Multi Commander v2.0.0

After some delay, Multi Commander 2.0 is finally released.

Over 300+ changes has gone into this release and a couple of major new features has been added.

MultiRename, Internal Picture Viewer and File Type Management is the largest of them.

MultiRename allows you to rename multiple files and folder using a rule based system. It will also create undo information. So that you at any time can go back and undo your renamed files if you need too.

The Internal Picture viewer support jpg, png, gif, bmp, tiff, psd and some digital camera RAW formats. Pictures will be auto rotated when viewed if picture has orientation exif information. And you can also choose to save the rotated image. For jpg pictures a lossless save operation if performed if possible. It also support fullscreen mode and slide show mode if multiple images are viewed.

The FileType management will allow you to configure what program should be used when viewing/editing or opening a files. It allows you to override the default configuration in Windows without modifying the settings in Windows it self. You can configure what program to open for a specific file type but also for a specific path. 
For example you can configure it to use a special picture viewer for jpg files located at a special location. But all other jpg files will use default viewer.
Starting a program using a relative path is also supported. This is usefull if you are running Multi Commander in portable mode from a USB device.

With more then 300+ changes it is to much list them all so just upgrade and/or download the new version today and try it out.