Multi Commander 6.9

Finally a new version of Multi Commander is out.

Multi Commander v6.9 is now out and it contains over 200+ changes. It took a lot longer to get it out than planed. And that is becuase I been very busy and have not had so much time to spend on Multi Commander that I first planned.

The major new thing in this release is TabSessions. With tabs sessions you can save a setup of tabs into a name. And when that tab session is selected all other tabs are closed (You can change that) and all the tabs that was setup in that tabsession is loaded and it will go to all the path the tabs have saved.

For example if you sometimes works a lot with pictures, and then you do that you open up 4-5 tabs, all showing there special path.
You can now save that setup into a TabSession and when selected it will change into that.


Over 200+ Changes have gone into the release since 6.4.8

  • Tab Sessions
  • Korean translations provided by pCsOrI
  • FindFiles windows can load quick setup using Fn-keys
  • FindFiles windows can save quick setup using Ctrl+Fn-keys
  • Added option "Remember what item is in focus when changing path"
  • 3rd party audio library updated, More audio formats should be supported
  • Many default options and colors have been change. Only valid for new installs
  • Lots of fixes
  • And much more