The Tab size is now half. Looks better
	FIXED - Copy single file and selecting ".." in the CopyTo Dialog to pick folder will now keep the filename in the dialog
	FIXED - Volume specific ContextMenu item was not shown for virtual devices like REG: 

Release v7.0 (Build 2340) ( 8-Apr-2017 )
  250+ Changes, Major new addition are 
                CustomContext Menu that allows for custom and internal command in context menu,
                And Language Pack can now be downloaded when new updates for them are available.
                Also many more quick rename options, Many new MultiScript functions
                And lots of fixes

	ADDED - CustomContextMenu - Internal and custom commands can now be shown in the context popup menu. (right click)
	ADDED - Can now disable the Windows Shell and only show the custom context menu
	ADDED - Added so updated language packs can be download when updated. (Check for when new version check is done)
	ADDED - MultiScript function min/max (also supports array support) , return min or max value of all provided
	ADDED - MultiScript function IsAllTrue/IsAnyTrue (also supports array support) - return 1/0 if all provided value are true and any of them are true
	ADDED - MultiScript function mod( x, y) - Math function modulo
	ADDED - MultiScript function GetRandomValue(min , max) - return a random value between min and max
	ADDED - MultiScript function FormatDateTime/GetTimeInfo - Format datetime, and return time value as an array of its parts
	ADDED - MultiScript function GetFSLinkType(..), GetLinkTarget(..), GetShortcutTarget(..) will return paths of filesystem links
	CHANGE- MultiScript change, Compare of two string using == will now return a boolean ( 1 or 0 ), not a diff values.
	ADDED - QuickLaunchBar now has a "Run as Admin" options.
	ADDED - If Rename hotkey is pressed in Inline rename, It will toggle the selection part of filename/extension
	ADDED - Added many more rename option to the Rename submenu in menubar and context menu
	ADDED - Hotkey for the start of MultiRename can now be customized
	ADDED - Minor change to allow MultiCommander SE to pass windows store certification
	FIXED - Store Edition did not show thumbnails
	FIXED - Store Edition did not launch MCAdmin helper process correct
	FIXED - MultiScript debugger sometimes caused a crash if closed before script was stopped
	FIXED - Fixed an issue with the "Find and Replace" and when doing ignoring case on 32bit builds
	FIXED - Some default settings was wrong on fresh install
	FIXED - "Replace all older" when moving on same volume works again
	FIXED - "Retry as admin" option was sometimes shown even if option of this was disabled
	ADDED - Renaming read only files using MultiRename, the confirm dialog about that now have a "Do this for all read only files" checkbox
	FIXED - When resizing thumbnail size using mouse wheel, The scrollbar was not updated correct.
	FIXED - Recent history path was in some situation corrupted.
	CHANGE- Calculate folder size background thread will now run even if other background thread are running
	CHANGE- Background thread that extract extra data can now be aborted easier.
	FIXED - 4 stability issue reported by crash report system

Release v6.9.1 (Build 2306) ( 29-Dec-2016 )

 15+ Changes, Only Language pack updates and minor fixes

	UPDATE- Some Language packs are updated.
	FIXED - Some default config values was loaded in a wrong way.
	ADDED - New MultiScript engine function : StrReplaceChars(...)
	ADDED - New MultiScript engine function : StrReplaceCharsPairs(...)
	FIXED - 2 stability issue reported by crash report system

Release v6.9 (Build 2303) ( 23-Dec-2016 )

  200+ Changes, Some of the change are 

	ADDED - New Language - Korean - Created by pCsOrI
	ADDED - New TabSession Features - Menu > File > Tab Session (Save/Modify/Switch tab sessions)
	ADDED - Double Hotkey for to Switch TabSession press Ctrl+I and then Ctrl+1 to switch to first TabSession, and Ctrl+I + Ctrl2 for second and so on, up to 0
	ADDED - Creating SFV/MD5 from CheckSum Menu it can now remember the selected text encoding and will not ask again. (Force show the Ask dialog by Hold Ctrl when starting checksum)
	ADDED - ExplorerPanel send current item to command line field (Ctrl+Return / Ctrl+Shift+Return) will now add trailing slash to folders and only quote characters if it have spaces
	ADDED - Change DateTime/Attribute dialog now got [*] buttons next to the Modified/LastAccess dates, pressing this will sync the datetime with value in modified
	ADDED - Commandline field command ":doc" will take active explorer panel to the documents folders.
	ADDED - Simple FindFiles dialog can now save filter to a quickload slots using Ctrl + (F1 to F12)
	ADDED - Simple and Advanced FindFiles dialog can now load quick filters using F-Keys
	ADDED - Advanced FindFiles dialog can reassign quick load key for filters.
	CHANGE- FindFiles - Content matching option "Case Sensative" have change to "Ignore Case", This may break some saved filters
	ADDED - Popup in favorite window now got an option submenu where showpath option can be toggled
	ADDED - Settings for Favorites windows to show path instead of name
	ADDED - Tweak settings for ExplorerPanel: "Send file to commandline field also takes the input focus"
	ADDED - ExplorerPanel settings for not saving 'not locked tabs' on exit (Only keep locked tabs)
	ADDED - Added option to Explorer Panel so 'Remember of item on focus on path change' change be disabled
	ADDED - Popup menu on Tabs now have command to "Close all none locked tabs"
	ADDED - Custom command "MC.CloseAllTabs" now have the option "KEEPLOCKED", that will close all tabs except locked.
	ADDED - Custom command "MC.ChangeTabSession" to change TabSession from script
	CHANGE- Change some default for new installation (Colors and some default options)
	UPDATE- Updated the 3rd party audio library used when getting Audio Metadata. (More file formats should be supported in some places)
	FIXED - Search will no longer cache all scanned items, Making search use less memory
	FIXED - Sometimes when input focus was returned to MC an not needed refresh was done causing strange jump of item in focus
	FIXED - Fixed issue with unpacking rar created on linux
	FIXED - Fixed issue with unpacking zip archive created by google drive
	FIXED - Forward button on toolbar now works again
	FIXED - Create registry key from context menu now works again.
	FIXED - 11 stability issue reported by crash report system

Release v6.4.8  (Build 2265) ( 13-Sep-2016 )

  35 Changes

	FIXED - Find Files - Matching file content in UTF8 failed sometimes.
	FIXED - Find Files - Matching file content will now use current language settings for doing a compare with ignore case options on.
	FIXED - Find Files - Forcing FileContent matching as Unicode could make MC lock up if the data was not unicode
	FIXED - FileSystem scan can in some very rare and weird situation cause a crash. This should now be fixed.
	FIXED - Flat FileSystem view is now a little bit faster
	FIXED - Flat FileSystem view now updates its view correctly if files are deleted
	FIXED - 2 stability issue

Release v6.4.7 (Build 2255) ( 31-Aug-2016 )

24 Changes

	FIXED - GotoNextSiblingFolder/GotoPreviousSiblingFolder something changes the tab.
	FIXED - Possible crash issue if file system was refresh before UI was updated from previous scan.
	FIXED - Will now only redraw and revalidates file colors if a subfolder was modified. Was doing a full rescanning. Not needed
	FIXED - Explorer Panel lost focused item in some situations when refreshed
	FIXED - Copy progress dialog will now show estimated time to complete with hours and minutes if minutes to complete is more then 60
	FIXED - Issue when checking if path exists for a path to a FileSystem Plugin that was closed.
	FIXED - Fixed issue where it lost contact with portable device, So that a manual refresh was needed to. This is now done automatic (is most cases)
	FIXED - Explorer Panel was not always refreshed automatic if folder was created in virtual location. like REG:
	FIXED - 2 stability issue

Release v6.4.6 (Build 2246) ( 16-Aug-2016 )

13 Changes

	FIXED - Start with a ExplorerPanel showing the root of REG: now works again
	FIXED - Items sometimes got selected when activating application.
	FIXED - Focus was sometimes lost if focus was changed during filesystem scan
	FIXED - Crash that could happen if item was removed after filesystem scan, But before UI had refreshed.
	FIXED - 1 stability issue<

Release v6.4.5 (Build 2242) ( 9-Aug-2016 )

 33 Changes

	FIXED - Tab with a LockPath, and the locked location was deleted by anohter program, resulted in new tabs opening up
	FIXED - During startup if a tab had a lockpath to a location that did not exists anymore. The tab was still locked and behaved bad.
	FIXED - Watching a folder and that folder was deleted, MC would fallback to closest path, but the removed folder would still be shown. (Since Windows told MC it still existed)
	FIXED - Ctrl+Return in CreateFolder dialog now works again. (Goto created folder)
	FIXED - New Folders now show up faster.
	FIXED - Focus moved to ".." when current focus item was lost. Now it works as before and moves to next or previous item
	FIXED - If tab was locked and option to open new tabs was not active. In some situation did not update.
	FIXED - In some situation filesystem change monitoring was removed, even if there was more ExplorerPanels (other tabs) active for that path
	FIXED - Possible buffer overrun in MCAudioTools extension
	FIXED - 2 stability issue

Release v6.4.3 (and 6.4.4) (Build 2232) ( 4-Aug-2016 )

  10 Changes

	FIXED - Sometimes the filesystem was refreshed twice when Creating folder causing them to come in conflict of each other
	FIXED - Create folder could in some situation cause issue where view was not updated
	FIXED - Focus was sometimes lost if it was changed while view was being updated after a filesystem scan.
	FIXED - 1 very stability issue

Release v6.4.2 (Build 2229) ( 3-Aug-2016 )

  20 Changes

	ADDED - Improved error logging and error handling in a couple of places
	FIXED - Context Menu - New Folder now works better both in FolderTree and FileList
	FIXED - FolderTree did not always redraw correct after folder was added/removed
	FIXED - Issue with RegEx search from Simple FindFiles Window
	FIXED - 3 very rare/possible stability issues.

Release v6.4.1 (Build 2225) ( 31-Jul-2016 )

  16 Changes

	FIXED - When creating Folder/File from Context Menu, The Rename mode for that item was not entered.
	FIXED - MC Failed to show a subpath to a virtual path like REG: at startup
	FIXED - Folder tree did not update correct after rename/delete
	ADDED - Improved error logging in a couple of places
	FIXED - If column setup was never saved so default was used. And MC started to fast. The columns sizes was auto sized wrong.
	FIXED - Wordwrap in FileViewer did not trigger until after scrolled/resized.

Release v6.4 (Build 2222) ( 29-Jul-2016 )

  175+ Changes

	ADDED - Major internal redesign of how Filesystem scanning work. 
		+ Runs in background with less blocking of UI.
		+ Improves flat filesystem scanning a lot. 
		+ Better aborting of filesystem scanning
		+ Better startup time when loading many tabs.
		- If you have issues, You can in settings enable the old filesystem scanning engine
	ADDED - MultiUpdate tool now support XP edition of MultiCommander. If run on XP it will check for and upgrade to the XP edition of MC when it exists.
	ADDED - File Search "Look In" quick picker (Popup) now as option "Selected folders in other panel"
	CHANGE- Option for CustomCommand "MC.Explorer.Refresh" changed
	ADDED - Custom Command "MC.FileSearch.Search" now has option "SEARCHINALLSELECTED"
	ADDED - Custom Command "MC.FileSearch.Search" option "HIDE" should work again
	FIXED - Custom Command "MC.FileSearch.Search" did not handle Multiple "LookFor" matches in "SEARCHFOR" correct
	FIXED - Fileoperation plugin 'CopyContent' works again
	FIXED - Packing with filters so all items in a folders are excluded, The empty folder was also excluded
	FIXED - FindFiles dialogs will now auto switch to wildcard/contains if incorrect data entered. And add * if no LookFor content is entered
	FIXED - If a file search was done with content matching, When viewing a found file, the context match was not highlighted in the FileViewer.
	FIXED - Saving Quicklaunch buttons with "&" character in the path now works
	FIXED - Modifying Color filters did not always work
	FIXED - Pressing cancel on "Add to queue" when doing Copy/Move now works again.
	FIXED - Couple of high DPI issues

Release v6.2 (Build 2147) ( 8-May-2016 )

