Whats new in 5.6

v5.6 is soon out
There are over 160 changes in this release.
It contains a couple of stability issues that was found from crash reports,
A couple of changes to MultiRename and some other fixes and minor changes.

The biggest internal change is that MultiCommander is now built with Visual Studio 2015.
There was some issues with it, But I believe that I been able to add some workaround for them for now.
So hopefully everything works.

But the biggest change have gone into the internal file viewer "MultiFileViewer", It have got some upgrades.

The entire system around how configuration profiles works have changed.
All color configuration have been moved out, and into it's own color theme configuration.
It is now a lot easier to configure the colors for different file types.
If you tweaked the colors and profiles in the MultiFileViewer in a previous version. The configuration for that is lost because the new system store the configuration is a completely different way.

Color Theme Configuration

If you want to modify the default color than change the color themes named "[Default]"
What new is that the Highlight colors now can be changed. And there is also 8 colors that can configured for Color Syntax Formatting.

The Color Syntax Formatting must not use the Theme Colors but if it does, then it is easier to create a color theme that works in all situations

Color Syntax Formatting

The MultiFileViewer have always supported Color Syntax Formatting, But it had to be configured manually
and it was hard to use and there was no defaults included. So nobody every used it. (I think)

There is now a way to create and modify the "Color Syntax Formatting" profiles.
Color Syntax rules now also support RegEx, But be careful when using RegEx because they are very resource demanding and slow.

If a lot of regex rules should be applied to a large text files it can make the loading slow and it might take several seconds before it is opened.
Because of that, If you need to color a keywords/syntax words, There is a special matching type called "Syntax" that can be used.
This type is a lot faster for coloring keywords/syntax words than RegEx.

Included is also a couple of default syntax formatting rules for many common text formats like C/C++,C#,Java,JavaScript,Xml,Php,...

When creating a Color Syntax Formatting profile you have two selections of colors to use.
You can use any of the 8 colors defined in the ColorTheme or use a custom color.
The advantage of using a color from the color theme is that if you change color theme then the coloring of the syntax formatting will also change and follow the color theme.

The Color Syntax Formatting is not perfect. It has limitations.
The Color Syntax Formatting is applied on the document line by line.
Therefor you can NOT create a MultiLine rule. Not even with RegEx
The biggest issue with this is that that source code comments like /* comment */ that spans multiple lines will not be colored correctly.
However a workaround and solution for this is planed for the future.

Color Syntax Formatting is not only for coloring source code files. It is also very useful for coloring log files so that errors is better visualized.

Viewer Profiles

By default Color Syntax Formatting is automatically applied if a Color Syntax Profile exists for the file type that is viewed.
For example if you open a .cpp file then the Color Syntax Formating for C/C++ will be used.

If you do not want that to happen you need to change the default configuration profile and change Color Formatting to "none"

You can also create a new Profile there and under "File Match Filter" you can enter a file matching filter (For example "Mylog*.txt" ) And then you can configure special Color Theme and Color Formatting for that file.

Example of different Color Themes with same file


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