Multi Commander v6.0

Multi Commander v6.0 is finally out. It original plan was to release it at the end of February, But it got delay because I was not able to work as much on it as I planned and some things took a lot longer to complete then expected.

At first glance it might not looks like a lot of new thing. However both the File Coloring system and File Search have change a lot under the surface. both of the are now using the Advanced filter system to match files making it possible to create a lot more advanced filters for file coloring and search. The search dialog is also split into two, One simple and one when doing really advanced searches.
I did not have the time to add all the change to easy that was planed so a lot of other changes have been push to future updates.

The Advanced Filter engine can now be access for file selection, View filtering, File Coloring and File Search.

Other changes is that the App Icon is change to match the logo on the WebPage. (Thank you Oliver for fixing that)

Over 280 changes has gone into this release since 5.9

Major changes are

  • File Coloring engine and Editor now using Advanced Filters
  • File Search now using Advanced Filters
  • Find Files dialog split into two, Simple and Advanced
  • Lots of internal fixes and changes
  • 6 Rare stability issues fixed. found by crash report system
  • + A lot more

Release info and Change Log

See Release Info - Change log for more information about change


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