Multi Commander 5.2 BETA

It been a while since last version was out.

My plan was to have a beta for the next version at the end of May. But then other things comes in the way I have not had that much time to work on Multi Commander that I had planned.

But today a early beta of the next version is released.
Since I been very busy the new version does not contain all the new things that planned. But it contains the first step in a highly requested feature.
Flat view or ( Branch View as some calls it) However this is a early beta so there are bugs with it and also some features/options with it are missing.
You activate Flat View from the view mode popup button. (Where you set detail, Thumbnail view mode and so on).

(Please leave a post in the forum about what options/feature with this you need.)

Other new features is the ability to save Tabs Layouts to file and then load later load them.
CustomCommand functions are also provided so it is possible to script this

Multi Commander v5.1

Multi Commander v5.1 is finally out.

This release has over 120+ change. Most of them are fixes and minor improvements. Most of the time has gone to improve the documentation.
The online documentation have been lacking a lot and it is still lacking in some area. But I have spent a lot of time updating it.

Write documentation take a lot more time then you might think. Specially if there are screen shots that also needs to be created or updated.

I also added so the online documentation cab be download as a PDF. The PDF is generated from the online documentation using mPDF.

MultiScript Changes

The MultiScript script engine also got some improvements. You do not have to declare variables with @var anymore. Well sometimes you do. If you declare multiple at once you are. But in 9 out of 10 cases you do not need it. If a variable does not exists it will now be automatically created. You can still type @var to declare them if you want. So you do not have to change your scripts.

Next Version and some plans for 2015

It was planned that a next version should have been out in mid December. But that didn't happen. Not even a beta is out and it is now mid January.
But a beta will come out soon, The new plan is a Beta before the end of the week

This delay is because I been very busy with other things so I have not had so much time to spend on MultiCommander that I thought. I have not had time to add any new major. But a couple of minor new features have been added and a bunch fixes. I have been doing lots of the ground work for some major features for the future so adding them should be faster. But that is nothing that you as a user are noticing in the program.

However, a while back when working on another project I created some text tools. And with just a little extra work I was able to move this tools into MultiCommander. It is not something that was really planed and not something that most people need. But they are two really useful text tool for some people and makes a good addition. So if we count them. Then two major feature was added.