  115+ Changes
	ADDED - Custom Command MC.CloseAllTabs has a new optional parameter: "DONOTASK". This will prevent the confirm dialog for locked tabs
	ADDED - Unpacking Zip files with the wrong password will now ask again for password
	ADDED - MultiScript functions for using the Advanced Filter engine from script
	CHANGE- Major rewrite of how Copy/Move file operations are initialized
	CHANGE- Drag'n'Drop to same location will show the drop popup menu
	FIXED - Issue with loading favorites that have duplicate names
	FIXED - Unpacking password protected 7Zip from script now works better
	FIXED - Find Files with content search will now stop searching faster if stop command is issued
	FIXED - Find Files with content search could crash in some very rare situations
	FIXED - Holding Ctrl and starting a Drag'n'Drop operation now works better
	FIXED - MultiScript handles arrays better
	FIXED - 4 Rare stability issues
	FIXED - Many internal changes

Release v6.1 (Build 2124) ( 9-Apr-2016 )

  35+ Changes
	ADDED - Language Updates
	ADDED - Find Files now logs what it does to File Operation log
	FIXED - Couple of HighDPI issues fixed
	FIXED - Find Files text content matching could in some situations get stuck on files with weird mixes of linefeed characters
	FIXED - Find Files hex content matching could get stuck if lots of 0x00 matches were found at the end of the file
	FIXED - Find Files Content search for ASCII in binary files now works
	FIXED - Find Files Content search with case sensitive for ASCII in binary files now works
	FIXED - Find Files Dialogs - Content options now enable/disable themselves correctly
	FIXED - Advanced Find Files filter could fail if user did not enter matching data correctly
	FIXED - Minor memory leak with copy operations
	FIXED - Items added to queue even if user selected skip on free space check
	FIXED - Command Line field now supports ..\ relative path better. (Relative to path of active panel)
	FIXED - Custom Command MC.RUN will now assume SHELL option when using ADMIN option
	CHANGE- Some Internal changes on how delete works

Release v6.0 (Build 2118) ( 2-Apr-2016 )

  280+ Changes
	ADDED - File Coloring engine and Editor now use the Advanced Filter system for file coloring
	ADDED - New File search engine now using the advanced filter engine to match files
	ADDED - New Find Files dialog. Dialog is now split into two. Some simpler one advanced
	ADDED - Dropping file with "create link" action will show drop popup instead
	ADDED - Drop popup now has "Copy and Replace" / "Move and Replace" command if only 1 file was dropped
	ADDED - Custom Command MC.DataViewer.View now has the option "AUTORELOAD" to enable the autoreload option
	ADDED - Command Line field command ":title (text)" that will change the Multi Commander caption
	ADDED - Command Line field command ":autorefresh (0/1)" that will change setting to enable/disable folder refresh
	CHANGE- Changed App Icon to match Website logo (Provided by Oliver)
	FIXED - Copy Progress Bar issues when copying more then 4TB of data
	FIXED - Updated 3rd party 7Zip components to v15.14
	FIXED - A leap year issue
	FIXED - FSReg failed to change registry values that were longer than 255 characters
	FIXED - Lots of internal changes
	FIXED - 6 Rare stability issues

Release v5.9 (Build 2062) ( 13-Jan-2016 )

	ADDED - Advanced Filters now support extended file properties
	ADDED - Workaround for faulty zip archive created by OneDrive Web (Download multiple files from OneDrive Web)
	ADDED - Dynamic column properties for showing line number. (Can't be used in Filters or MultiRename)
	ADDED - Copy path to clipboard will append trailing slash for folders
	ADDED - Option to show history popup as sorted or not
	ADDED - Command to show the Panel specific Recent (Back button) Popup. Can now customize key to show popup
	ADDED - Settings to change how Rename Similar works: Ask/No/Always
	FIXED - FSFTP will now log better which cipher suite is used (if using FTP-SSL/TLS)
	FIXED - PageUp/PageDown navigation sometimes jumped too far and missed some items
	FIXED - List View Mode and Thumb List View Mode sometimes failed if first column was not filename
	FIXED - Issue when reading default path for new Explorer Panels
	FIXED - Crash issue for very long network path
	FIXED - 5 Rare stability issues

Release v5.8.1 (Build 2042) ( 24-Nov-2015 )

  6+ Changes
	UPDATE- Some language packs are updated
	FIXED - Some minor annoying bugs

Release v5.8 (Build 2040) ( 21-Nov-2015 )

  135+ Changes
	ADDED - Advanced Filters can now be used in Selection and View Filters
	        (Search and File Coloring will also use them in a future release)
	ADDED - Custom Command MC.Explorer.Selection.Select now has a "FILTERID" parameter,
	        Use it to select a Advanced filter
	ADDED - Custom Command MC.Explorer.SetFilter now has as parameter FILTERID,
	        that can be used to set an existing advanced filter
	ADDED - Custom Command MC.Explorer.Makedir has a new parameter "GOTO" that will make the Explorer Panel
	        to enter the new folder
	ADDED - Hold CTRL while pressing return/OK button in MakeDir dialog and the Explorer Panel will enter that folder
	ADDED - Explorer panel settings for default path for new tabs
	ADDED - Explorer panel settings for column sort by and sort order for new tabs
	ADDED - Explorer Panel tweak settings for enable/disable of context menu for current location should be shown on ".."
	ADDED - File Operation progress now show progress of queueing items for internal plug-in operations
	ADDED - Menu -> Edit -> Compare Folders Advanced - For advanced compare of the source/target folders for selections
	ADDED - FSFTP bookmark now has an option if the log windows should be shown or not when connecting
	ADDED - FSFTP will now log data connections errors better
	FIXED - Duplicate Tab will now duplicate most tab/Explorer Panel settings
	FIXED - Quick Launch Bar will now remember the Right click options for Allow Insert By Drop/Allow Rearrange
	FIXED - Issue when unpacking large zip with duplicate files in archive
	FIXED - FSZip issue when overwriting existing files
	FIXED - FSFTP now send "AUTH TLS" instead of "AUTH TLS-P" for protected login
	FIXED - Set Folder Date Time tool can cause a crash
	FIXED - Icon Override Setup is no longer case-sensitive
	FIXED - MultiFileViewer - Highlighting was sometimes not shown. Was overdrawn by Syntax Coloring
	FIXED - MultiFileViewer - RegEx syntax coloring rule could sometimes cause a crash
	FIXED - MultiFileViewer - Can now find text part backwards (up) in Unicode text files again

Release v5.6 (Build 2000) ( 19-Sep-2015 )

  165+ Changes
	CHANGE- Upgrade build environment. Everything is now built using VS2015
	ADDED - MultiRename - Find/Replace Changed now works better
	ADDED - MultiRename - Minor UI layout changes
	ADDED - MultiFileViewer - Profiles have changed. Now using Color Themes configuration for colors
	ADDED - MultiFileViewer - Can now configure Syntax Coloring more easily
	ADDED - MultiFileViewer - Color syntax formatting for common file formats
	ADDED - MultiFileViewer - Added a couple of default Syntax Color formatting for common file formats
	ADDED - MultiFileViewer - Can now be configured to Auto copy selection to clipboard. ( Menu -> Options -> Options )
	ADDED - ExplorerPanel can now disable Auto fade of selection when panel is inactive in WinExplorer mode
	FIXED - Auto ReSort after rename of folder did not always work
	FIXED - Go to Root will now on locked tabs (with allow subpath change) go to the root of the locked location
	FIXED - Issue when creating MD5 checksum files
	FIXED - Copy registry value to new location will now copy "(default)" value correct
	FIXED - 5 Rare stability issues
	FIXED - 2 Rare stability issues with script engine

Release v5.5 (Build 1975) ( 1-Aug-2015 )

  185+ Changes. Some of them are...
	ADDED - New Language - Lithuanian - Translation created by Raimondas Duzinskas
	ADDED - Explorer Panel now has Experimental Support for "Flat Filesystem View" (Press View mode button or Shift+Ctrl+B)
	ADDED - Path property/column added. Can be used in Flat view to show relative path
	ADDED - Going to next/prev in Quick Search will now loop around
	ADDED - Can now select/unselect files/folder with same color rule set Ctrl+Shift+(Num+) / Ctrl+Shift+(Num-)
	ADDED - MultiRename - Find and Replace now support unlimited pairs and easier to edit many find/replace pairs
	ADDED - Tabs Layout can now be saved/loaded to/from file
	ADDED - Audio Tool - Create Playlist (M3U/PLS) with support for advanced filtering
	ADDED - SFV Tool can now creates CRC/MD5 files that are encoded in UTF8 or Unicode
	ADDED - Favorites Window will reset its view filter when shown next time. (Also added option to turn that off)
	ADDED - Custom Command MC.Explorer.NewBrowser / MC.Explorer.Goto now support "FLAT" option to open path in flat mode
	ADDED - Custom Command MC.CheckSum.Create for starting/creating checksums
	ADDED - Custom Command MC.LoadTabs and MC.SaveTabs to Load/Save tabs from script
	ADDED - Custom Command MC.LoadButtonPanelLayout that will load a new button panel layout from script
	ADDED - Custom Command MC.Explorer.Selection.SelectByColor / MC.Explorer.Selection.UnselectByColor
	ADDED - MultiScript function for setting selected items in a view ( SetSourceSelected()/SetTargetSelect() )
	ADDED - MultiScript function for getting all items in a view ( GetSourceItems()/GetTargetItems() )
	FIXED - MultiScript command "GetFileProp(...) now support a 3rd parameter (optional)
	        If it is "1", then the returned value will be the display value, else the RAW value is returned
	FIXED - Will no longer check for availible free space for move operations on same drive
	FIXED - Copy a 'symlink to a file' Copy/Move Links option active will now creates a new symlink
	FIXED - Fixed issue with creating .gz files
	FIXED - MultiFileViewer did not load settings correct when opened from search panel
	FIXED - 12 Rare stability issues

Release v5.1.1 (Build 1926) ( 18-Apr-2015 )

  Minor fixes. 20+ Changes
	ADDED - Command Line field now support "#[devicelabel]" and it switch to the current path of that device. (Wildcard supported)
	ADDED - View filter support filtering on size with >SizeUnit, eg. >500M
	FIXED - 7Zip error handing improved
	FIXED - Customize Keyboard window should work better in high DPI
	FIXED - Page scrolling in thumbnail list mode now works better
	FIXED - Thumbnail detail mode did not always show the thumbnail
	FIXED - Issue with copy progress windows
	FIXED - 2 crash issues reported by Crash report system

Release v5.1 (Build 1922) ( 4-Apr-2015 )

  Mostly fixes. 120+ Changes
	ADDED - Explorer Panels now have an extra 1px padding for the lines. (Size can be tweaked in settings)
	ADDED - Installer now accepts parameter /CONFIG= that contains a settings backup that will be installed
	ADDED - Color Rule name used for a file item can be shown as a column
	ADDED - When doing a forced refresh, file coloring will also be forced to refresh
	ADDED - Able to force a solid color for the focus row indicator
	ADDED - Configuration of gridlines colors
	ADDED - SFV tool can now read .sfv/.md5 files in unicode
	ADDED - Can now move select name/ext part with Ctrl+Home/Ctrl+End while doing inplace rename
	ADDED - Folder Tree now has settings for a filter of what devices should be listed in the tree view
	ADDED - Custom Command MC.ShellPaste that will call Windows Shell Paste without the internal handling
	ADDED - Mouse wheel action is now always forwarded to the window under mouse cursor, even if the window is not in focus
	ADDED - MultiScript function LoadArray/SaveArray can now be called with GetLines/SaveLines
	ADDED - MultiScript function "AutoCreateVar(0|1)" to turn the AutoCreateVar feature in script engine on/off
	ADDED - MultiScript engine can now declare variables without "@var" in many situations
	ADDED - MultiScript function NetWGet( file, url, opt) that will download from web and save to disk
	FIXED - MultiScript function DeleteFile now accept options as comma separated list
	FIXED - MultiScript function DeleteFile failed sometimes when deleting zip files
	FIXED - MultiScript function DeleteFile now recpects the option "NOPROGRESS"
	FIXED - Can now open some zip archives that have mismatched header data
	FIXED - Use font style from File coloring rules when drawing file item with Focus/Selected color
	FIXED - Crash issue that could happen sometimes when testing archives
	CHANGE- FileType Default setup will open Windows associated editor for images files when doing edit on an image
	CHANGE- Changed how arrow key behaved in Inplace rename
	FIXED - Issue with date fields in Text Tool SortLines
	FIXED - Issue with overwrite with Text Tool SortLines
	FIXED - Problem with the response data when using the WM_COPYDATA API and Ascii
	FIXED - Fixed issue with the Tray Icon poping up even if disabled
	FIXED - FSRar had issue if rar file that was created on linux and contained a path starting with /
	FIXED - 5 crash issues reported by Crash report system
	WEB   - Lots of changes in the Online Documentation
	WEB   - Online documentation can now be downloaded as a PDF

