Multi Commander v2.1

Multi Commander v2.1 is now released.

The main focus for this release has been bug fixes. However some new features has been added.

Also two more languages are supported.

Dutch - Created by Hans Niesten
Czech - Created by PetRip

Some of the new features are...

  • Large icon support
  • Ability to minimize to tray and to allow only a single instance of Multi Commander
  • Shared folder overlay icon will be shown even if running on another OS then Windows XP
  • View filters can now be configured to automatically remember and reset filters
  • Quick search can now be configured to allow substring matching.
  • And a lot more. and also the most common crashes that was reported by the crash report system has been fixed.

See change log for more information about change

A Portable version of Multi Commander is now also availible.
The portable version is a preconfigured package of Multi Commander that is configured to to store configuration and settings under the folder that Multi Commander is run from.