MultiCommander and the end of Windows XP Support

One thing that is a problem when developing MC is that it still kind of support Windows XP.
MC is not tested on XP but it is built to work on XP. and this is a problem.

A lot of new things have been added to Windows since XP SP3 was released.
Some part of MC can use the new features on new platforms but it is a pain and require a lot of extra work.
But it is not just new OS feature that is a problem, MC is built using the C++ programming language, And C++ have got a lot of new language features in recent years and some of them I cannot use since I have to build MC with Visual Studio 2013. 
VS2015 do have XP support but it is broken, And I can't use it and Microsoft will not fix it. And later this year C++17 will be released with even more new C++ features that I want to be able to use. And I need to be able to build MC using a modern C++ compiler. I can't be stuck on VS2013 forever.

XP is a OS that needs to die, It was good before, But it is missing so many moden OS features that makes it easier to write software, easier to write secure code, and run faster.
Supporting XP is to much of a pain now.

So how many users of MC is using XP ?

It is hard to tell. I get some stat from the website when upgrades happen and from that stat the OS's used are as follows

XP 4.7%
Windows Vista 1.2%
Windows 7 42%
Windows 8/8.1 11%
Windows 10 41%

(Server 2003 included in XP, Server2008 include in Win7, Server2012/R2 in Win8, Server 2016 in Win10)

So XP is down to below 5%, The new minimum base line will be Windows 7.

So what will happen ? Will MC just stop to work on XP ?
Well no really. There will be a new XP edition. This edition will still get minor fixes, But no new major features.

Do XP users have to reinstall ?
No. When the XP edition is ready, the current version of MC running on Windows XP will upgrade to the XP edition automatically when it is ready.
So you will not need to reinstall it.
The problem is if you run a portable version on a USB stick and use it both for XP and Win7+, Then you will need both edition on the stick.

Will the XP version work on Win7+?
Yes but the XP edition will not receive any major new features, Problably only stability fixes and such.

When ?
It require some work to setup everything and make it so it will provide the correct update if updating from XP.
I hope to have it done at the end of summer in September (2016), But it all depends on how much time I can send on it

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