Release v5.0 (Build 1888) ( 1-Feb-2015 )

  Many fixes and improvements.  Over 220+ Changes
	ADDED - New Text Tool - SortLines
	ADDED - New Text Tool - FindAndReplace
	ADDED - Picture Viewer can now show an overlay with photo info like FNum,Exposure,ISO (Press P in viewer)
	ADDED - Better error message when user tries to copy a placeholder file
	ADDED - Custom Command MC.Utils.SortLines
	ADDED - Custom Command MC.Utils.FindAndReplace
	ADDED - Custom Command MC.ShowFavWindow and MC.ShowFavPopup
	ADDED - View Filter popup now also show previous view filters that was set manually
	ADDED - Holding Shift when entering linked folder it will now follow link instead of resolving it
	ADDED - 3rd party programs can now interact with MC using WM_COPYDATA messages. (like Goto and GetCurrent... )
	ADDED - Picture exif properties to be shown as columns (ISO,Exposure,FNum,ExpBias,Flash)
	ADDED - Alternative short admin tag for application title bar is now used if Command Line option -A is set
	ADDED - Tooltip delay and timeout times can now be change under tweak settings (Explorer Panel)
	ADDED - Browse timeout can now be tweaked. (Only useful if you get double item issue)
	ADDED - Rar FileSystem extension is now using the UnRAR 5.2.3 source
	ADDED - Thumbnail overlay text can now be set to date or photoinfo
	ADDED - Language Editor now remember selected language
	ADDED - Language Editor can now filter list and only show text items that are NOT translated
	FIXED - Thumbnail overlay text on thumbnails now works when using the internal thumbnail engine (WinXP)
	FIXED - Loading startup ini is no longer sensitive for pre/post white spaces
	FIXED - When ExplorerStyle settings is used. Changed how color for focus item is set when panel is not in focus
	FIXED - Fixed issue where device got removed from MC when it was formatted
	FIXED - File search sometimes failed to search file content if file was in use
	FIXED - Portable/WPD will now show blank date if date property is not valid
	FIXED - Portable/WPD will use created date as default date to show instead of modified, if modifed is not valid
	FIXED - 9 crash issues reported by Crash report system

Release v4.6.2 (Build 1804) ( 1-Nov-2014 )

  5 more fixes that need to be released
  Hopefully no more minor updates to 4.6 are needed

	FIXED - 5 Crash issues reported by crash report system
	Also 150+ Changes since v4.5

Release v4.6.1 (Build 1802) ( 30-Oct-2014 )

  7 Changes
	FIXED - 3 Crash issues reported by crash report system
	UPDATE- Updated language packs

Release v4.6 (Build 1800) ( 25-Oct-2014 )

  Many fixes and improvements.  Over 130+ Changes
	ADDED - Support for Italian - Created by Aldo
	ADDED - Picture Viewer can now adjust colors using gamma, brightness, gray scale, normalize and more
	ADDED - Picture Viewer can now Save picture in another format
	ADDED - Picture Viewer can now resize image
	ADDED - Picture Viewer support undo (Ctrl+Z) after doing color changes
	ADDED - Picture Tools can now batch resize images
	ADDED - Custom Command "MC.PictureTools.Convert"
	ADDED - Custom Command "MC.PictureTools.Resize"
	ADDED - Image dimensions can now be shown as an overlay text on the thumbnail
	ADDED - Button panel wizard will now add icon if the dropped file is a .exe
	ADDED - Add/Remove Selection now support regular expressions. start match with ":"
	ADDED - View filters now support regular expressions. Start filters with ":"  (File size equal filter moved to "=" )
	ADDED - Quick Launch Bar now supports ${sourcepath} and ${targetpath} in parameter field
	ADDED - New Option to enable the parent context menu to be shown if user click on the blank area of an item
	ADDED - MultiRename supports moving item up/down from hotkey or popup menu when right clicking on item
	ADDED - MultiRename will now add item to its list in the same order they are shown in the Explorer Panel
	FIXED - Save current column layout sometimes did not save the columns in the correct order
	FIXED - Thumbnail detailed view mode did not always show all columns
	FIXED - Will now retry getting .exe icon if default .exe is returned. (Can happen if AV/Other software has a lock on the file)
	FIXED - Icon override of FileType Setup is no longer case sensitive
	FIXED - Column resize issue if a column got < 0 in size
	FIXED - When viewing a file using external viewer the focused file will be used
	FIXED - Thumbnail background thread will now update the main UI better
	FIXED - 4 crash issues reported by Crash report system

Release v4.5.1 (Build 1769) ( 23-Aug-2014)

	FIXED - Installer failed to add shortcuts in some situation

Release v4.5 (Build 1768) ( 19-Aug-2014 )

  Major new additions is the possibility to browse favorites as a filesystem (FAV:)
  Also Thumbnail list mode now support vertical scrolling

  Many fixed and improvements.  Over 155+ Changes. Some of them are...
	ADDED - FSFavorite Plugin that allows browsing of favorite as a virtual filesystem
	ADDED - Refresh device item to the Dropdown list of devices
	ADDED - Active tab that are not using custom colors are shown with a lighter color (eg. Log tab panel)
	ADDED - Pack/Unpack window now has settings if it should use target as default location or not
	ADDED - MultiRename window can be closed by pressing ESCAPE key
	ADDED - Now possible to choose what extended device items should be shown in the device dropdown list
	ADDED - Explorer Panel has a new experimental view mode 'Thumbnail Detail'
	ADDED - New Thumbnail engine option : "Crop to Square" (Only valid if thumbnail engine is "Windows" and OS is Win8+)
	ADDED - Thumbnail List mode now support Vertical scrolling (Up-Down)
	CHANGE- Thumbnail queue management will now prioritized item that are currently visible
	CHANGE- Changed how the tab is drawn. Is now more flat
	CHANGE- Removed some obsolete settings. Changed some defaults
	FIXED - MultiRename - Tags with negative value were 0-based; start value was 1-based. Now both are 1 based (eg. [N-3])
	FIXED - MultiRename - Folder [F] tag rule now works like name tag [N] (eg. [F-4] works like [N-4])
	FIXED - Copy/Move progress window tries better to keep its since when queue is shown/hidden
	FIXED - Queue in Copy/Move progress window will try to show the alternative targetname if one is set
	FIXED - Key combo for Quick Search in Explorer Panel will no longer trigger if more keys then configured are pressed
	FIXED - Eject/Disconnect command in Explorer Panel can now be assigned to hotkey
	FIXED - Exporting the list of keyboard shortcuts will now be saved as Unicode (UTF16)
	FIXED - Handles insert/removal of devices that are mounted under a folder better
	FIXED - Thread synchronization issue with thumbnail extraction that could sometimes cause a crash
	FIXED - Couple of issue with Change View mode and refresh issue with view modes changes
	FIXED - Minor Issues with installer
	FIXED - Problem with deleting from zip archive
	FIXED - Quick Connect for FTP work again
	FIXED - 4 crash issues reported by Crash report system

Release v4.4 (Build 1725) ( 17-Jul-2014 )

  Mostly bug fixes but some new features like better support for Remote Desktop shares (\\TSClient)
  and Quick Create Folder (Right click on create folder toolbar icon)

  Over 85+ Changes with fixes and improvements. Some of them are..
	ADDED - Custom Command MC.Explorer.ChangeSettings that can change some Explorer Panel settings in active panel only (Changes lost on restart)
	ADDED - Installer reworked. Can now upgrade current installation and support installation of both 32bit and 64bit
	ADDED - Create Folder dialog now accept Shift+F9 to insert date at caret position or replacing selected text
	ADDED - Remote Desktop client shares \\TSClient now support. "TSClient" is added to NET: when Remote computer is connected
	ADDED - Create Folder button added to toolbar. Right click on it to show a list of some preset date folders to create
	ADDED - Quick Create folder item can now use date/time/filename tags
	ADDED - Quick Create folder menu can now be customized and are using MultiLanguage system
	FIXED - Better UTF8 support for FTP
	FIXED - Customizing of the keys for ShowFavorites. Back, Forward, Show History is now kept between restarts
	FIXED - When launching multiple items using shell, it will now verify if the shell really allows the item to be launched
	FIXED - Strange rounding that only happened on some file sizes when showing selected file size as GB
	FIXED - Drop popup menu 'extract' will now unpack to the correct path where the drop happened
	FIXED - MultiScript function CopyFile with a target folder that does not exists will now update the views better
	FIXED - FreeSpace field was not using the correct font. Was using FileList font
	FIXED - Fixed some scrollbar issues with the MultiDataViewer
	FIXED - 3 crash issues reported by Crash report system

Release v4.3.1 (Build 1702) (17-Jun-2014 )

	FIXED - Folder Tree caused a crash on some drop operations

Release v4.3 (Build 1700) (15-Jun-2014 )

  Major change is the new virtual filesystem plugin : FSPortable

  Over 160+ Changes with fixes and improvements. Some of them are..
	ADDED - New Virtual filesystem plugin that provides access to portable devices. (Smartphones/Tables)
	ADDED - Create Folder dialog now accept F6 for replacing all illegal folder characters with spaces
	ADDED - Create Folder dialog now accept F7 for removing all spaces
	ADDED - Create Folder dialog now accept F9 for inserting todays date as name (ISO formatted)
	ADDED - Create folder dialog now accept a complete path. This will override the current location
	ADDED - Folder tree now support that a folder might be drag from it or dropped in it
	ADDED - History popup that shows visited path is now global, not only for current panel
	ADDED - Informative tooltip now shows all file dates
	ADDED - Drag and drop data of TYMED_ISTORAGE type now supported
	ADDED - Custom Command to force a refresh of the folder tree ( MC.Explorer.RefreshTree )
	ADDED - Custom Command MC.Explorer.Delete now support optional option "NEWQUEUE", "USEEXISTINGQUEUE"
	ADDED - Custom Command MC.Explorer.Copy now support optional option "NEWQUEUE", "USEEXISTINGQUEUE"
	ADDED - MultiScript function CopyFile,MoveFile now support optional option "NEWQUEUE", "USEEXISTINGQUEUE"
	ADDED - MultiScript function "Packfile" / "UnpackFile" / "MakeDir"
	ADDED - Added size restriction to external files to 25MB
	FIXED - Unpack dialog will now use the source location as default target path
	FIXED - Paths containing ~ sometimes got confused as a shorted 8.3 path
	FIXED - Password protected zip archives now works. (Only standard zip password protection is supported)
	FIXED - Password protected 7Zip archives now works better
	FIXED - Folder tree now shows the correct folder name for folders that are mounted devices
	FIXED - 6 crash issues reported by Crash report system

Release v4.2.1 (Build 1674) ( 28-Apr-2014 )

	ADDED - Fixed issue with installer
	ADDED - Updated Language packs

Release v4.2 (Build 1672) ( 18-Apr-2014 )

  This release contains lots of fixed and a lot better support for high DPI machines

