Multi Commander v9.0

v9.0 is FINALLY out, It is a couple of months later then planned, So sorry about that.

It is two major changes that have taken a lot more time than planned.

It is late becuse I had to implemnet a workaround around a Windows 10 bug.
Windows 10 has a new way on managing windows, A bug I would say but it has not been fixed since Win10 1803, The bug caused MC to lose focus after copy dialog was shown.
This issus is now fixed by a total rewrite of how all the progress windows are shown and handled.

Also MC now has support for Virtual Device, and this is a virtual device that can show files and folders that are located in other places.
a virtual view of the files.
This took longer to implment and was more complex then first planned.

But The benefits on this new feature is all that all other features that work on files/folders on a device just works.
Like showing different view mode (list, thumbnai), coloring and highligthing of files item, filtering, selection, useing from script and so on.
And the first thing that uses VirtualDevice is the FindFiles function. Now all searches are shown in a virtual device named RES1: to RES9:
(If there are any issue you can still activate the old Search result panel in settings)

There is also a some other minor new features and a bunch of fixes.