Multi Commander 1.0.0 ( Build 700 ) (Released 19 Apr 2011)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Multi Commmander has finally left beta stage. Version 1.0 is here now.


Around 45+ bugs fixes and change.

Mostly stability and user experience fixes.

Performance improvements in many places.
Better handling of FTP errors.
Better error handling of packing and unpacking of archives.
FTP Password is now stored encrypted.
Ctrl+X now works on multiple files.
and many more fixes

New features

Most of the time for this release have gone into bug fixes but some new features has been included.
Rename tool is enhanced and can now replace just the file extension of all the selected files.
It is now possible to create hardlinks/junctions and symlinks.
Ctrl+Return or Ctrl+Shift+Return will add the filename of full file path to the command line field.
Registry can be read/written from multi-script.
And a lot more