  300+ Changes. Some of them are..
	ADDED - User Defined Commands can now be duplicated
	ADDED - Button panel changed so it can not be undocked. Then no close button is shown making it look better
	ADDED - Buttons in the Button panel can now be drawn transparent
	ADDED - New column that shows the length of the name or fullpath
	ADDED - Option to enable/disable the refresh tab when application focus is returned to Multi Commander
	ADDED - Command Line field can now show hits/tips when not used. (Can be disabled in core settings)
	ADDED - Command Line command ":one" now also work for going to OneDrive/SkyDrive folder
	ADDED - Option for "Expand folder hovering over during drag and drop in folder tree". (Was always enabled before, can now be disabled)
	ADDED - Option if a new tab should be opened when browsing to new location in a locked tab
	ADDED - Rule Based file coloring can now be configured to also change font style like Bold,Italic,Underline,Strikeout
	ADDED - New MultiScript functions PathMakeRelativeMC(...), PathMakeAbsoluteMC(...), PathTranslatePath(...), TranslateEnvString(...)
	ADDED - Custom Command MC.Explorer.NewBrowser now support TABCOLORS,TABNAME,TABLOCK paramters
	ADDED - New Custom Command MC.FileSystem.Unpack
	ADDED - New Custom Command MC.Explorer.SetTabProp for setting tab properties like color, on existing tab
	ADDED - Duplicating a Explorer Panel tab. or opening a folder from one tab into a new tab. New tab will get the same custom Tab Colors
	ADDED - Doing TapAndHold on touch devices will now be a right click. (Show context menu in most places)
	ADDED - MultiFileViewer have experimental support for line filtering (grep)
	FIXED - Command Line fields dropdown history is now shown and saved correct
	FIXED - Quick Launch Bar now works better with relative and environments paths
	FIXED - Color rules are now refresh when files are renamed or attributes changed (From inside MC)
	FIXED - Copying files to folder starting with ".." now works again. eg. "..Myfolder"
	FIXED - FileTypeSetup will not clear extension field if external program is selected
	FIXED - If sorting of columns that shown extended info (info fetched in background), view will now resort automatically when data is ready
	FIXED - Windows Shell context menu did not work in some locations
	FIXED - A couple of strange issues with context menu handling
	FIXED - Issue with overwriting existing file inside a zip archive
	FIXED - Refresh issues when a zip is rebuilt
	FIXED - Lots of DPI scaling issues fixed. MC now look good in 150% DPI. Still some minor issue with 125%
	FIXED - Improved error handling and error reporting of read/write errors
	FIXED - Improved error logging in a couple of places
	FIXED - A lot of minor fixes and changes to error handling
	FIXED - Placeholder files is now being identified (Win8.1+ only)
	FIXED - When unpacking rar it could happen it complained that disk was full even if disk was not full
	FIXED - Some icons was messed up if icon cached was cleared
	FIXED - Context Menu key on keyboard now works for the ".." item
	FIXED - The settings "Remember Selected files/folders when changing path" now works again. (can be turned off)
	FIXED - 14 crash issues reported by Crash report system

Release v4.1 (Build 1620) ( 1-Feb-2014 )

  Release with minor fixed and updated language packs that missed the release of v4.0

	ADDED - Updated language packs for JP,NL,ES,PT,FR,RU
	ADDED - Can now Bind/Unbind key from command line field using ":bindkey (cmd) (key)" , ":unbindkey (cmd)"
	ADDED - New Custom Command for bind/unbind keys MC.BindKey, MC.UnBindKey
	ADDED - How the Explorer Panel read its settings are change, Tabs are created faster
	ADDED - Clicking on reset filter button will now toggle between *.* and previous filter
	ADDED - Better error handling when deleting to recycle bin
	FIXED - Color Rules did not remember if default profile was selected
	FIXED - Color Rules are now refreshed better when they are changed
	FIXED - Show hidden files did not always refresh views after option was changed
	FIXED - When color rules are change the views will now update it self better
	FIXED - Back/Forward button now show the popup menu on right click
	FIXED - Rename toolbar icon shows a popup menu with some of the rename options when right clicked
	FIXED - Loading of custom time format now works again
	FIXED - The change file date/time dialog did not use text from MultiLanguage system in two places
	FIXED - Multi Commander will now be sent to front if it is already visible and user click on tray icon
	FIXED - A MultiMonitor issue when doing click and drag
	FIXED - 7 crash issues reported by Crash report system

Release v4.0 (Build 1611) ( 12-Jan-2014 )

 The focus of this release have been UI and Customization issues

  450+ Changes. Some of them are..
	ADDED - New Splash - Provided by Patrick of Chasing Carrots ( )
	ADDED - Icons can now be overridden based on file extension. (Extra Useful for portable mode, to always show same icons)
	ADDED - FileType setup for Viewers and Editors can now also define there own icon
	ADDED - Zip Extension now has its own settings page where some zip settings like CodePage can be configured
	ADDED - Default Tab Colors for all extension can be customized
	ADDED - Explorer Panel can customize the Tab Color and Name for every tab
	ADDED - Explorer Panel now support medium (24) and extra large (48) icons
	ADDED - Column customization have been reworked and dialogs merged
	ADDED - Columns can now be customized to have and extra left/right space in them
	ADDED - Quick Look and Feel Setup window and been redesigned. And the two dialogs are now one
	ADDED - Buttons in the button panel can now also show an icon
	ADDED - Progressbars colors for the Copy/Move/Delete/Extract dialogs can now be customized
	ADDED - Scanning Network for computers will now keep cache of found computers. And also possible to pin computer so they are always shown
	ADDED - Browning NET: will no longer auto scan the network. And when it scan it is done in the background and will not lock up the main UI
	ADDED - Show ViewFilters button added to Filter input field
	ADDED - View Filters can be customized
	ADDED - Right click on Add/Remove selection on toolbar will show a popup menu with a quick selection list.(Shares some items with ViewFilters)
	ADDED - Right click on "Copy Path to clipboard" button on the toolbar will now show a popup menu with all the "Copy xxx To Clipboard" options"
	ADDED - Tray Icon Single click support added
	ADDED - "MC.FileSearch.Search" now supports SIZE parameters
	ADDED - Command Line command ":cic" will clear the icon cache
	ADDED - The toolbar button "ShowHidden Files toolbar" is shown with a slightly different icon depending on what the current option is
	ADDED - Rar FileSystem extension is now built using the UnRAR 5.01 source
	ADDED - Show Select/Unselect popup menu can be shown using hotkeys
	UPG   - Upgrade the 3rd party Metadata library in the MCAudioTools extension. Now using TagLib 1.9.1
	FIXED - Icons cache will be cleared and all views will be refresh if icons are changed in FileTypeSetup
	FIXED - Opening new tab from locked tab issue
	FIXED - Right autoscrolling issue in List/Thumbnail mode
	FIXED - Drag/Drop modifier keys
	FIXED - Timing Issue resulting in that file items being shown double
	FIXED - Delete dialog does now support MultiMonitor systems again
	FIXED - 8 Rare Crash issues reported by Crash report system

Release v3.5.1 (Build 1530) ( 1-Oct-2013 )

  The focus of this minor release has been to fix the most common stability issues

  70+ Changes. Some of them are..
	ADDED - New Language - Portuguese - Translated by Pedro Albuquerque
	ADDED - File copy logging will now output time and speed information for the read/write calls
	ADDED - Shell Context Menu code have been rewritten
	ADDED - Multi Commander will not change to be a toplevel window if it is activated by starting to dragged a item
	ADDED - MultiScript function to calculate checksum "ChkSum_Create(filename, checksum type)"
	ADDED - Improved error logging for read/write errors
	FIXED - Inline rename command Ctrl+L and so on. Will not work anymore if AltGR is pressed. (Conflicted with localized character input)
	FIXED - Favorites Window now works again
	FIXED - Showing some of the special folder in the device toolbar now works again
	FIXED - 14 Rare Crash issues reported by Crash report system

Release v3.5 (Build 1500) ( 3-Sep-2013 )

 310+ Changes. Some of them are..
	ADDED - File coloring rules editor for creating rule on how files should be colored. (Multiple profiles supported)
	REMOVE- Old file coloring system removed, configuration of it will be converted to ColorRules automatically
	ADDED - New delete progress window that shows more information
	ADDED - Save Clipboard dialog will now remember format from previous time
	CHANGE- Replace RegEx engine used with one that is more Perl compliant.(Used in Search/MultiRename/Script)
	ADDED - MultiRename now support [F] tag to add the folder name of the folder that the file is located in
	ADDED - MultiRename tool can now reset filelist with currently selected items
	ADDED - MultiRename now support regular expressions in the Search/Replace part
	ADDED - Windows Control Panels can now be access from the tools menu (And can be assigned to hotkeys)
	ADDED - Find Open Files Windows can not stop a service processes that has a file opened
	ADDED - Inline rename can now more to previous/next item using up/down keys or return (optional)
	ADDED - Inline rename supports Ctrl+N/Ctrl+E for selecting name/extension
	ADDED - Inline rename supports Ctrl+U/Ctrl+L to convert to upper/lower case
	ADDED - Find Files dialog remembers expanded state between starts
	ADDED - Find Files dialog remembers the search filter between restarts
	ADDED - Viewing a file from the file search result will now also transfer over the find by content (if any) to the viewer
	FIXED - File search using to/from date matches do now correct the time for the current timezone correctly
	ADDED - MultiDataViewer will now remember maximized size/position between runs
	ADDED - The Main drive bar can be configured to be placed on its own toolbar line
	ADDED - Can now get the raw LIST result from the FTP (access from the context menu)
	FIXED - FTP Transfer issue if buffer size was too large
	FIXED - FTP Problem when listing root folder on some servers
	FIXED - Hang that should happen during file copy in rare situations
	FIXED - Very rare hang issue that could happend if a copy operation was aborted
	FIXED - Settings panel will use same font settings thatis set for the Explorer Panel
	ADDED - Command Line command ":winerr (num)" that display the error message for internal windows error codes
	ADDED - Custom Command MC.FileSearch.Search now support parameters like ATTRIBUTES/TIME/TIMEFROM/TIMETO
	ADDED - Custom Command MC.CloseAllTabs now support LEFTONLY/RIGHTONLY as parameter
	ADDED - Custom Command MC.Explorer.SetColoringRules NAME=ProfileName
	ADDED - Custom Command MC.Explorer.RefreshColoringRules
	ADDED - MultiScript debugger window will now show log output
	ADDED - MultiScript function to sort string/num in an array "$arr2 = ArraySort($arr)"
	ADDED - MultiScript can now replace substring using RegEx. ( StrRegExpReplace( ... ) )
	ADDED - MultiScript function "DeleteFile/DeleteFiles" now support the option "AUTOCLOSEPROGRESS"
	FIXED - MultiScript now handle spaces inside a syntax better
	FIXED - MultiScript initializing a string array using single quote not works again
	FIXED - 12 Crash issue reported by Crash report system
	SDK   - Beta SDK is out - Look in the online forum for more information

Release v3.2.1 (Build 1432) ( 20-Jun-2013 )

Re-Release of v3.2

	FIXED - Crashed if copying file with special characters in the filename

Release v3.2 (Build 1430) ( 16-Jun-2013 )

  145+ Changes. Some of them are...
	ADDED - Rules based file coloring now support many more attributes and date rules and can be loaded/saved. (No UI yet: create them using script)
	ADDED - Better handling of name conflicts when renaming multiple files, by any of the rename commands under Tools -> Rename
	ADDED - Copy/Move Progress window will now show file sizes formatted
	ADDED - Common CheckSum tasks are added to tool menu. So those tasks can now be used easier
	ADDED - New 'Edit new file' command (Shift+F4 or Shift+F9 depending on setup)
	FIXED - GetTime() function in MultiScript now returns the correct time
	FIXED - Test packed files now works better
	FIXED - Issue when creating a folder that already existed
	FIXED - Issue when drag and dropping a single empty folder
	FIXED - Many minor issues with FTP and FTP Logging fixed
	FIXED - Dropping an attachment Outlook would overwrite file if it already existed
	FIXED - Lots of internal SDK changes and cleanup (Preparation for release of SDK )
	FIXED - Issue that some Explorer Panel tabs change path when removing device (USB Stick) even if they did not show that path
	FIXED - MC.Explorer.Selection.SelectAll/MC.Explorer.Selection.UnselectAll now works
	FIXED - "Replace all older" when copying files will now skip files if the filedate are exactly the same
	FIXED - 10 Crash issue reported by Crash report system

Release v3.1 (Build 1401) (26-Apr-2013 )

