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MultiCommander v11.0

Version 11 is now out. The biggest new feature in version 11 is a new system for UserDefinedCommands. All commands are now stored in its own files and they can also be bundle in a zip.
Also lots of High DPI Scaling issues and DarkMode fixes.
Over 100+ Changes has gone into this release

This version also contains lots of minor fixes in many different areas. check the release notes here or Change Log here

MultiCommander v10.0

Version 10 is now out. The biggest new feature in version 10 is better support for DarkMode/DarkTheme on Windows 10
Not all dialog windows support dark mode yet. But the most common and the main UI/UX does

Also various high dpi issues are now fixed. There still are some that will be fixed in minor updates coming in a couple of weeks

Over 100+ changes have gone into this release and many fixes and many minor new features

Windows XP

Windows XP is no longer support for new versions. However there is a new v9.8 that are for Windows XP. It contains all the bugfixes in this release. But are missing new features.
You can find the XP version here

Multi Commander v9.0

v9.0 is FINALLY out, It is a couple of months later then planned, So sorry about that.

It is two major changes that have taken a lot more time than planned.

It is late becuse I had to implemnet a workaround around a Windows 10 bug.
Windows 10 has a new way on managing windows, A bug I would say but it has not been fixed since Win10 1803, The bug caused MC to lose focus after copy dialog was shown.
This issus is now fixed by a total rewrite of how all the progress windows are shown and handled.

Also MC now has support for Virtual Device, and this is a virtual device that can show files and folders that are located in other places.
a virtual view of the files.
This took longer to implment and was more complex then first planned.

But The benefits on this new feature is all that all other features that work on files/folders on a device just works.
Like showing different view mode (list, thumbnai), coloring and highligthing of files item, filtering, selection, useing from script and so on.
And the first thing that uses VirtualDevice is the FindFiles function. Now all searches are shown in a virtual device named RES1: to RES9:
(If there are any issue you can still activate the old Search result panel in settings)

There is also a some other minor new features and a bunch of fixes.

Multi Commander 6.9

Finally a new version of Multi Commander is out.

Multi Commander v6.9 is now out and it contains over 200+ changes. It took a lot longer to get it out than planed. And that is becuase I been very busy and have not had so much time to spend on Multi Commander that I first planned.

The major new thing in this release is TabSessions. With tabs sessions you can save a setup of tabs into a name. And when that tab session is selected all other tabs are closed (You can change that) and all the tabs that was setup in that tabsession is loaded and it will go to all the path the tabs have saved.

For example if you sometimes works a lot with pictures, and then you do that you open up 4-5 tabs, all showing there special path.
You can now save that setup into a TabSession and when selected it will change into that.


Over 200+ Changes have gone into the release since 6.4.8

  • Tab Sessions
  • Korean translations provided by pCsOrI
  • FindFiles windows can load quick setup using Fn-keys
  • FindFiles windows can save quick setup using Ctrl+Fn-keys
  • Added option "Remember what item is in focus when changing path"
  • 3rd party audio library updated, More audio formats should be supported
  • Many default options and colors have been change. Only valid for new installs
  • Lots of fixes
  • And much more

Multi Commander v6.0

Multi Commander v6.0 is finally out. It original plan was to release it at the end of February, But it got delay because I was not able to work as much on it as I planned and some things took a lot longer to complete then expected.

At first glance it might not looks like a lot of new thing. However both the File Coloring system and File Search have change a lot under the surface. both of the are now using the Advanced filter system to match files making it possible to create a lot more advanced filters for file coloring and search. The search dialog is also split into two, One simple and one when doing really advanced searches.
I did not have the time to add all the change to easy that was planed so a lot of other changes have been push to future updates.

The Advanced Filter engine can now be access for file selection, View filtering, File Coloring and File Search.

Other changes is that the App Icon is change to match the logo on the WebPage. (Thank you Oliver for fixing that)

Over 280 changes has gone into this release since 5.9

Major changes are

  • File Coloring engine and Editor now using Advanced Filters
  • File Search now using Advanced Filters
  • Find Files dialog split into two, Simple and Advanced
  • Lots of internal fixes and changes
  • 6 Rare stability issues fixed. found by crash report system
  • + A lot more

Release info and Change Log

See Release Info - Change log for more information about change


To Download go to

Multi Commander v.5.6

Version v5.6 is now released.

This release have got over 160+ changes since 5.5

Major new addition is

  • UI Changes and Fixes for the MultiRename Tool
  • The MulitFileViewer now support color themes and color syntax formatting
  • Lots if minor fixes and changes. check the change log
  • + A lot more

Color Syntax Formatting

The MultiFileViewer have had support for this a long time. But you had to enter it manually. Now there is an editor for it. Also there are standard color syntax formatting for common file formats included.

The MultiFileViewer also have a new Color Themes system making it easier to modify the colors and to switch colors setup.

Example of how the viewer can look show the same file with different Color Themes

There is more information about this in the developer blog

Release info and Change Log

See Release Info - Change log for more information about change


To Download go to

Multi Commander v.5.5

New Version is finally here : Multi Commander v5.5

This release have around 185+ changes since 5.1.1

Major new addition is

  • New Language - Lithuanian - Translation created by Raimondas Duzinskas
  • Explorer Panel now has Experimental Support for "Flat Filesystem View"
  • MultiRename can now have unlimited Find/Replace pairs
  • Tabs layouts can be saved/loaded to/from file
  • AudioTools now have a tool for creating PLS/M3U Playlists using filters.
  • + A lot more

See Release Info - Change log for more information about change


Multi Commander v5.1

New Version - Multi Commander v5.1

This release have around 120+ changes since 5.0

Major new addition is

  • Online documentation can now be downloaded as PDF
  • Mouse wheel action is forwarded to window under mouse cursor
  • MultiScript can now download file from the web
  • FolderTree can now filter what devices to show
  • File coloring refreshes better, And Font style from coloring kept when selected.
  • Gridlines color can be configured, and Focus indicate color can be forced
  • + A lot more

See Release Info - Change log for more information about change


Multi Commander v5.0

New Version - Multi Commander v5.0

This release have around 220+ changes since 4.6.2

Major new addition is

  • New Text Tool for Sorting lines in files (with many advanced options).
  • New Text Tool for Find and Replace in files. (With MultiLine Support)
  • Picture Viewer can now show photo information like ISO, Exposure, F/Num
  • RAR Filesystem Extension now using newer unrar source.
  • MultiCommander now has a Windows Message API that 3de party programs can use.
  • and a lot more

See Release Info - Change log for more information about change