Multi Commander v.5.6

Version v5.6 is now released.

This release have got over 160+ changes since 5.5

Major new addition is

  • UI Changes and Fixes for the MultiRename Tool
  • The MulitFileViewer now support color themes and color syntax formatting
  • Lots if minor fixes and changes. check the change log
  • + A lot more

Color Syntax Formatting

The MultiFileViewer have had support for this a long time. But you had to enter it manually. Now there is an editor for it. Also there are standard color syntax formatting for common file formats included.

The MultiFileViewer also have a new Color Themes system making it easier to modify the colors and to switch colors setup.

Example of how the viewer can look show the same file with different Color Themes

There is more information about this in the developer blog

Release info and Change Log

See Release Info - Change log for more information about change


To Download go to