  Over 190+ Changes. Some of them are...
	ADDED - Support for New Langauge - Romanian Created by Gabriel
	ADDED - Auto expansion of subitems can now be disabled in the Folder Tree
	ADDED - FTP now support UTF8 encoded filenames and UTF8 encoding in the FTP log
	ADDED - FTP now support context menu. Will for now only show "Edit" for bookmark items and "Disconnect" for ftp items
	ADDED - MultiRename search and replace part can now be set to only process Name part or Extension part or Both
	ADDED - Now possible to run file in search result from the context menu
	ADDED - Now possible to customize the key for the Explorer Panel command "Toggle selection and step down"
	ADDED - Now possible to customize the key for the Explorer Panel command "Toggle selection and calculate folder"
	ADDED - Editing an existing Custom Command, the namespace/function dropdown and description will update to match command
	ADDED - Custom Command MC.Explorer.Selection.Select now support option ONLYFILES / ONLYFOLDERS (Works in all panel types)
	ADDED - Custom Command MC.Explorer.Select now support option ONLYFILES / ONLYFOLDERS (Only for Explorer Panel)
	ADDED - Custom Command MC.Explorer.SizeFolder
	ADDED - Custom Command MC.Explorer.SizeItemFocus
	ADDED - Custom Command "SetActiveTab" now support "Next" and "Prev" as tab parameter
	ADDED - Rename multiple item using move to same path (shift+F6) is now using target name filter
	ADDED - Rule based file coloring. (Exprimental, no UI to configure it yet. Use MultiScript to configure)
	ADDED - Able to hide delete options dialog when deleting to recyle bin. (Use at own risk)
	ADDED - FileOperations settings that was access from CopyTo dialog is not also available from configuration menu
	ADDED - Change file properties dialog (Attributes and FileTime) can now also change Created and LastAccess time
	ADDED - Show hidden files command and Search command now available in menu and toolbar
	ADDED - Extended Contextmenu options is shown if shift is pressed while showing it
	ADDED - Hovertime for auto select on hover can now be tweaked
	FIXED - Quick Launch Bar handles relatives paths better
	ADDED - Quick Launch Bar can create relative paths better
	ADDED - Quick Launch Bar can now be configured on how to handle dropped files
	FIXED - Converting path to absolute/relative in FileTypeSetup now works better
	FIXED - File search handles binary files better
	FIXED - QuickSearch in ExplorerPanel can now be started with none localized alpha letters
	FIXED - TargetName pattern now supported for copy of multiple files/folders
	FIXED - Path matching settings in FileTypeSetup is now loaded correct
	FIXED - CheckSum checking (SFV) sometimes locked a file if the process was stopped with the stop button
	FIXED - Issue with move operation leaving a empty folders if SKIP ALL was selected when an existing file was found when moving a previous folder
	FIXED - Crash problem with FTP on 64bit OS
	FIXED - UserDefined Commands of external type will now expand ${xx} tags correctly
	ADDED - RAR files will now be tested against it bytemark before they are opened as rar files
	FIXED - File search continue button in dialog now works again
	FIXED - Crash issue with Tar/Gz
	FIXED - Lots of internal fixes and improvements
	FIXED - 8 Crash problems reported by the Crash Report System

Release v3.0 (Build 1360) ( 1-Mar-2013 )

  Over 360 + Changes
	CHANGE- A lot of internal core changes
	CHANGE- A lot of SDK/API changes
	FIXED - Commands run from the Command Line field will now use the FileType setup to determin how the file should be run
	ADDED - New MultiScript functions StrRFind, PathGetPathPart, PathGetNamePath, PathGetFileExtPart, PathGetParts
	FIXED - Problem with MultiScript function StrRegExpFind
	FIXED - Crash problem when running incorrect code as MultiScript
	FIXED - Script engine can not return a const array of variables correct
	FIXED - Issues with the MultiScript Debugger
	ADDED - Favorites can now be shown as a popup menu in the crumbbar. (as right click action on the Path field)
	FIXED - Text issue when deleting favorite item
	FIXED - Fixed some strange lost focus problem with Favorites Window
	FIXED - Many texts that did not use the MultiLanguage system is now using it
	ADDED - Language selection dialog show on first run. Will now autoselect the users language if found
	ADDED - Major change on How the MultiLanguage system works
	ADDED - Built in language editor updated with more features
	CHANGE- Multi Commander will now read the language files from the LanguagePack files named stored in the Languages folder
	FIXED - Changing hotkey to a extended key did not always survive restart
	FIXED - Extensions that are disabled by the user are now no longer loaded
	FIXED - Issue with pressing right button while dragging
	FIXED - Hide/Show state of toolbars might be reset after update because of a fix in how it remember the state
	FIXED - Extra long path issue fixed when syncing source/target path
	FIXED - Extra long path issue when copy path to clipboard
	FIXED - Extra long path issue when copy long path to a short path
	FIXED - Thumbnail view mode setting was not always saved
	ADDED - Empty folder will now show 0 is size folder when doing folder sizing
	ADDED - Folders can be forced to be sorted by name
	ADDED - MultiUpdate using new way of downloading updates. (Old way can be activated in settings)
	ADDED - The Device Toolbar will now show tooltip for the device/folder icons
	FIXED - Fixed problem when saving a FileOperations presets
	CHANGE- Customized FileOperation Read/Write strategies are no longer stored in Multi Commander.xml. Now stored in FileOpRWStratergy.xml and will autoconvert
	CHANGE- FileOperationPluginProfiles are no longer stored in Multi Commander.xml. Now stored in FileOpPluginProfiles.xml and will autoconvert
	CHANGE- FileOperationPresets are no longer stored in Multi Commander.xml. Now stored in its own file FileOpPresets.xml and will autoconvert
	CHANGE- Alias information is moved from Multi Commander.xml to its own file Aliases.xml and will autoconvert
	CHANGE- Modules information is moved from Multi Commander.xml to its own file Modules.xml and will autoconvert
	CHANGE- Improved performance when reading config/settings information. Will probably not be noticable, but it is a lot faster
	CHANGE- Icons used in Multi Commander.exe and some of the extensions are moved to it's one DLL file named MCIcons.dll
	CHANGE- Lots of internal changes to handle the new Icon system
	REMOVE- Many obsolete icons that was still inside Multi Commander.exe removed
	FIXED - 4 Crash issue reported by crash report system

Release v2.8.2 (Build 1291) ( 24-Jan-2013 )

  Over 25+ Changes
	ADDED - MultiScript function for working with file attributes ( AddFileAttributes/Set.../Remove.../Get../Has...)
	ADDED - MultiScript function MoveFile(....)
	ADDED - Search now support exclude filtering
	ADDED - Pressing Ctrl+Q in the Favorites Window will now toggle between the Name and Path
	FIXED - If 'New version' checking at startup was aborted or timed out could hang Multi Commander
	FIXED - Some wildcard matching problem with Search Tool
	FIXED - Crash issue if Multi Commander was closed before all of the startup tasks was finished
	FIXED - Favorites Windows is now shown in the places that HotPath was shown before
	FIXED - Some issues with the Favorites Windows
	FIXED - 2 Crashes reported by crash report system

Release v2.8.1 (Build 1275) ( 25-Dec-2012 )

  Just some minor fixes
	FIXED - Missing icons on DriveBar located inside the Explorer Panel
	FIXED - Rare crash issue that happen at startup
	FIXED - Some fonts was not using the charset set by Windows
	FIXED - Crash sometimes when copy/pasting in Favorites Window
	FIXED - Favorites Window did not hide if lost focus when in edit/add/delete mode

Release v2.8.0 (Build 1273) ( 22-Dec-2012 )

  Over 130+ Changes
	ADDED - New Favorites/Bookmark System. Press ALT+BackSpace or press Favorites icon on Command Line bar to show it
	ADDED - New Language : Hungarian - Provided by Zityisoft
	REMOVE- HotPaths removed. Replaced with quick path in the the Favorite manager. (HotPath will be converted automatically)
	ADDED - The colors for the ProgressBar shown in statusbar can now be configured
	ADDED - Highlights in FileViewer can easier be removed and added from the context menu
	ADDED - Selection status in Explorer Panel can now be configured to show 0,1,2 decimals
	ADDED - Selection status in Explorer Panel can now be configured to mini/short/long size unit after the size
	ADDED - Explorer Panel can now show 0,1,2 decimals in the size column
	ADDED - Explorer Panel can now show none/mini/short/long size unit after the size
	ADDED - Command to load selection from clipboard
	ADDED - Drive bar in main window can now show Special Folders, Virtual Devices and Cloud folders
	ADDED - MultiScript can now show a window asking user to select one of many items from a dropdown list. See : "AskOption"
	ADDED - MultiScript function to convert date/time as text to number value. See : "ParseDateTime"
	ADDED - Settings to force what panel side that should be set as active at startup
	ADDED - Default settings for new tabs, View Mode and Folder Tree can be configured
	CHANGE- Date format settings is now a global settings for all open Explorer Panels
	FIXED - Some backup/restore issue when running in portable mode
	FIXED - Icon was not shown for Net/Reg/FTP on the Toolbar if icon size was 24 or 48
	FIXED - Fixed problem with launching programs from the QuickLaunch bar, if the path had dots in a folder name
	FIXED - Multi-Script Debugger will now list script sorted. Works faster and better
	FIXED - Scrollbar problem in List mode
	FIXED - Problem when running an empty MultiScript
	FIXED - Problem with Custom Command "MC.Run" The parameter "STARTIN" did not work
	FIXED - Pack/Unpack/CopyTo dialog will now use filesystem auto completion
	FIXED - Selection status in ExplorerPanel will now use the thousand separator defined by Windows
	FIXED - FTP Log tab will now use the same font and colors defined for the other logs
	FIXED - Will now warn if codepage that can be defined for zip is invalid
	FIXED - Crash problem is zip codepage is invalid
	FIXED - Rare crash problem with settings
	FIXED - 6 other Crash problems reported by crash report system

Release v2.7.2  (Build 1200) ( 4-Oct-2012 )

  Over 80+ Changes
	ADDED - Removal/Inserts of SD-Card in SDCard reader is now detected correct
	ADDED - Can now run "MultiCommander.exe /OPEN [path]" to open [path] as a new tab in an already running instance of Multi Commander
	ADDED - Online documentation is updated and new pages are added for features that was added in previous releases
	ADDED - Can now configure User Defined Commands to mouse button commands
	ADDED - FTP Bookmark now support remote dir that it should go to when connecting
	ADDED - Now possible to enable 'Auto Select file/folder when hovering over'. Useful for single click configuration
	FIXED - Connecting to FTP using Command Line command now works again ( ftp://[:]@host[:port][/remotepath] )
	FIXED - Various FTP fixes
	FIXED - Context menu on RightClick button now works again
	FIXED - Issues with startup if working directory was not Multi Commander install folder
	FIXED - Rename action did not work on some mouse configurations, like Click and Wait action for Right or Middle button
	FIXED - Password problem with 7-Zip
	FIXED - Issue with file property that prints a date/time in MultiRename tool
	FIXED - Some Multi-Language issue when running in portable mode
	FIXED - Issue where some tabs reverted to C:\ when a USB/Removable drive was removed
	FIXED - Drag'n'Drop issue when dropping folder from programs that where using the FILEGROUPDESCRIPTORW way of dropping files
	FIXED - Crash problem when using FTP that only affected some languages
	FIXED - 7 Crash problems reported by crash report system

Release v2.7.1 (Build 1182) ( 4-Sep-2012 )

	ADDED - Now possible to assign hotkeys to the different View Modes
	ADDED - Can now change view mode with Custom Commands. MC.Explorer.SetViewMode
	ADDED - Can now change sorting with Custom Commands MC.Explorer Sort
	ADDED - Can now drop link from browser
	ADDED - Support for 7Zip archives that are password protected
	ADDED - Can now auto run a User Defined Command at startup using "Multicommander.exe -AutoRun="
	ADDED - Support for new language : Spanish - Created by Mauro72
	ADDED - Support for new language : Chinese (Simplified) - Created by Tyler
	ADDED - Support for new language : Chinese (Traditional) - Created by Tyler
	ADDED - (Experimental) Force the zip filesystem to use a custom codepage. Set Codepage using ":zipcp " in the Command Line field. ( -1 for current system codepage )
	ADDED - (Experimental) Force the zip filesystem to use the extended zip support for UTF8 when created Zip archive. Use Command Line command ":ziputf8 1" to enable
	ADDED - Can now configure how many hotpaths to shows. (Right click on whitespace in path field, or Ctrl+Down)
	FIXED - Path and FreeSpace field did not update if Device Dropdown was disabled, when browsing network paths
	FIXED - Virtual Filesystem for 7-Zip had problem when files inside a .7z archive had invalid attributes
	FIXED - Crash when adding separator to menu
	FIXED - Multi Commander Now works on Windows XP with SP2 again
	FIXED - 4 Crash problems reported by crash report system

Release v2.7 (Build 1171) ( 19-Aug-2012 )

