Where is beta for v4.6 ?

You might wonder "Where is the beta for the next version", well it have been delayed.
I had plans to release the next beta at around this time. But I have not not been able to add everything that was planed yet.
I have spent a lot of time updating the online documentation. A lot of document pages was missing. Some had wrong information since some feature have changed. And a lot of the screenshots/images in the documentation was totally wrong since the UI had changed a lot.
Updating the online documentation takes a lot more time then you might think. And there is still more work to do with it. But I have push the remaining work for the future. I have to space out the work between releases or I can spent a couple of months just writing documentation.

I will post some sneak peak posts with information about upcoming features soon.

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Multi Commander v4.0 - Sneak Peak - Part 5

Colors, Icon , And Columns

From people who like to customize and tweak things  colors, icons and columns are the some of the most common customization that people ask for.

I got requests for allowing the progress bar colors to be customized.
And that is now possible.
Before it was only possible to customize the color for the progress bar that is shown in the status bar in the main window.
Now it will be possible to also change the progress bar colors for the progress window.
Also the configuration for how to customize the progress bar colors have been change and is now a lot easier.

The colors are changed under Core Settings under the Color tab