Multi Commander v1.2.1


The focus for this release has been in fixing bugs and a lot of them are fixed. There are also some minor new additions.

Over 100+ changes has gone into this release

Some of the fixes are..

  • Some text was not using the MultiLanguage system and was using hard coded English texts.
  • Read/Write strategy can now be saved in the file operation presets.
  • View filters got broken in last release. Now possible to exclude folders again.
  • Problem when opening tar.gz file with git header.
  • Increased number of 'override color' profiles, from 4 to 8.
  • Draw problem if Windows theme was disabled on XP
  • Strange behavior if FTP Bookmarks was deleted.
  • Problem with replacing files inside a zip archive.
  • Embedded MultiScript inside a custom command now works again.
  • If hiding the main menu, some popup menus did not work.
  • REG_EXPAND_SZ registry keys now shown then browsing registry
  • Sometimes when copying files using the AdminHelper process and error was shown even if the file was copied successful.
  • Load selection from file failed if file was unicode and was missing unicode byte header.
  • High DPI support fixed in various places.
  • The option 'Compare Folder, Select newest' now work better when one if the file systems is FAT32 and the other NTFS.
  • And a lot more.

Some if the new additions are...

  • Now possible to export settings from the settings panel
  • Quick copy (Shift+F5), Copy the file in focus to the same location but appends ".bak" to its name
  • MultiScript functions to get date and time.
  • MultiScripts function to call Multi-Tags from script.
  • Command line parameter -T for MultiCommander.exe will show a custom text in the title bar

And I also would like to thanks Russ Williams for correcting the English texts in MultiCommander and in the online documentation by fixing my typos and grammar problems. And Stéphane Pierre, Hajo and Harald Laudor for fixing and improving the Translations.