  Over 180+ Changes. Some of them are...
	ADDED - Can now show files in Thumbnail List mode. Can use both Windows own Thumbnail system or a Internal one (Internal only available for WinXP)
	ADDED - Multi-Script debugger. Allowing you to step a Multi-Script line by line and see variables and their content
	ADDED - Skydrive and Dropbox folder are added to the device dropdown list
	ADDED - Command Line command ":ctc" that will Clear Thumbnail Cache
	ADDED - Command Line command ":sysinfo"
	ADDED - Command Line commands ":box" and ":sky" to go to Dropbox/Skydrive folder
	ADDED - Command Line commands ":desk" and ":dl" to go to desktop and download folder
	ADDED - "Copy path to clipboard" as a toolbar button
	ADDED - Added Windows 8/Windows Server 2012 as supported OS
	ADDED - When loading an icon of a invalid size. A bigger icons size is chosen and icon is scaled down. (Not WinXP)
	ADDED - Added support for more icon sizes for the main Toolbar and Quick Launch Bar. Main toolbars can now be shown in 16/24/32/48
	ADDED - Option to the mouse configuration to go to parent folder if double clicking on empty area
	ADDED - Main layout can now be change to show the layout as Top/Down, instead of Left/Right
	ADDED - Quick zoom option to picture viewer. ( Ctrl+1 = 50%, Ctrl+2 = 100%, Ctrl+3 = 150% , Ctrl+ 0 = Stretch to fit )
	ADDED - Device dropdown can now be disabled
	ADDED - Can now show used space instead of free space
	ADDED - Free space field can now be disabled
	ADDED - Selection status field can now show the size in other sizes then KB
	ADDED - Buttons that are shown after the free space field can now be disabled
	ADDED - Added option to disable the active panel frame highlightning
	ADDED - Language editor can now restore an language export package
	ADDED - Possible to show hidden/system files and folders with special color
	ADDED - Support for new language : Polish - Created by Lukasz Seweryn
	CHANGE- The 7-Zip support is updated to a newer version
	FIXED - Some icons was shown incorrect when the command for that button was disabled
	FIXED - Updated a couple of the icons so they now looks better when showing the toolbar in 24/32/48 size
	FIXED - Picture viewer did sometimes not show the picture at the first request to show it
	FIXED - Improved the performance a little when getting icons
	FIXED - Special folder that has special icon will now be shown with that icon
	FIXED - Some dialogs did not always open (Alias editor and Extension manager)
	FIXED - Problem when unpacking zip using ALT+F6 ( File -> Menu -> Unpack ) and target folder was a UNC path ( \\server\share )
	FIXED - User Defined Command on the Quick Lauch bar will now recieve dropped files as parameter
	FIXED - Some icons was loaded incorrectly and was scaled even if they did not have to be
	FIXED - The entire row QuickLaunch Toolbar can now be disabled from the menu on XP
	FIXED - Crash bug in MultiScript if StrSub() was called with index that was out of range
	FIXED - Crash bug if Device dropdown was disabled
	FIXED - Various MultiLanguge issues
	FIXED - Restoring language in Language editor, and pressing cancel will no longer say that language files was restored
	FIXED - Picture Viewer Zoom function 'Stretch to fit' now works better
	FIXED - Copy Path/Name/PathName to clipboard will now work if ".." item is in focus
	FIXED - Problem with minimized to tray
	FIXED - Header in Explorer panel is now using the same font as the list part
	FIXED - Fixed problem after restart when 'lock tab but allow path change' was on
	FIXED - Fixed some drag and drop issue when dragging from some application
	FIXED - Fixed problem when trying to copying a file that are already opened
	FIXED - 12 rare crashes that was reported by the crash report system
	FIXED - Many internal changes and fixes

Release v2.5.1 (Build 1115) ( 28-Jun-2012 )

  Re-release of v2.5 with a couple of bug fixes for some of the most annoying bugs

  30+ Changes
	ADDED - 5 new Custom Commands: MC.CmdLineSet, MC.CmdLineRun, MC.View, MC.Edit, MC.Explorer.SetColumns
	FIXED - File Type Setup window was setting the wrong tag, when ${mcpath} was selected
	FIXED - Mouse cursor problem that happen if mouse was moved fast in the Quick Launch Bar
	FIXED - Changing focus to View Filter field. Text already there will be selected
	FIXED - 4 crash problems reported by the CrashReport system
	FIXED - Column autosize problem with going to/from maximized mode
	FIXED - Column autosize problem with alias manager
	FIXED - File viewer will now draw line numbers different
	FIXED - File extension not always shown in lit mode with option 'Extension right aligned'
	FIXED - Problem with restoring sort order of previous tab at startup

Release v2.5 (Build 1110) ( 16-Jun-2012 )

  Over 345+ Changes. Some of them are...
	ADDED - Explorer Panel can now show files in List Mode
	ADDED - Quick launch bar - Toolbar where you can drop file on, and more
	ADDED - Toolbar system reworked
	CHANGE- Many of the icons has been updated
	ADDED - Toolbars can now be hidden
	ADDED - Can now draw file extension right aligned in the filename column
	ADDED - File viewer - Has now support for word wrap both fixed and dynamic
	ADDED - File viewer - Can now show line number
	ADDED - File viewer - Read entire file now works
	ADDED - File viewer - Can now hide toolbars
	ADDED - An internal icon gallery that can be used by the new Quick Launch bar
	ADDED - Language editor can now launch google translate
	ADDED - Right clicking on a drive button in the drive bar will now show the shell context menu for that item,
	ADDED - Active panel in the left and right panel can now swap places
	ADDED - Active panel can now be moved to other panel
	ADDED - Better error checking for directory monitor
	ADDED - MultiScript function _FindFiles that return string array of found files
	ADDED - MultiScript function GetFileTime/SetFileTime/IsFolder/GetFileSize/FileExists/TimeLocal2UTC/TimeUTC2Local/RenameFile
	ADDED - MultiScript function GetFileProp - That will get any exposode file property like MP3 Genre, Image size, File Size, Version and more
	ADDED - Custom Command for closing all Explorer panel tabs: MC.Explorer.CloseAll
	ADDED - Can now specify what codepage a Bat script shall be generate and run as
	FIXED - MultiTags ${currentfilepath}, ${currentfilename} now work again when running a script separetly for all selected files
	FIXED - Custom Command can now handle accept dropped files as parameters and accessiable using multitag "${param:x}"
	FIXED - Problem with MultiScript function _FindFirstFile. Does not work with fixed name to match
	FIXED - Loading external scripts now work a lot better
	FIXED - When deleting folders to recycle bin on Windows Vista or better. The folder with it's content will be sent to recycle bin as one item
	ADDED - Custom Command to execute any internal command
	ADDED - When starting search from script it is now possible to set a fixed panel where it should be opened
	FIXED - Right click on a folder in the folder tree and selecting New->New Folder now works
	FIXED - The Path in the path field sometimes lagged a bit when entering folder with many files
	FIXED - Sometimes when selecting item the selection status did not update
	FIXED - Problem in Explorer panel settings when settings a custom date/time format
	FIXED - Problem when multiselecting files with "*zip" instead of "*.zip"
	FIXED - When drag and dropping a file from a zip archive. It suggested that a Move operation should be done instead of copy
	FIXED - Improved speed a lot when unpacking many small files from a zip archive
	FIXED - Problem when unzipping files into FTP location
	FIXED - Unzip problem with some zip archives
	FIXED - Problem with moving files under some situations
	FIXED - Some High DPI issues
	FIXED - Menubar and Command Line bar will now remember their state between restarts
	FIXED - Can now rename Menu items for the custom menu for User Defined Commands
	ADDED - View mode button to the Explorer Panel
	ADDED - Can now set current column layout as the default by right clicking on the column header
	ADDED - Pressing Ctrl+T in the Copy Progress Dialog will toggle "Always On Top" for the Progress Dialog
	ADDED - Option for drag and drop copy and move operation, to show CopyTo/MoveTo dialog or not
	FIXED - When running in Portable mode it did not remember open tabs correct
	FIXED - MultiLanguage problem
	FIXED - Context menu in Search shows blank items
	+ a lot more

Release v2.1.2 (Build 1045) ( 5-May-2012 )

  14 Minor Changes. Only important fixes for some stability issues
	FIXED - Drag and Drop issue if a single file was moved
	FIXED - Fixed problem when pressing "..." button multiple times
	FIXED - Issue when opening search with Custom Command
	FIXED - Stack overflow problem if copying the paths of many thousands of file to the clipboard
	FIXED - 2 very rare crash problems

Release v2.1.1 (Build 1038) ( 22-Apr-2012 )

  Over 30+ Changes
	FIXED - Cursor problem that happen if right clickmenu was shown while resizing column
	FIXED - When opening a shortcut file (.lnk file) and if the link target is a folder. The folder is now opened inside Multi Commander
	FIXED - Custom Command for copy and move operations can now be configured to start directly without showing confirm dialog
	FIXED - 7 Other crash issue that can happens. But happens almost never
	FIXED - Crash problem when customizing columns
	FIXED - Crash problem when opening multiple file with a external file viewer
	FIXED - Some minor language issues

Release v2.1.0 (Build 1030) ( 9-Apr-2012 )

  Over 210+ Changes. Some of them are...
	ADDED - NEW Language support : Dutch - Created by Hans Niesten
	ADDED - NEW Language support : Czech - Created by PetRip
	ADDED - Large Icons Support for Folder Tree ( 32x32 )
	ADDED - Settings to turn off the feature that remember selected files/folders when returning to previous path
	ADDED - Multi Commander can now be configured to only start a single instance
	ADDED - Multi Commander can now be minimized to a tray icon
	ADDED - Create Links tool can now create shortcut files (.lnk)
	ADDED - Shared folder overlay icon is now shown even if you are not running on XP
	ADDED - View Filter can now be configured to reset itself when going to a new path
	ADDED - View Filter can now be configured to restore the view filter you had before leaving the path
	ADDED - Multi-Rename now shows status of items renamed and error
	ADDED - Quick search now support substring matching
	ADDED - Can now customize what keys to use for moving focus to first and last item in the Explorer Panel
	ADDED - Can now customize what key to use to move input focus to the Command Line field
	ADDED - If Viewing an picture and pressing Ctrl+C the picture will be copied to the clipboard
	ADDED - If needed, it will ask the user if it should enabled linked connections
	ADDED - Can now choose to not separate files and folder when sorting
	FIXED - When packing files a unique filename will be suggested
	FIXED - Hight issue with the button panel if it was changed to only show 1 row
	FIXED - Crash problem if adding file to current copy queue and then abort the copy process, shortly afterwards
	FIXED - Crash Problem if double clicking on Left and right Path Field after each other a couple of times
	FIXED - REG_MULTI_SZ now shown
	FIXED - Unpacking multiple files from a tar.bz2 archive and files already exists. The "Overwrite?" dialog was not shown
	FIXED - Delete to recycle bin now works if deleting using "Retry as administrator"
	FIXED - Sorting problem when sorting by extension
	FIXED - Some minor language issues
	FIXED - Picture viewer will now respect the "AutoRotate" option
	FIXED - Move file using Retry as admin did not always work
	FIXED - Packer profiles can now be deleted
	FIXED - Some minor problems with view filters
	FIXED - Problem with quick search. Sometimes it was not possible to remove the first letter that was typed
	FIXED - Tweaked view filters a bit
	FIXED - Rare crash in MultiRename for files with no file extensions
	FIXED - Live preview did not always update in MultiRename
	FIXED - The File searcher did not always find matching files when searching for content if the file was in unicode
	FIXED - File Search problem if search for content and 'whole word only' and matching word was the last line in the file
	FIXED - Fix very rare crash in File searcher when searching for file content
	FIXED - Some large icons was missing and has been added
	FIXED - Suggested source folder when unpacking a tar.gz file was wrong. So instead of unpacking into a folder it would unpack into a new .tar instead
	FIXED - Problem with adding files to a tar archive if the file name was very long
	FIXED - Problem going to ".." when located in a server share ( "\\server\share\" )
	FIXED - Problem restoring Multi Commander from tray if it was maximized before it was minimized to tray
	FIXED - Even if the option for remember selection was disabled. It remembered them in some situation
	FIXED - Better error handling on FTP when uploading a file that already exists
	FIXED - tar.bz2 files can now be aborted and/or paused when being unpacked
	FIXED - When running with only allow a single instance, did not work as expected if it was minimized
	FIXED - Operator += now works with arrays in MultiScripts. ( eg. "$res = $arr[$d] + "Append" )
	FIXED - MultiScript function CopyFile now works better
	FIXED - Fixed problem when unpacking tar.gz files that had a path that started with ".\"
	FIXED - Problem when showing the button editor and then other dialog was shown under that window
	FIXED - Problem with error handling with MultiRename
	FIXED - Problem when opening the CheckSum Extension from the context menu on the tabarea
	FIXED - Quick search field now accept keypad number keys
	FIXED - Problem with natural sorting
	FIXED - Shortcut files (.lnk) will now show the icon of the target of the link
	FIXED - PackFiles will now use the autoclose settings
	FIXED - Problem when showing some child dialogs from Button editor
	FIXED - Dragging files/folder to the folder tree will now show the correct drag/drop action. (Copy/Move)
	FIXED - A couple of minor memory leaks
	FIXED - 8 Crash situations that was reported by crash reports

