Multi Commander and Visual Studio 2015

Multi Commander v5.5 (1975) is built using Visual Studio 2013. And a couple of weeks ago Visual Studio 2015 was release and I have been upgrading my development environment so that the next version of Multi Commander will be built using Visual Studio 2015.
I like to stay up-to-date and VS2015 include support for a lot of new C++ features that I want to use in future versions of Multi Commander.

XP Support

I was surprise to see that VS2015 still support building applications that works on XP.
Personally I would like to skip the XP support because XP are a bad platform. Many features and APIs are missing on XP.
But since VS2015 still support it, the next version of Multi Commander will be built using the platform toolset v140_XP. And that means that Multi Commander will continue to work on Windows XP. At least a little longer.

If VS2015 had not supported XP. Multi Commander would have been forked into two edition. A normal and XP edition.
And the XP edition would only get fixes and no new features. But it looks like that is not needed yet.

Even though Multi Commander is built to be able to be run on XP, the XP support for Multi Commander is limited.
There is no testing what so ever done on XP anymore. If it works it works. MC is build in a way that should allow it to run on XP. However some features might not.
The usage for Multi Commander on XP is going down, It is around 8% according to the upgrade statistic.

Why VS2015

Biggest reason for me to upgrade to VS2015 is that I want to stay up-to-date. I do not want to be stuck with an old compiler and old develop environment. It will also make it harder to upgrade in the future to an even newer version.
Also VS2015 offers more of the C++11/C++14 features and some C++17 features. And that is something I want to use.
VS2015 also optimize code a lot better then VS2013. However I do not think you will notice any speed improvements since MC is normally not depended on high CPU speed. The debugger in VS2015 have been improved a lot. And there are also a lot of improvement with the IDE

Build Time

Normally when you upgrade to a new compiler that supports lots of new features the build time grows. But they have done incredible work with VS2015. The build time have gone down. VS2015 build faster than VS2013. Specially linking is faster. VS2013 was very slow if you had "Whole program optimization" option on.

Building a release of Multi Commander (Both 32bit and 64bit version) with VS2013 takes 21 min (Running auto tests and building installers not included)
On VS2015, Building the same code on the same machine takes only 17min. 4 minutes faster might not seam like much. But it is actually around 20% faster.

Multi Commander v5.5 - VS2015 Build

If you want to try the a version built with VS2015 you can download it below
This is the EXACT same version as Multi Commander v5.5 (Build 1974), Only difference is that it is built with VS2015 instead.
It have minor code changes to make it build with VS2015. But there is no logic changes in the code.

Multi Commander v5.5.1 (Build 1978) (VS2015)

Portable 32bit
Portable 64bit

Installer 32bit
Installer 64bit

Update Package 32bit
Update Package 64bit
(Run MultiUpdate and click settings and check "Update from a MultiUpdate file" then select the Update package. Press Ok, Then start. And it will upgrade using the file instead of downloading it )


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