Release v2.0.0 (Build 996)

  Over 300+ Changes. Some of them are...
	ADDED - NEW ! MultiRename with Undo support. Allows for renaming multiple files using tags and filters
	ADDED - NEW ! Picture Viewer that support Jpg,Bmp,Png,Tif,psd, RAW Digital Cameras, and more. (Supports Fullscreen and slideshow mode)
	ADDED - NEW ! Movable tabs. Tabs can be drag and drop inside the same tab or to the tab on the other side
	ADDED - NEW ! FileType Management. Configure what Viewer/Editor/Launcher to use for filetype based on extension and/or path
	ADDED - NEW ! DriveBar can now be shown inside the Exporer Panel
	ADDED - Focus frame color can now be customized
	ADDED - Path field colors can now be customized
	ADDED - Support for Japanese language (Created by 'Tilt')
	ADDED - Support for Russian language (Created by 'Jangir I. Ganeev')
	ADDED - Main Drivebar can now be disabled
	ADDED - Shows a list if available extension to launch when right clicking on empty tab space
	ADDED - Double click on empty tab space will launch a new tab. (Configurable what it should be)
	ADDED - New File property that shows how many fragments a file has. This can be shown in a column
	REMOVE- File Editor Setup is removed. The new FileType Management also handles this
	FIXED - NTFS Take ownership sometimes failed to take ownership even if it has permission to do it
	FIXED - If assigning new alias with same name as an existing the old will now be removed
	FIXED - Embedded MultiScript in a Custom Command could fail if there were multiple { } encapsulations
	FIXED - Crash problem if "..." button was click on in MultiUpdate Settings page
	FIXED - Unpacking of RAR archives that are password protected are now supported
	FIXED - Custom Command MC.FileSystem.Rename now works
	FIXED - Showing file date as file age does now show the correct time. Was sometimes wrong by a couple of hours
	FIXED - Unzip now support UTF-8 Encoded filenames
	FIXED - Problem when browsing registry if a value was very long 512+ chars
	FIXED - Better support when copy files to/from extra long path
	FIXED - When creating column sets from current setup the current column widths will be used
	FIXED - MultiDataViewer will now better identify that xml files that are UTF-8 encoded
	FIXED - Minor problem with natural sorting
	FIXED - Various high DPI issues
	FIXED - Many many more bugs and issues are fixed

Release v1.2.1 (Build 876)

  105+ Changes. Some of them are...
	FIXED - Crash issue when using hidden menu-bar
	FIXED - Script defined function that takes more then one parameter did not work correctly
	FIXED - Various minor GUI fixes with Checksum extension
	FIXED - Compare Folder, Select newest, will now work better if one of the folders are on FAT32 and the other NTFS
	FIXED - Some special handling for FAT/FAT32 file systems was not activated on USB Devices that are formated in FAT/FAT32 mode
	ADDED - Added Custom Command GetViewFilter() to be used from MultiScript
	FIXED - Custom Command can now return a value to be use used in MultiScript. Will be stored in $__CMDRESULT
	FIXED - Deleting a junction/symlink with the option "Remove link target and link" the link target was never deleted
	FIXED - Font sizes in Explorer Panel now work better in High DPI mode
	FIXED - Creating Multiple links now works
	FIXED - When Create links, it will now warn if user try to create symblinks on XP. (only supported in Vista and better)
	FIXED - If all views was set to show filedate as 'age'. The age text was not loaded. and only a number was shown
	FIXED - Import settings crashed sometimes
	FIXED - Quick Copy did not works on empty folder
	FIXED - When using Windows Explorer styled selection some color configuration was showed incorrectly
	ADDED - Now possible to add a custom text to be shown in the caption bar using -T Command Line option
	FIXED - Load selection from file failed if the file was saving as unicode
	FIXED - Save selection to file showed the save dialog twice
	FIXED - Sometimes when copying files using the Admin helper, an error was shown even if the file copy was successful
	FIXED - REG_EXPAND_SZ registry values are now shown when browsing the registry
	FIXED - Creating multiple folder using Custom Command MC.Filesystem.Makedir did not make the view refesh and folders was not shown
	FIXED - Restoring configuration will now not fail if a folder is missing
	FIXED - Replacing file inside zip archive sometimes failed
	FIXED - ButtonEditor did sometimes not notice if a change was made
	FIXED - If hiding the main menu some popup menus did not work
	FIXED - Embedded MultiScript inside a Custom Command now works again
	ADDED - MultiScript function to get date and time
	ADDED - MultiScript function for getting value of a MultiTags inside MultiScript
	FIXED - Buttons in Adjust EXIF date/time dialog was empty
	ADDED - QuickCopy (Shift+F5) now added. Will copy file in focus to same location, but appen ".bak" to the name
	FIXED - VideoTools now support multilanguage
	FIXED - Problem when replacing file inside zip archive
	FIXED - When adding bookmark from quickconnect dialog the bookmarks was not updated
	FIXED - Bookmarks in FTP when trying to delete bookmarks
	FIXED - If Windows theme was disabled, a colored background was not draw on buttons in the button panel
	FIXED - Strange problem that sometimes happened if a folder was deleted and then directly recreated from outside of Multi Commander
	ADDED - 'dir' text are now right aligned
 	ADDED - Now possible to export settings from the settings panel
 	FIXED - Minor changes to some dialogs so none english languages works better
 	ADDED - Increased override color profiles from 4 to 8
 	FIXED - Minor problem with colors in the Search extension
 	FIXED - Problem when opening a tar.gz file that has a git header
 	FIXED - View filter got broken in last release: was not able to exclude folders
 	FIXED - Read/Write strategy can now be save to FileOperation presets
 	FIXED - Crash caused by a rare problem with the toolbar
 	FIXED - MultiLanguage problems: was not possible to translate some texts

  Release v1.2.0 (Build 851) ( 25-Sep-2011 )

  160+ Changes. Some of them are...
  	FIXED - Search panel is now using same color settings as file manager panel
  	FIXED - Running from USB did not remember last path, when restarted
  	FIXED - If selecting a anohter language then english then the device toolbar did not work
  	FIXED - Running External commands without parameters sometimes failed
  	FIXED - The Thousen separator that is set in the OS setting will now be used
  	FIXED - Many places that was missing multilanguage support
  	FIXED - Transfer2USB sometimes hanged
  	ADDED - Will remember active tab when restarting
  	FIXED - MultiLanguage program in various dialogs
  	ADDED - Support for French language added. (Created by St├ęphane Pierre)
  	FIXED - Problem if a copy operation was really fast. (Divide by zero problem. for the elapsted time calculation)
  	FIXED - If file search was started with a panel in focus that did not provide a path (eg. settings). The path in the file files dialog was corrupt
  	FIXED - Some places where texts in various places was hard coded, it now using the language files
  	FIXED - Buffer overflow problem with rar
  	ADDED - Language editor can now export the language files into a zip
  	FIXED - The path tooltop for tabs now work even if some tab names are truncated
  	FIXED - Quick search will now work even if filename column is not the first column
  	ADDED - New Custom Command MC.CheckSum.Verify. Now possible to create scripts/commands that verify checksum files
  	FIXED - Rare crash problem with folder tree
  	FIXED - Tab closed if user click where the close button should be, if settings to not have a close button was set
  	FIXED - Crash problem when trying to base64 decode a file that was not a base64 encoded file
  	FIXED - Folder sizing a path that is longer then 260 characters
  	FIXED - Problem when renaming a file located in a path longer then 260 characters
  	FIXED - Problem when viewing a file located in a path longer then 260 characters
  	FIXED - Problem when creating new folder in paths longer then 260 characters
  	FIXED - Problem when scanning paths longer then 260 characters
  	FIXED - Various multi language text problems
  	FIXED - Problem if a columnname was empty
  	FIXED - MultiTags in External command broke in last beta
  	ADDED - 6 new MultiTag commands for getting left/right focus item
  	FIXED - When copying files and files already exists. The "Replace all older" option now works
  	FIXED - Files dropped on a button will now have quotes around them
  	FIXED - Fixed a couple of High DPI related problems.The main GUI should now be drawn correctly if run under High DPI mode
  	CHANGE- Devices where it is not possible to get free/available space will now no longer show any free space information
  	FIXED - Constant string now works with Custom Commands called from MultiScripts, eg. MC.Explorer.Goto Path="c:\bin"
  	FIXED - Crash problem if multiple instances of the Language editor were opened
  	FIXED - Multi selected problem when running Windows Explorer mode
  	FIXED - Path field, Freespace field, status field, all in the Explorer Panel, will now resize according to the selected font size
  	ADDED - Then panel tabs now shows the complete path in a tooltip when hovering over the tab
  	ADDED - Multi Commander can now be started with -F=.ini file, that defines multiple paths to show at startup
	ADDED - Custom Commands and External Commands now support single quotes. See online documentation
	ADDED - ${mcinstallpath} can now be used in the Editor setup, so that relative paths can be used
	ADDED - 5 new MultiTags added. See Online Documentation
	FIXED - When editing file the quotes around filename to edit was not kept
	FIXED - Device dropdown list lost items when a removable (USB) was removed
	FIXED - File Search could crash if search tab was closed shortly after a search was finished
	ADDED - From contextmenu it is now possible to copy a calculated CRC32/MD5 checksum to clipboard
	ADDED - Device toolbar will now show USB/Removable device
	ADDED - Bunch of new MultiTags to be used in Custom Commands, similar to the new MultiScript commands
	ADDED - Bunch of new MultiScript function to get source/target focus/selected files
	CHANGE- Multi Commander will no longer lock the folder it is watching for changes
	ADDED - Menu bar can now be hidden, and then shown by pressing alt key
	FIXED - Double click to close tab in right panel now works again
	FIXED - Various rare problem that can cause a crash in rare situations
	FIXED - Crash problem when doing 'smart' rename and the file did not have a file extension
	FIXED - Crash if browsing for external multi-script file
	FIXED - Crash if FTP url was empty

Release v1.1.1 (Build 800) ( 25-Jul-2011 )

	FIXED - Possible crash in CopyTo Dialog
	FIXED - Rare crash that sometime could happen when a tab was closed
	FIXED - If file(s) was droppped on a button. The dropped files data was reused if button was click next time
	FIXED - Now possible to remove button from button panel
	FIXED - Double click in tab area but outside a tabbutton will no longer close a tab
	ADDED - ColorPick dialog now allows the html color to be edited
	ADDED - Custom Command now shows the desciption for the command and parameters
	ADDED - German language support for core parts of Multi Commander added. Thanks goes to Hajo for that
	FIXED - Two problems that in rare condition could cause a crash
	ADDED - Now possible to configure action for left mouse button, eg. SingleClick action for going into folders
	FIXED - Crash program with language editor if a text items was removed
	FIXED - Two internal problems that in rare condition could cause a crash
	FIXED - When saving/applying core settings the edit field in the Address Toolbar was blanked out. Until mouse was moved over it
	FIXED - Better handling when trying to browse a network server or server share that does not exists
	ADDED - MultiCommander.exe now accept Command Line parameters for showing path. /L= , /R=
	FIXED - Crash problem with video tools if scanning movie files located in root of scan path
	FIXED - Overlay icons did not work on files and folder in the root of a device. (eg. Hand icon on shared folders on WinXP)
	FIXED - Searching for files with matching binary content using the HEX option now works
	FIXED - Crash problem when using context Menu->New->Rich Text Document (or when creating some of the other files there)
	FIXED - Update problem of the buttons in file search
	FIXED - Crash problem in some places if a translated text was in unicode. eg. Chinese
	ADDED - The Device combo how has a Network item. This will list all availible network computers close to you
	ADDED - If double click or press return on a file inside an archive. That file will be unpack and executed
	FIXED - Crash problem when editing a file without file extension
	FIXED - When Installed on portable. Session information was not stored on portable device
	ADDED - Easier to add support for new languages
	ADDED - Now possible to add/change and alias for a User Command from the User Command editor
	ADDED - The Custom Command MC.Explorer.Goto can change both the source/target or left/right view at the same time
	ADDED - Custom Commands now support external parameters with ${param:0}, ${param:1} and so on. (Parameters from the Command Line)
	FIXED - Install on Portable (USB) Device now work again
	FIXED - Sorting bug
	FIXED - Crash problem with the language editor

Release v1.1.0 (Build 780) ( 12-Jul-2011 )

  180+ Internal changes
	ADDED - Hold ALT while double clicking on file(s) will show properties dialog
	FIXED - Problem with item that is in focus and is selected, they got unselected after showing the context menu
	FIXED - Problem that sometimes crashed Multi Commander when a tab was closed
	ADDED - If F5 is pressed inside the CreateFolder dialog the first line from the clipboard is set as foldername
	ADDED - If user focuses on a folder and presses Ctrl+F7, a folder with same name is created on the target
	ADDED - If user press shift+F7 to create folder the Create Folder dialog will be preset with the first line of text from the clipboard
	FIXED - Problem when HTTP error happen when getting movie information
	ADDED - When deleting a file and getting shareing violation error. You can now press "Find Process" from the error dialog
	FIXED - Upgraded to newer Unrar code. Now supports the unpacking of rar 4.0 archives
	ADDED - SDK - HTTP Client interface
	ADDED - Possibility to override files/folder colors with custom color based on file name
	FIXED - Problem with column set dialog
	ADDED - New Extension "Video Tools". Shows Movie information in columns for movie files
	ADDED - Improved how the configuration of colors works
	FIXED - Rare crash problem when unselection files/folders, when no files or folders was in focus
	FIXED - Crash problem when creating new column set
	ADDED - RetryAsAdmin now supported when copying files when user does not have permission to write to target location
	ADDED - New CRC32 algorithm that is 2.5 times faster then the old
	FIXED - Possible crash issue with column headers
	ADDED - Possible to filter the view to only show the selected items with Ctrl+G (Shift+Ctrl+G will show all items again)
	ADDED - View filter will now do live updates and support substring matching when no without wildcard (*?) characters entered
	ADDED - New and Easier Quick Look'n'Feel Setup dialog
	FIXED - Possible stack overflow problem
	ADDED - New Folder Tree View. Toggles it on with Alt+Num* and change focus to to with Alt+Num/

Release v1.0.2 (Build 735) ( 14-May-2011 )

	FIXED - Problem with missing language file for the AudioTools plugin
	ADDED - User Defined Commands can now be imported and aliases and menu option to be automatically setup
	ADDED - The Default column setup can now be changed
	ADDED - It is now possible to create a column set from the current column setup
	ADDED - It is now possible to copy a existing column set to a new one
	FIXED - GUI Problem with the column set dialog
	FIXED - Improved error handling of FTP
	FIXED - Crash problem when having additional file operation after a move operation
	FIXED - Crash problem when user was asked to to add a new file operation to existing queue. But the existing queue finished while the question dialog was shown
	FIXED - Copy registry keys and values as administrator when running as normal user now works
	FIXED - Multiple \\server path are now shown correct in the device selection box
	FIXED - Possible deadlock when monitoring a folder for change
	FIXED - If starting a new copy process while a previous is started but is preparing, no option to add new copy operation to existing queue was showed
	FIXED - Sometimes in some situations when added multiple copy operation to the same queue. Multi Commander would crash
	FIXED - If Copy operation was aborted it was not always cleaned correct. And Multi Commander could crash later on
	ADDED - When drag and dropping and hovering over a tab. That tab will now be activated
	FIXED - Some NAS devices do not support the newer faster way of scanning files in windows 7. It will now revert back to the old way for them
	FIXED - When ejecting USB device some tabs reverted to c:\ even if they did not show the device that got ejected
	FIXED - Sometimes device icon for network device was not updated as they should.             	FIXED - Sometimes when copying using auto unpack plugin, some files that was not rar files was handled as they were

Release v1.0.1 (Build 702) ( 22-Apr-2011 )

	FIXED - If pressing cancel on the "Quick look'n' feel setup' dialog that are shown after a fresh install, it fails to load configuration
	FIXED - If it fails to load what font name and/or font sizes to use from configuration a default font and size are used
	FIXED - Some configuration files was not auto copied to users config folder if missing

Release v1.0.0 (Build 700) ( 19-Apr-2011 )

	FIXED - Problem if startup path was "FTP:\"
	FIXED - When browsing to a invalid folder it will first try to fallback to previous folder before falling back to the path of first device
	FIXED - When doing "Context Menu->New->Text File" the file was not entered into rename mode if explorer styled setting was used
	FIXED - Problem when user click on skip for a copy operation using asynchronous read/writes
	FIXED - Problem when showing error dialog if progress dialog is minimized
	ADDED - Script function to read/write registry keys and values
	FIXED - Problem with viewing registry values in viewer
	FIXED - Problem with scrollbar update
	FIXED - Possible to copy a file that is located in a path that are longer then 256 characters
	FIXED - Will remember scroll position when going back to previous location
	FIXED - When auto scrolling to item in focus it will now try to center it
	FIXED - Will now show picture properties of .bmp images
	FIXED - Problem with comment EXIF tag
	FIXED - When right clicking on header the focus to that panel was not changed
	CHANGE- Better logging when renaming
	FIXED - Problem when going to a registry path in some situations
	CHANGE- Splash screen changed
	FIXED - Problem when browing registry path with missing backslash in path eg. "REG:HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE"
	FIXED - Problem when packing multiple folder into seperated .7z archives
	FIXED - Better error handling when deleting files inside zip archive
	FIXED - PackFiles dialog will now disable "configure" button if packer does not support it
	FIXED - Packing of 7-Zip archive can now be aborted and paused
	CHANGE- Rename tool "Replace text in name" can now replace extension or just the filename part or both
	ADDED - When Rotating/Converting/Stipping exif from Pictures now shows a better result dialog
	ADDED - When Rotating or Converting Pictures it is now possible to get a result log file
	FIXED - Better error reporting when using FTP
	FIXED - When going to a new location using the crumbbar or device combo and the tab is locked, two new tabs would be opened
	FIXED - Ctrl+X (cut) on multiple files now works
	FIXED - Highlight history for the fileviewer is now stored correct
	FIXED - 93% speed improvment of the LoadSelectionFromFile feature. Selecting matching files took 30sec for 1000 filter on 1000 files, now  les then 2sec
	FIXED - Better detailed information when running MultiUpdate with 'show detailed information' checked
	FIXED - Better updating of log window when using FTP
	FIXED - Better error handling when using FTP
	FIXED - FTP Password is now stored encrypted
	FIXED - Better handling and saving of changes in bookmark dialog
	ADDED - Now possible to connect to FTP Bookmark form the bookmark dialog
	ADDED - Improved startup speed
	ADDED - Improved scanning of filesystem speed
	FIXED - When going into a folder the GUI was sometimes redraw multiple time
	ADDED - Custom Command for creating links: MC.Utils.CreateLink
	ADDED - Links can be copied if CopyLink options is set
	CHANGE- Default link option for copy/move change from CopyLink to Ignore Links
	FIXED - Delete of links that link to folder will now not scan that folder
	ADDED - Better error handling in copy process
	ADDED - Registry key under local machine can now be renamed using administrator mode
	ADDED - On request, Ctrl+Return/Ctrl+Shift+Return will add the filename or filepath to the Command Line field
	ADDED - Pressing the tab key in the Command Line field will move the focus back to the tab panel without clearing the Command Line
	ADDED - FileViewer will now show ever opened file as its own taskbar icon on windows 7
	ADDED - Now possible to create hardlinks/junctions and symblic links

Release v0.9.3 (Build 671) ( 5-Mar-2011 )

	ADDED - Mouse actions of the Path Field can now be customized
	FIXED - Now possible to abort the opening of zip archive
	FIXED - Better error handling when trying to create key in a place where user has no permission
	FIXED - Dropdown list for the crumbbar is now align to the next crumbbar item
	FIXED - Thread syncing problem when copying many small files
	FIXED - Hanging if trying to start with an extension built using old SDK
	FIXED - Going back in history could sometimes crash Multi Commander
	ADDED - Delete progress dialog will now show progress in taskbar icon on Windows 7
	ADDED - New column that shows the most common genre of the audio files located in an folder. Column is named "Genre Agr"
	FIXED - Bug that sometimes crashed Multi Commander when browsing root folder on FTP
	ADDED - Find Opened files now supported by RunAsAdmin
	ADDED - File Security tools now supported by RunAsAdmin
	ADDED - Registry operations now supported by RunAsAdmin
	ADDED - Local file operation like Create/Delete file and folder now supported by RunAsAdmin
	ADDED - Can now start a Administrator Mode that will allow Multi Commander to Admin work
	ADDED - MultiDataViewer can now add/clear highlight text from context menu
	FIXED - If Multi Commander was started with a registry path as initial path, it was not possible to create a registry values at that location

Release v0.9.2 (Build 660) ( 15-Jan-2011 )

	ADDED - New Command Line command "cf " that will allow the user to create a new empty file
	ADDED - New Command Line command "mkdir " that will allow the user to create new folders quickly
	FIXED - If Column name is set it is now also used instead of the Title name
	FIXED - Removing columns in the Column customization dialog now removes only the selected column
	FIXED - Deleting registry keys sometimes complained that "(Default)" item could not be deleted
	ADDED - Default shortcut key for showing properties of audio files ( CTRL+Y )
	ADDED - Default music column set that will be used when user go to the default windows music folders
	ADDED - New Extension - MCAudioTools - Added Audio file properties and Remove/Export/Edit of ID3 tags
	FIXED - Column sets assigned to path(s) did not always activate the retrieval of the extra columns
	FIXED - Sometimes when running CRC Checking, Multi Commander could crash
	FIXED - Problem when renaming files that failed CRC checking
	ADDED - New picture tool to adjust the exif date and time in images
	FIXED - Unzip problem that crash Multi Commander on a very few machines
	ADDED - New tool that set the date/time of folders and subfolders to the date/time of the latest item in that folder
	FIXED - Folder date is now set when copying and option "Keep Date/Time is on"
	FIXED - Button panel height is now set correct if number of button rows are changed
	FIXED - Multi language support in various places
	FIXED - Error handling of some very uncommon file errors
	ADDED - Now Possible to test packed files. Zip, 7-Zip, and Rar are supported
	ADDED - Improved the speed when creating and unpacking zip archives

Release v0.9.1 (Build 628) ( 5-Dec-2010 )

	ADDED - Navigation to the next or previous selected file with by pressing shift+ctrl + arrow up or arrow down key
	CHANGE- New Multi Commander application icon
	FIXED - Problem with file system plugins that registered empty extension
	FIXED - When creating folder using context menu when using Explorer Styled setup, the new Folder was not set into rename mode
	FIXED - Problem that zip archive was not closed after scanning them. Started to happen after the "4GB+ Zips with CRC error" bug was fixed
	ADDED - File system and Network folders will be scanned faster if Multi Commander is run on Windows 7 or 2008R2
	CHANGE- Registered commands for the Command Line are no longer case sensitive
	FIXED - Copying registry values with empty data was not set to the correct data type
	FIXED - Registry values with \ in the value name could not be deleted
	FIXED - Registry value names with dot in the name is now shown correct
	FIXED - Files larger then 2GB in size will now be shown correct when using FTP
	FIXED - Download a file from FTP if the file was located in the root of the ftp server
	FIXED - Refresh problem in the root folder on an FTP device
	FIXED - Problem when deleting files that has READONLY attribute in some special cases
	FIXED - Custom Command MC.Explorer.Selection.InvertSelection now works again
	ADDED - Faster unpack of single zip archives
	ADDED - Multi language support to more dialogs and text
	CHANGE- Better Error dialogs in some places
	FIXED - Better Error handling with zip archives
	FIXED - Problem with Zip archive larger then 4GB that had crc error
	FIXED - Better handling when copying files with option "Do not use system cache"
	FIXED - Possible crash when closing tab while scanning file system
	FIXED - Tooltip text in search dialog
	FIXED - Problem with drag and drop of zip files
	FIXED - Better error handling when errors happening with zip archives
	FIXED - Fixed possible crash problem with send feedback
	FIXED - Missing translations Swedish in some places

Release v0.9.0 (Build 612) ( 1-Nov-2010 )
  First public beta release